Almost 1 month Post Op. Feels 'Normal' now!

I am a 45 year old mother of 2. After 2 babies...

I am a 45 year old mother of 2.
After 2 babies and breastfeeding and weight gain and weight loss, I feel they have certainly done their jobs and it is now my turn to have my body back to where it once was.
I have considered having a BA for about 3 years now....
Finally did it - had a consult and made the date!
Now it is starting to feel REAL!


I am a Canadian and I had lived in Nairobi, Kenya for over 15 years now. There are plastic surgeons here but, you know, I want someone that has done this thousands of times - no substitute for experience. South Africa is the closer option for me and the price is right. I am also having my upper and lower eyelids done at the same time.... APRIL 16th is the big day!
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Yayyyy! When is your big date? Good for you ;))
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I am originally from Vancouver - There are quite a few great PS there as well but the prices have skyrocketed over the past decade.

My word! I am now breast obsessed. All I can...

My word! I am now breast obsessed. All I can think of is how many cc's, moderate profile or mid-range profiles, what will the recovery be like, how long till I can resume 'normal' activity etc etc etc.
Thank heavens for this site and all the other ladies whom share their stories to make what we are all going through seem normal!


Forgot to mention that having a BA was the best money I have ever spent on myself!! One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! xoxo P.S. If you want a natural look the mid-range profiles may be best but your PS will give you an idea of what your body can and can't handle 
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I have thought about it for about 5 years now... my youngest child is almost 10. I was always putting it off and spending the money on the kids, travel etc... But my very smart 24 year little sister told me..."That shit ain't going on sale. Do it now and enjoy it!" Smart girl! Lol!
Your boobs look great for breastfeeding 2!!! I think you will have an incredible result! ;)
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My Word! I am truly obsessed. I am on RealSelf 3...

My Word! I am truly obsessed. I am on RealSelf 3 times a day to check for more positive reviews and feedback from you girls on the other side of the BA journey. Thank heavens for you all.

The countdown has started for real now.... less than 2 months away- I am starting to go crazy in my own head. Second guessing myself - flip flopping back and forth about cc's and what profile I should request.

Having dreams about flying all the way to Jo-burg and then hearing a subconscious conversation whilst under on the operating table as to the PS not having my exact implant , but he thinks that ...'these would do.'

Other dreams about it going horribly wrong - and all the nay-sayers saying 'I told you so', and 'you had such nice boobs before [you did this]'.


I think the answer is that I am going to the bank tomorrow and I am going to wire the money in full. This should help me feel more grounded in the plan. This is not a decision made on a whim, however. I have thought about this for YEARS. I am sure this is just the normal pre-op psychology going on in my brain. Right?


I'm am beyond obsessed too, lol. I've been having dreams that the doctor comes in alone and doesn't put me under and starts operating lol. So excited for you and good luck :)
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I'm super excited for you! I cracked up when I read about your dream. My BA is tomorrow and the last few days I've been having crazy dreams as well! One is I wake up in the middle of surgery and actually help the PS with the surgery..LOL..that's awkward. You're totally normal and can't wait to hear more of your journey!
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Good positive thoughts with you for tomorrow! Let us know how its going. Can't wait to see pics and hear the news.....

Well, this morning I wired the FULL AMOUNT into my...

Well, this morning I wired the FULL AMOUNT into my PS's offshore account. It's DONE. I am hoping that this will put my mind at ease.... past the point of turning back now. Now I just have to get used to my account with all those zero's missing! ;)


Congratulations on getting everything in order for your big day! My surgery is 5 days before yours and I'm also doing a mini TT with some lipo. I'm 44, mother of two, breastfed... Ended up with almost exactly the same as you! Our surgeries are so close together, so I'll be following closely!
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I am also doing my eyelids at the same time - I also figure - just do it - get put under once - recover once. Look great a month later. DONE! You must post some before pics so we can cheer you through the recovery process!
Smart way of doing it, knock it all out and youre done, I'm confident youre going to look fabulous! Excited to see more pics, let me know if you need any moral support!!

I have been (obsessively, yes) reading posts and...

I have been (obsessively, yes) reading posts and reviews on this Life Saver of a site. Any of you now boobilicious girls notice that your figure has taken on a new dimension with boobs? Have read a few gals on another forum say that they feel like they have a smaller waistline now that the top half is balanced out? Anyone feel this way? Hoping so, as I have always been a bit not-curvy in the waistline department. As I have gotten older I feel as though my mid-section has gone form 'boyish' to 'tree-trunkish'! Wouldn't it be simply lovely if boobs gave me a hint of a waistline?


I think you will notice a waistline girl!!!! So exciting!!!!
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Im hoping to feel that soon! Im on the bloated stage still so once I get passed that..I'm sure I can be on the same boat as all these fantastic ladies :)
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Yup, Im starting to see what you gals are talking about. It's making me look more proportioned and making my waist seem tinier (even though I havent been able to work out)

2lbs a week. Gotta lose a bit of this weight. I...

2lbs a week. Gotta lose a bit of this weight. I took pre-photos today of my whole body and I was in for a major shock!

I think I have Reverse Body Dismorphia - I think I look BETTER than I ACTUALLY do! lol!!

Yikes! My daughter took the photos and I almost choked on my own tongue. I am fat and must lose at lease 8-10lbs before this thing happens next month.
Anyone else did the same? Were you successful?


