23 Year Old with 40Ks. They Are Ruining my Self-esteem and Life - Jersey City, NJ

I am a 23 year old with bowling balls for breasts....

I am a 23 year old with bowling balls for breasts. I am 5'4" and at 220 pounds now because it hurts to do much more than vacuum the house or wash the dishes. I hate shopping or even going out with my friends because my tits draw all the attention rather than a pretty smile. A bit about myself, I felt like I literally woke up one morning when I was 12 and had 34C boobs, by the time I was 15 I had 36DDD, at 18 I had 38G and now after the birth of my daughter(19) I am a whopping 40K. I've always wanted a reduction. Even at 15 I could think of nothing else. I managed the pain and headaches then. I was a petite thing (125ish pounds) with huge boobs or so I thought they were huge. My boobs have always made me feel self conscious, but now it is terrible. I have back pain all the time, I can't rotate my head/neck to the proper degree because of the strain of the straps, I have ugly marks from the straps on my shoulders,my sex life is already suffering and suffer horrible migraines along with the weight on my chest and so forth and it is ruining my life. I am too young to feel this damned old.
I have been researching and going over all the stories day in and day out. I want the reduction, I will have a reduction, I need it desperately. The only thing that I am scared about is the finished result. I have read so many testimonials about women who are as big as I am that end up with Gs or just a little smaller. I don't want to have to pay all this money and end up not pleased because I am still to big and ugly. I would very much like to be a full C or even a small D. I want to look normal and not like a freak show.

I want the reduction, but don't know if it's worth all the pain if I'm still going to have to buy $100 custom bras

Hey lady, your story sounds so much like mine, i wish i had done it at your age. I'm now 31 and 9 days post op and soooo happy!!!! I had fears of being too big too but i stressed to my doctor that i wanted small and that what i got. Before my surgery i would just rationalize that anything would be better than ny huge girls. My advice is take the leap and pray for the best. Do it girlfriend!!!! Check out my pics, it's sooo worth it!!!!
Hello, I was a 36J and after having my reduction I'm a D/E. I can not say how happy I am of having them done. I waited ten years far to long! just make sure you research and say exactly what you want but always have in the back of your mind the possibility that they might not be as small as you want but God the differences is amazing, just simple things like showering! wish you lots of luck, enjoy the journey
Hello, thanks for the feedback. I was an E not to long ago and I was not comfortable with then even then. If necessary a DD would suffice, but any bigger and I would feel as though the money, pain, and care for my child would not be worth it. I'd have a complete mastectomy an even be happy with a flat chest before I would be happy with anything larger than DDS. I know it sounds harsh but that's how much it affected my life just 3 years ago. Thank you for your time.


As of August 1, I am doing lots of cardio and exercises to help get my weight down. I avoid jumping, running, and push ups and sit ups right now because it really hurts my chest/back/neck/shoulders. I have joined an online support group with my family and friends back in Louisiana and have been monitoring what I eat. I am not starving myself, rather allowing myself healthy portions of food and a max of 1230 unburned calories a day. After 1 week I have lost only 3.5 pounds but It's better than nothing. I am super proud already and can't wait to actually start seeing results. If you are like me and it hurts to exercise, do lots of cardio. Get your body up and moving. I am lazy and would rather watch tv than exercise, so I Just Dance with my toddler! It's fun and you can burn lots of calories. You can do it. The first few days are hard, but it is so worth it in the long run. My back is already feeling better. I am so surprised yet more relieved.
Get up. Get moving. Get motivated.
Hope all is well,

3.5 lbs. down is better than 3.5 up. You're totally on the right path. I love how you've joined a support group. It's proven if you hold yourself accountable and accountable to others you'll have a higher success rate. I LOVE your workouts with your toddler. Those are memories the little will always remember...and you're getting your workout. #hatebackpain. So glad you're getting some relief.


After a year

A year later, I am 25 pounds lighter. I was really getting at it and working hard to lose weight, but some hardships were cast upon me and I've moved 1400 miles across the country and have all the headaches that go with a move. I have officially contacted a surgeon and we will set up a consultation very soon. More news to come after the consult
good luck, i know how hard the weight loss can be but the important thing is not to give up, you may well find it easier to lose weight post op.
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