I Hate Invisalign! Worst Mistake of my Life!! - Jersey City, NJ

Start by saying after 2 years of failed Invisalign...

Start by saying after 2 years of failed Invisalign treatment, I FINALLY went to an Orthodondist (not Dentist) for a second opinion. He says he sees people like me all the time: people who's Dentists mislead them into Invisalign treatment that did not work. My Dentist had no idead that my teeth could not be fixed by Invisalign because the product is limited in what it can do.

First of all, Dentists are not Orthodontists and have no business prescribing braces for their patients. Dentists are required by Invisalign to sit through a one day seminar to become certified. They are NOT qualified to make judgements about whether or not your teeth would be best fixed by Invisalign! Both Dentist and Invisalign make a TON of MONEY off your mouth!! That's it!!

They promise your treatment will be one year, but I am not on my third refinement almost 2 years later.

Please consult an Orthodontist before you agree t Invisalign.

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I should not say the Dentist was purposefully...

I should not say the Dentist was purposefully misleading. I don't think he knew any better. I suggest anyone who's interested in Invisalign or braces see an Orthodontist first or for a second opinion.

Invisalign is extremely disruptive to your daily life and since results are not guaranteed, it's not worth the trouble.


Be certain to get a firm cost/quote, in writing, from your dentist before committing. I was quoted and promised £2,000, 'maybe a bit more'. I found out yesterday, now on tray 6, the cost is £4,500. I am fuming.
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Dear Sir, I am sorry to hear that you have bad luck with your dentist. I am one of those no-nothing dentists and yet I have treated over 750 full arch cases; some with only 2 visits, start-finish. Invisalign is a system of orthodontic movement, and we are all taught ortho at UNi. However everyone is a beginner at the start and in hindsight maybe you should have picked someone with more experience. In my hands I can use Invisalign to treat most cases, except extreme tooth rotations. Align Tech. have invested $45 million this year in RnD and I can honestly say that Invisalign may not be as quick as metal braces, but it is without the negatives of metal braces and most adult patients love them over fixed braces. Most orthodontists will try to undermine Invisalign, but many are starting to do it nowadays. I
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Thank you for sharing your experience with us MrMet123. I once read a comment by a doctor where he compared Invisalign to golf clubs, saying anyone can buy them but its the skill of the person using them that matters. I thought that was a really good way to communicate it.

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I do want to say that I think Invisalign is a great form of treatment for many, many people, but its important to make sure your provider has a track record of good results.

MrMet123, please keep us updated on how your teeth are doing!

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I gave Dentist a "Poor" score because I'd like to see him learn more about orthodontics so he can better advise his clients before Invisalign treatment begins. I don't think any Dentist should be able to prescribe Invisalign, period. Those who do, should recommend their clients get a second opinion and not put their income before their client's health, lifestyle and money.

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