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Hi everyone :) I'm not going to give too much of...

Hi everyone :)

I'm not going to give too much of a story, as so many of us are the same. To sum up, I've always hated my boobs, and with recent weight loss, I've always been thin but was quite ill and lost a few kegs, I'm down to a 34A.

My boobs are different shapes/sizes, not drastically but it's there, and after 5 years my fiancé still hasn't seen me topless in the light, so you can say I hate my boobs!

Many friends and family members have had the procedure, and ove seen the good, the bad and the ugly. From pip implants needing to to be removed, to ruptured saline implants, I've seen it all happen to family, so it was important to me I was 100% sure I wanted BA.

I'm 30 now and feel I'm mature and have experienced enough to make the decision and have no regrets. :)

But although I've been around family's surgery, having your own is an all new ball game, especially as I now live in South Africa (used to be the uk.)

So here I am :)

I'm making this post because I finally got the courage to talk to my fiancé about BA today, he has always hated plastic surgery, and he has actually been so supportive...yay, that was my biggest worry!

I'm planning to book my consult on Monday or later this month, surgeon kind,y recommended by a lovely RealSelf member who has been AMAZINGLY helpful, and I hope to have my boobies by the end if September work permitting, or the end of October :)

Now for the all important size issue!

I'm a 34A at the mo, used to be a B so I have some extra skin. I'm 5 ft 5, 50kgs, waist 27", hips 37".

I'm hoping for a large C, small D. Under muscle, silicone, round and mod plus profile.

After 14yrs I know what I want haha!

I just need to figure out the cc's, I'm thinking it will be 350, perhaps 375cc?

My boob idol is Kim Kardashian, I really want that natural shape and side boob :)

I'd love to ladies who were similar to me and got similar results. :)

I like to give as well as take, so I've posted reviews of things I've done in previous years. Looking forward to sharing journeys and joining the community :)

Before pics and boob idol pics added.

Boobie Day Booked! 275-325cc high profile

So I booked my Boobie birthday today...Oct 7th officially :)

I'm going for the maximum my ps can fit in, which he estimates to be 275-325cc, he will decide on the table.

I'm going for high profile :)

Here are some before pics. I'm hoping for a small D and I'm a deflated 34B at present.

Hoping I can reach my target with the CC's I can fit.

I haven't had kids so I guess my tissue is tight.

My bwd is 13.4 and my pinch is 3.4. :)

Would love to hear what other ladies reached with the same CC's :)

Day 1 after BA

So yesterday was the big day!

It was a wonderful experience, I have no pain still just a little tightness, slept fine and they are looking much better than I thought they would so soon!

I had 300cc left, 325cc right, high profile. I have a very short torso deity being 5ft 5, so I thin it was the perfect size for me :)

I'm happy to answer any questions for ladies who have their BA soon,

New pic- 300/325cc hp, day after BA

Day 2 post op :) bruising going down and no pain now.

I'm doing my massages and am finding myself more mobile. No pain at all now, just a little stiffness, still torpedo boob but as they drop over the next few weeks I think they will be perfect :)
New pic attached.

I'm still amazed at how easy recovery is being, I can do everything myself, eating, drinking, dressing, no problems, taking no painkillers and having to remind myself to not stretch etc as it just feels like I've had a workout.

Wishing everyone eked a smooth recovery and just wanted to do a positive post to show that it's not always a painful and rough recovery, :)

5 days post op- 300/325cc HP. Feeling great!

I've been of pain meds since day 2 and have had no pain at all. I'm feeling great, boobs are starting to drop and soften.

I'm amazed at how quick and smooth my recovery has been. I only took over the counter pain meds for two days, then nothing. I think not having harsh narcotic pain meds helped a lot!

I can do everything for myself again and honestly expected everything to be a thousand times worse than it has been :)

Wishing everyone else a similarly smooth journey! I have added some new pics and will continue to update changes.