Dont worry about the weight, when the time gets near you will be too nervous to eat in any case! I think I may actually reach my goal weight in this last few days before BA ;) PS: Photos add 10 lbs!
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That is good to hear. I have lost about 5kgs this year... But would be nice to whittle down 2 or 3 more... :)
I remember going psycho at the gym as soon as I booked my BA date. My PS had mentioned that I wouldn't be able to workout for 3 weeks (I can start light workout then) and 6 weeks to get back to all my normal routine. I think I may have freakedout about that and began to do crossfit, running and P90X about 6 times a week. I remember taking prior pictures and it was similar to how you felt; I must have some rose tinted glasses because the pictures were not what I see in the mirror. I ended up getting the fat percentage goal I wanted and on the day of my BA my resting heart rate was 43-44 bpm which I was told was in the athletic zone. I have FULL faith you will get to your goal and, if its any consolation, I don't think your pictures are fat. Your goal is very feasible and I'm SO excited to read more of your journey :) You've got this and I wish nothing but the best of luck and success on every goal you place on yourself!! xoxo!
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These last few weeks of waiting are slowly killing...

These last few weeks of waiting are slowly killing me. I flip flop back and forth on size and profile, and am I doing the right thing, and should I be doing my eyelids at the same time, will that be too much to manage.... bla bla bla. I am not sleeping that great at night, and feeling tired and anxious in the day..... I wish I could just fast forward the whole thing to tomorrow and get on with it! How are all my gals out there doing with the pre-op clock watch?


Went to my preop today I can't contain the excitement. Next wed can't get here fast enough. Have u we t for preop yet
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No, I am in Dubai right now and will fly to SA on Sunday. Pre-op on Monday- Surgery on Tues. I did fly down for a consult in November.....
Almost there! Relax, it's going to be awesome!
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My op is in 5 hours.... Simply cannot sleep. It is...

My op is in 5 hours.... Simply cannot sleep. It is 4 am and we leave the house at 7am..... Had a great pre-op with my PS yesterday so just gotta roll with it. I am having my upper and lower eyelids done at the same time, so will spend a night in hospital. Should be released on Wed around lunch time. Eeeeeek!
Wish me luck girls, we shall chat on Thursday.


OK girls! I am back! Day 2 today and feeling pretty good. Off to do some shopping and then back home to rest. Tues was pretty rough, as I also did my eyelids both up and down - boobs were no problem. Yesterday I was released from the hospital and just came home and took it pretty easy. Today overall feeling about 75%, I'd say! Happy healing to all my boob healing buddies out there!
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Congrats! Glad to hear you're feeling good. Take care but enjoy your shopping day!
how did it go lady????
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Ended up with 240 in left breast and 280 in the...

Ended up with 240 in left breast and 280 in the right. Feeling pretty great. Only took pain meds for 2 days. Have started Implant Displacement Exercises- Trying to do them 5+ times per day. I think that although I have relatively small implants, they will still soften and generally improve over the next few months. Overall, I am very happy with the result.


You're looking so great! I'm jelly! i wish mine would hurry up and drop. Glad you're doing so well. :)
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Glad to hear things are going well! Your pics are looking great!
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Thank you!

Day 10. Feeling more like part of me now. Started...

Day 10. Feeling more like part of me now. Started kind of sleeping in my old positions and feeling a bit more comfortable. Have a couple of smallish Mondor's Cords forming under each breast but confident that they will pass with massage. Happy Healing to all the New Girls out there! :)


Thank you Ladies below! Getting ready to post my 2 week post op pics..... the difference is subtle visually but feels way better! Starting to feel like 'mine' now!
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Looking good!
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You are looking great!
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Now feeling more and more like 'mine'........

Now feeling more and more like 'mine'..... softening up and getting more comfortable in the day to day and sleeping at night.


hey lady! wow you look amazing! keep warm!
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I hope u having a smooth healing Dear they look fabulous! Finally Ima be part of the club! This Friday is my big day! 4 more days to go :) ... Xoxo
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Almost a month post op now.... feels 'normal' to...

Almost a month post op now.... feels 'normal' to have this size of boobs. I never thought I would say it out loud but there are times I second guess myself for going so natural. Than I think that I am 45, these are a nice realistic size for me. All my friends think that they are amazing.... So just settling into life as normal now filling out my old bras ( same size - small D...) And that's ok. :)


You look great and glad that you are feeling so good too. Happy Mother's Day!
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Same to you! How are you feeling with your new boobs?

Almost 6 weeks. These boobs feel like they were always mine.

Wow. It's all over.

My incisions are hidden perfectly in the fold and almost gone. I still must keep them taped for another 6 weeks. I do my implant displacement exercises religiously. They feel very solf and to be honest - no one really notices as I used to stack up the old floppies in a massive padded bra with cutlets at times..... So I now wear the same size bra - just no padding or inserts.

I must share with all of you that there were moments that I thought that giving the size decision completely to my PS was a mistake - that i should have gone a bit bigger. From reading all the stories on here I think that's a common feeling. It has passed. These boobs are the perfect fit for me, my age, and my lifestyle. If I DO get the feeling - all I do is go and check out the breast implant revision page or explant page! I was right to trust my PS - he made a very sound decision based on the experience he has on performing 7000+ breast augmentations.


They look soooo good!! I'm counting down the days until my app. Did you notice that they got bigger after the muscles relaxed or were they about the same size right after surgery to a month? Thanks
  • Reply look amazing! VERY natural and perfect size. I think bigger would have been too much for your frame and taken away from your real beauty :) I can't believe the before and after. You must be so happy with your results. WOW
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Looking great!
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