Bright and shiny eyes.... Almost 1 month post OP this weekend!

Doing my upper and lower eyelids in South Africa...

Doing my upper and lower eyelids in South Africa in 10 days.

I am a 45 year old mother of two great kids - we live in Nairobi, Kenya.
I live a very active lifestyle, but hooded eyelids are genetic in my family and in the past few years, seem to be making me look tired or unhappy.

I have thought about doing this for a few years now and feel I have done enough research and found the magic hands to do it.

Hi Everyone! Today is day 2 feeling and looking...

Hi Everyone!
Today is day 2 feeling and looking better.
The day of the surgery was a bit rough, as was yesterday.
Here is a picture of me on the day after, in the afternoon.

Ok. Feeling pretty good. Went out with make-up...

Ok. Feeling pretty good. Went out with make-up today and no one really did any double takes. Will post a photo tomorrow with make up on as I still have significant bruising under my eyes and even down one cheek. Over all I can see that it is going to be fantastic. :)

Went out with make-up on! Can really start to see...

Went out with make-up on! Can really start to see how I will look when the swelling and bruising totally subside. Got great reviews from 4 of my friends. Feeling good!

Day 10. Have a 'lost' stitch I think on my lower...

Day 10. Have a 'lost' stitch I think on my lower right eyelid... hoping it will resolve itself.

Feeling softer - lines receding a bit - bruising...

Feeling softer - lines receding a bit - bruising under almost gone!

Wow. Today is Mother's Day - went out with the...

Wow. Today is Mother's Day - went out with the kids for brunch and felt I looked great. There are still some issues that will resolve themselves - the incisions are now quite red and more visible that they were last week. In photos my eyes still have some symmetry issues, but overall, things are looking good.

Almost 6 weeks - still noticing slight changes.

Am quite used to my appearance now - clients will mention how great I look but no one fingers the eyes or the new boobs. So that's GREAT. For me, that's the result I wanted. Just a great looking ME, not to change my fundamental appearance at all.

My PS managed to clip off almost all my eyelashes on the one side likely whilst suturing my lower lids.... So I am still adding some falsies in the corners when I am out with make-up on... Otherwise - gym and shopping and around the house- back to bare-faced me!

Oh, I forgot.....

Must mention to all my fellow post-ops behind me a bit....... For some time I thought the bruising was gone gone gone. Now some stippling bruising is showing up under my eyes a bit. Weird. Hoping it will resolve itself over the next few weeks. Also - upper incisions have turned from light pinky to quite red at the moment. I understand this is normal - another month or two and they should turn to white and then fade....
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Sorry, I meant to say that "your EYES look beautiful"..not eye..LOL
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Thank You on your supporting words on my post. Your eye look beautiful. They really stand out now. great job your doc did. Did you get any creepy skin after lower? Do you put any cream under your eyes? I do..maybe this is why I get puffy...I want to prevent new wrinkles and creepiness. Doctor said that there will be extra skin,but will adjust in 6-12 months. It is already better, but I would rather have that then bags..LOL..creepiness we can deal with..botox, laser or whatnot.
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you look great ! from Los Angeles
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I also went for an SA surgeon for my upper Bleph. You look really good!
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Thank you Desi - another few days and you will be amazed at what make-up can do when its not buried under the lids! LOL! Can't wait to see you all lit up and sparkly, too!
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WOW!! Your eyes POP now! So gorgeous...I'm dying to put makeup on my new eyes (plus I miss my eyebrows! Lol!). You easily took off 10-15 years. I'm so happy for you friend! XO
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You are so bautifull!!
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Thank you Pimpy - you are too kind.
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You look ravishing!
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Thank you! Ready for someone to ravish me now! ha ha ha
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You have beautiful eyes. It's nice to go out with confidence, I know what you mean. Congratulations on your amazing results!
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Thank you Gorgeousness!
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I absolutely love the latest pic you posted today - Happy Mother's Day! You look amazing probably 10 yrs younger. Congrats.
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Thank you Lindsay! How are you doing? to check your page.....
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Wow - your eyes shine now! What a beautiful green color that was hidden by your former lids. I bet you are thrilled!
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Thank you! I am indeed pretty chuffed with the whole thing! :)
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Your surgery went very well. Your eyes look great! What a beautiful pair of green eyes you have! Seeing the before with makeup and 10 days post op with makeup pics was really cool.
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Thank you! Sending healing vibes your way!
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Check your inbox!
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Your day 10 pic looks like you have false lashes on they are so long! (Long-lost lashes that is!) 12 more days for me!! (There is snow in Manitoba here today you gorgeous ex-pat!)
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Thanks - my fellow Canuck! (I was born in Saskatchewan..... I know how tough 'spring' can be there! Sorry!) Funny you should say that about my eyelashes - I cant tell you how many people have commented on them - it's because they have been buried for ten+ years under my eyelids! How funny! Thank you again - I am feeling pretty great about the whole thing..... How are you feeling - nervous? Excited? Both?
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Both! Your healing has given me great confidence though! :) I think right now the waiting is the hardest part (that, and I really need to stop researching complications! Ugh!). I'm to the point where if its 11pm, I'll look to my husband and say "in one hour, it'll be 11 days away.." He just smiles and rolls his eyes! I got my pre-op instructions yesterday and they may catheterize me as the surgery may last over 5.5 hours (and I'll prob be there for ten hours). Yikes! I can't wait to see my eyelashes again and NOT lift my hood to put on eyeliner only to watch it disappear when I let! I'm glad you're healing and feeling so well. Any boob pain??
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Not too bad - I only took pain meds for 2 days.... To be honest you will be more concerned about your face - the boobs will not really even come into play for a few days. I did have to really take it easy getting in and out of bed - getting dressed, reaching for stuff. I was much more focused on the progress of my eyes. And as you can see, I looked pretty rough for the first week. After I was confident that they eyes were going to 'work out' and it was a success, I then shifted my focus to the boobs. I will try to post some new pics before the weekend. I am much more comfortable with them now, they feel like they are becoming part of my anatomy. No one has noticed as I always more a massive push-up padded bra. Now I am just wearing a stretchy sports bra.... and they look to be about the same size, visually. But naked?? Wow!! lol!
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I sure am more concerned about my face recovery and making sure it heals the best it can...but MAN! Hearing some women's stories of painful BA is what it is right? No two people have the same experience..nor pain experience. I will deal with whatever comes my way the best way I can! Can't wait to see more pics!
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