I've lost 2 inches of swelling and am back to wearing normal clothes :)

New pics Day 5 post op. 300/325cc HP silicone unders

Before & After

10 days post op :) 300/325cc HP silicone unders

I thought I'd update with some new photos. I don't get on here much but I know pre BA I was absorbing as much info as I could, so I figure it's good to share!
Im ten days post op. I feel 100% fine, I have for days! my life is completely back to normal, zero pain and feeling good! :)

Looking forward to D&F and bring able to wear normal bras hehe!
I wish all you ladies well on your journey.

I am currently measuring 29" Underbust and 37" inch bust. :)

Before and After pics :) 300/325cc hp

Some before and after pics. Top row is before, bottom is 11 days post op.

I was a deflated A cup before. Now measuring a 32F, though it's far too soon for accurate sizing.

Before and after pics

Incision photos. 11 days post op

So happy with how my incisions are healing. :)

Day 13 pics. 300/325cc HP. :)

Day 16...muscles relaxing. 32A to 32F from 300cc!

So I think my muscles are starting to relax, I'm gaining projection and my measurements are changing.

For the first week post op I measured: 29.6" Underbust. 37" bust.
Week 2 my swelling reduced and I went down to: 29" under. 36" bust.
Now on day 16 I'm measuring 28.7 under, 37" bust.

I'm very impressed at what 300/325cc got me, I originally wanted 400cc plus to reach a small D, looking like a full C. I got 100cc less and am measuring a 32F. I only look like a med C clothed though, exactly what I wanted :)

I should be a 30G bra size apparently but I can't handle a band that tight yet. Maybe when my changes have finished I will try it, as the support comes from the band after all. :).

Amazing how big implants size compared to how they look. I was an A and only got a small implant. Naked it's like pow, they are there, but clothed, they look just the same as my pre op padded bras. :)

Progression photo :) 300/325cc HP

I think the D&F fairy is starting to visit :)

3 weeks post op: 32F.... 300/325cc

Some 3 week post op pics. :)

My boobs are getting softer and starting to D&F

4 weeks post op

4 weeks post op photos. 300/325cc hp

Hi ladies, I don't get on here much but wanted to update with some progression photos for everyone considering this size.

I am wearing no bra in the blue and white dress photo, yay!

4wk post op photos: 300/325hp

4wk post op photos: 300/325hp

4wk post op photos: 300/325hp

Progression collages 300/325cc A cup to F cup :)

Some collages :)

Progression collages 300/325cc A cup to F cup :)

5 wks photos. 300/325cc hp, correctly sized at 30G

5 weeks post op. I feel like I look like a D cup, but sized at 30G.

Bikini pics :) 5 wks post op

Starting to D&F properly now :)

5 weeks bras :)

Sadly I couldn't find a 30 band in shops here and could only find one F cup bra.

So the pink is a 32F (same as 30FF) turquoise is a 32DD, biggest size they had but cups far too small and band way too big on the tightest setting.

Sooo...I will need to do my bra shopping online as I need a 30F-30G depending on brand.

Almost 7 weeks now, new nude & clothed pics

Hi ladies, just another update for anyone considering the same CC's.

The D&F process is well underway. Clothed I feel too small, but naked I am very happy :)

7 weeks post op today...played up/down

Hi ladies I'm 7 weeks today. 300/325cc hp, measuring 30F.

Some pics showing how you can make them look huge with a padded bra, and how they disappear in clothes with no bra, it's crazy how they can vanish!

Week 8, gained another 1.5" projection!

Hi ladies, I'm 8 weeks post op now and my bust has increased an other inch and a half this last week. I'm now measuring a uk 30G / USA 30I.

It's crazy how much I got fir my CC's. I was a 32A pre op (saggy and deflated from a B.) I've lost 10lbs since my BA so my band size has gone down to a 30.

Pic attached is an unpadded size large bikini top which is way too small, and loose dress with no bra showing my increased projection. :)

Photos that didn't upload

8 weeks

Cannot rate dr Steinmann highly enough!

