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Ok. So I worried that 300cc under will be to small...

Ok. So I worried that 300cc under will be to small for my 32B, 99 pound, 5.2" body, and not what I wanted. Went for a second fitting late last week. Then decided on 375cc Silicone under the muscle. PS said he is taking 350cc & 400cc with on the day of op, if he is not satisfied with the result of the 375cc, he will change it to bigger/smaller. I'm so excited at this stage. can hardly wait.
             good luck!
Thanx Vilotet1234!
Hi! My surgery date is a day before yours! I am also 5'2", going for 375 cc but I am 10 pounds heavier and a cup smaller 32A. My doctor says that it will be perfect for my frame and it will give a natural and full look. Initially, I was going for 425 cc or 450 cc because I was scared that I will have "boobie greed" and request for a revision to get a bigger one but in the end, I decided that 375 cc would be the best fit. Good luck in your surgery! :D

Before the op...

Ok, so only 5more days left. It's actually scary to think that woman doesn't know how bra sizes actually work. I was 1 of them, untill I started looking up info on BA. Family members are having a heart attack when they hear I might be ending up with a 32D. Automaticly thinking its the same as their 36D and 38D cups. Helping them to try and understand cups size with abnd size isn't that easy if they don't want to listen.
Hey! How are you? Are you getting excited!
Halo. Excited isn't the beginning of how I'm feeling. I really can't wait. Have to say I'm still worried at times about the size and profile, narcotics, pain and just everything else you won't expect.

4 days left

Ok, so I'm freaking out a bit today. Something between excited, worried and stressed. Check in confirmed for Friday @6:30. Not worried to much about the cc input. Trusting my dr will make a disicion when i'm under. making me look like a lady and not a clown. I'ts the pain i'm worried about.
I was in major pain right after surgery and the whole day I felt like I broke a rib or like there was an elephant on my chest squishing me. I had such a horrible day but today im already moving much easier and am able to move my arms a lot more. But 2 other ladies that had their BA yesterday both said they had no pain or minimal pain. I suppose it depends on the person. Good luck. Will be thinking of you on Friday xx
Only 3 more sleeps? Wow youre almost there! I will be following your journey closely. Hope you that time goes by quick for you. Hugs

On the road to recovey!

Operation went well yesterday. Was sleepy the whole day and night. Struggled with my blood presure. Can't remember how much pain I had, because of the nice staff that took care of me and my roomie. Got our meds like clockwork. Got home today, and had a nice long nap. Started with fisio exercises after I woke up. Man you get stiff from sitting or laying around. Pain isn't to bad, but I can feel it.

day 2 post op

So today o'm stiff and sore. Especially at the inside of my breast and the outer side. Just wish we could get rid of this drain pipes. Started the fisio yesterday, man that's tiering. Photos taken day after operation. Swolen and very stiff. Dr went with 375cc silicon. Not sure of the profile.

day after surgey

Yes! Dont stress!!! I had the exact same thing. They looked horribly pointy with the gross sticky bandages. Look at my first pics. I promise they will be round when those come off! I didnt even show my hubby cause it just looked so gross in the bandages. But they are perfectly round now ;)
Happy healing!!!
Yay, congrats! So glad you got your drains out:)

8 days

Still have this kinda ouch in my chest, so still not leaving the pain killers completely. Still have the horrible plasters on. I get this" pins" feeling from the of my chest to well under the breast more than one a day. Slept on my side this afternoon for about 2hours and didn't feel to bad.
Oh my goodness! My nipples are killing me since day 3. Very sensitive even to my silk pajama tops. Sometimes it feels like they are on fire. The dr says that's normal. Have to go back and redo my plasters on day 11 because the came loose. And aparently that's not good. Then there's the pin and needles that happens on my body, from the top of my breasts down to my middle.
Hi and huge congrats! Don't worry in 2-3 days the worst will be over your second week will be a breeze in comparison. :) I'm 2 weeks out tomorrow and they feel part of me now, no pain. Full sensitivity back. In the first few days it's so hard as you can't see your results yet and of course the soreness, and tiredness. Soon it will be a distant memory :) x
Thanx girls! You do know how to set some worries aside. Happy healing!!

3 week post op.

Ok so it's been 3 week since the BA. Feeling good. Still sore when I wake up in the mornings, and still sleeping on my back with some extra pillows under the head . Saw the dr yesterday and I hardly saw the cuts. He's happy except for they havn't dropped as much, so I need to do the exercises for a while longer. Left side looks higher than right.

4 weeks post op :-)

So glad I hit the 4 week mark. The sensitivity of the nipples are better by now. I actually still can't sleep on my side. It feels like some kind of a knife stab in the right breast when lying down. Still thinking my left breast lloks fy. Maybe just because of the nipple size. But thinking, dr had to work with what I gave him. One hanging and one round.

4weeks yeah!!!

:) so glad your feeling better with the nipple sensitivity and ouch ab the side sleeping. I think I'm dreading that, since my sleeping pattern has been to always sleep on my sides! Can't wait to see your 4week pic! :)

4 weeks yeah!!!

4 weeks photo

I need to get a new bikini lol

incisions on 5weeks

I can't believe these was 6cm long!

insicions - whow

I can't believe this is what's left of a 6cm insicion. My PS sure knows how to do his job. If this is 5weeks, what will it look like after 2 months?
Hi! Regarding your question about bra sizing, I wouldn't get measured in store, the as stores don't carry enough size ranges and sales consultants tend to size you into the bras they have in stock. The easiest, and 100% correct way to measure your bra size is to measure your under bust in inches. For example mine is 29". Then measure your bust over the fullest part and every inch difference is a cup size. For example my bust is 37" so that's an 8" difference. The cups go: A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, H, hence my correct size is a 30G. It sounds huge but it isn't as the cup size is relative to band size, nearly all ladies wear the wrong size band. Because my Underbust is 29 I round up to a 30" band. It can take time to get used to the right size band, but 90% of bra support comes from the band, so it's very important :) I hope that helps! X
Ok, so I got 27 and 35 inches. Wich is probably as close as it can be. I read about the cup and band size. Took a test and went to a store. Took 2 of the same make bras. One a 36C and one a 34C to show my friend what I saw. They were shocked to see that the 2 c-cups weren't the same size haha. Just to make sure. How long after our op is the safest time to measure yourself?
Hi! Thanx, was getting a bit worried at a stage, but now its easier to understand these things take time. Dr Siemund Johannes. Really to me, a very good ps.
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