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Still very envious of your beautiful boobbies :-D love them they look great and natural and the size is the best part of all...Lucky you
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Your boobs are perfect!! You must be so happy.
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Wow they look amazing!!! Can't believe 300 gave you an a to f! That's great!!
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I love it...i want 350cc's (my doc won't let me have any more than that and has even ordered less just in case it looks too much during..so we shall see) and HP. Am going under muscle and i have something to begin with so ..i love seeing how very much 300/325 has done for you! love it. You look so full and great. Bet you are super thrilled.
  • Reply
Thanks I'm very happy! I originally wanted bigger but 300/325 was all my ps could fit, and Im glad I trusted him that it would get me to my goal size. The great thing is they look send feel completely natural a already. Definitely domt worry too much about CC's, and instead show your ps the look you want. X
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Ohhhhhh my god you're scaring me. Lol. I love your size, but no bigger for me. I want 440, starting from an iron board. But look at you, from 300cc. Woohoo hoooooo. how lucky. You do have a lot more than me to start with though.believe it or not. :-!How to get close to your look, it's great!
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If you're completely flat I'm sure you're results will be similar. Anatomy and existing breast tissue, regardless of how saggy lol, does play a big part. A friend was completely flat and got 450cc, she now measures the same as me. Wishing you all the best!
  • Reply
You look so amazing and I LOVE your size!!! I went with 325cc and I feel like I am just tiny compared to you! I guess I can only hope that once the D & F they will look bigger.
  • Reply
In a month they will look and feel completely different I promise :)
  • Reply
Thanks for showing your progression pics. I have 325cc and hope once they D&F they will look bigger. You've given me some hope.
  • Reply
They look so natural on you! :)
  • Reply
i love your progression pictures. and the girls look AMAZING! i wish to have a speedy and easy recovery as you did. do you think you did anything different the other ladies on here...besides taking OTC pain meds rather than prescription narcotics? thanks so much!
  • Reply
You look amazing!!! Love that bralette.
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Wowwwie! Looking great! I cannot believe you are measuring that large....man I hope I am not going too big with 525!! I am totally bringing your pics with to my surgery day. You look awesome!
  • Reply
Love your results, but now I'm totally confused. I love the size you reached, it's exactly what I'm after. I'm a 32aa, flat as a board. I'm after 450cc but on my first consultation he offered 340 at the most. I'm hoping at least 425, I've seen heaps of women the same size as me, get 450cc. Aggggg, it's Sooooo hard. I've had two children, so there is some tiny amount of stretch there. But I never grew more than an a cup.
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Hi thanks for your comment ;) choosing size is a tough one. A friend one mine is currently regretting her larger choice, just as I was doubting my smaller one. However she reminded me it's much nicer to be able to play them up,than to be self conscious they are too big and hide them. Definitely focus on a look, not a size, and I'm sure your ps will make the right choice for you :)
  • Reply
Agreed, so true. Which is why my doc knows what I want and ultimately is going to give me the best most natural look! Focus on look, not size. Very wise advice!!
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Love your full and natural looking results! Congrats!
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Dang they look great. Hopefully you will have success online!!
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Love those bra's, fun colors.
  • Reply
Definitely fluffy:) Congrats!!!!
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Oh yeah, looking really fluffy and awesome!!
  • Reply
Thank you for posting updates every 1-2 weeks. It helps me visualize how my dropping will progress. Yours look great and natural.
  • Reply
Thank you :) I try to update but in,I've in the bush and my connection is shocking so a lot of the time I can't post comments on my iPad, but i enjoy following everyone's progress. :)
  • Reply
I have to agree with all these ladies! You look spectacular! My new wish result. Our boobie shape is a lot alike in your before pictures, and I hope mine turn out as nice as your have!!! I am headed for a much bigger cc though....hmmm just when I thought I had it figured out, I see you at 325 range and wonder if I am making a mistake!
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