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Just joined so please bear with me. I started my...

Just joined so please bear with me. I started my TT journey a while back. I have 4 beautiful girls 11, 9, 7 and 2.5yrs old. They were all normal deliveries. I count myself very lucky to have 4 healthy children but for 11 years my body confidence has been in shreds. I won't dare wear a bikini on the beach. My whole 20's has basically revolved around me being pregnant, breast feeding and gaining and losing weight. I am quite petite (UK size 8) and feel my tummy does not look like that of a 29yr old! Had all my pre-op appointment today and in have the go ahead for Saturday. I have 2 more long days at work and then FINALLY I get to say goodbye to the monster tummy! It almost doesn't feel real! I have waited over a decade for this! Quite nervous though about the pain etc, also, me and my husband have not told a soul about it so we will be managing between us with the kids. I hoping to go back to work after the 2nd week PO. Not sure how realistic this is but I am quite a determined person so will hope for the best. Just taken a set of the most hideous pictures of my tummy in all it's glory eek! 3 days and counting!
good luck!
I am so excited for you! I also have 4 kids 15,14,11,8. I had a miscarriage of twins and another before my first. My first delivery was "normal" except my baby was 11 and a half pounds. Needless to say my tummy is SHOT!! I feel your pain! I hope all goes well for you this Saturday. I will be thinking of you. Let me know how it goes. My date is August 11 and even though Ive had 3 C-sections Im worried. Good luck!

2 sleeps remaining!

Went to my usual Wednesday evening boxercise class yesterday and gave it my all, as I knew it would be the last one for a long while. Feeling quite sad that I won't be able to gym as normal, will really miss it (probably my gym buds more if I am honest lol).
Not long finished a very long shift at work. More of the same tomorrow then I really must pack my stuff! Has anyone got any suggestions or advice on what to take to the hospital that I may not have thought about? I have the added bonus of my period being due on the day of my surgery to contend with! Got 2 packets of santitary towels and my tranexamic acid. Fingers crossed tomorrow goes quickly!
Good luck!!! I love my results!! I'm so happy I did this for myself and you will feel the same too when it's all done!
I think your results are amaizing prettyeyes! I hope I heal as quick as you! I have been told I will be very tight abdominally for a while by my surgeon. Did you find this too? You look to be standing up straight by 11 days PO! Amaizing!
Oh thank you! I wish I was standing up straight! I'm still somewhat hunched over. I'm so freaking tight! I hope by next week which will be 1month post op I will be standing straight. I seriously can't take anymore tightness lol. But yes super tightness you will be!

Night before the big day!

Just finished another long (and stressful) day at work! Started to pack my bag but I am so exhausted I might just go to bed. Had an awful night sleep last night. Hoping for a better night sleep tonight, although I am sure I am going to be up over thinking the op through the night!
It will be fine so don't stress about it, sleep well and think positive thoughts about being on the flatside!!! I am 6 weeks post op today and healing has been swift and pain free. Good luck x
Thank you Camelina, I sure hope I am as good a healer as you! Your scar is very neat! I am hoping to be up and about the following morning too. Clinicians always make the worst patients lol! X


Here I am being an insomniac! Knew that I would be tonight, but still, it's frustrating! I just wanted a good night sleep! So much to do before I leave in the morning and it keeps going round in my mind! Off to try and catch some more zzzzz before it's time to get up!
Everything is going to be great! Once you get past those first couple of days, you will start to love your new body! Good luck! Hope you get some sleep tonight! EEEK excited for you!
Thank you dmw, I really hope so! Managed a couple of hours more sleep. It's now 6am and I am up lol! Excitement is building! :-D

Today's the day! :-D

The big day is finally here YAY! I am all checked in at the hospital, my nurse seems nice, she asked why I needed a TT as I was slim and my tummy is flat...! I then explained that I had 4 children and I was tucking skin into my pants and my abdominal wall is in shreds lol! Surgery is not until this afternoon so I have a bit of a wait ahead of me. Had my last cup of tea and breakfast at 7.30am and got ready to leave. Said goodbye to my babies and instantly felt guilty about what I am doing. They are heading to the beach today with daddy! It's such a lovely day, I wish I was too!
My room is nice, I have a TV and nice clean bathroom. Period not arrived yet (probably will make an appearance just before I go for surgery!) Still have to meet the anaesthetist.
Feeling a bit surreal at the moment. Still don't believe it's happening and probably won't until I wake up post surgery! So tired after another rubbish night sleep. Could really do with a cup of tea but nill by mouth now, boo!
Good luck everything will be just fine! Tell your doctor about your expected period so that just in case they might want you to put a tampon in before surgery. I got my period the day beforemy surgery. I ended up getting the depo shot bbecause since I had my son mine were so heavey. It helped and the nurse said to wear a tampon because I was under general from 11am-4pm and they had to put a catheter in. Im excited to see your results!!
Praying for all to go well cant wait to see you on the flat side :)
Thank you Mrs Gomez, for the prayers. Doing ok on the flat side so far! X

FINALLY on the flat side! :-D

Just thought I would update and let you all know I AM ON THE FLAT SIDE!!!! Got called down a bit earlier than expected and woke up in recovery at 1.15pm. Have just been dozing on and off since. Had to have some more pain relief in recovery as I felt like my wound was burning but feeling quite comfortable now. Feel like I have done an insane abs workout though! Period stayed at bay and I am sitting here pantless with the catheter and 2 drains so im hoping it stays away until I can get some pants and pad on! Felt really sick post anaesthetic and had to have some anti-sickness mess. I dreaded the thought of heaving with my sore tummy. PS came to see me a couple of hours ago and said it went well. I asked if the muscle separation was quite severe and he said it was pretty bad. Glad it all fixed now! Can't wait to have a look at my tummy. The binder is really tight and not helping too much with the sicky feeling. Otherwise feel like Ive had a few too many glasses of wine! If I can get some pics later (with my pants on) I will! :-D
congratulations hun! Hope you start feeling better soon!
Thanks Hun :-) feeling better with each hour!
See :) The binder tends to irritate after a while, it helps to wear a vest/t-shirt/cami under it. If you do need to cough, sneeze, retch then I suggest you place a hand over your belly button and push in hard-helps no end.

8 hours post op!

Been napping on and off throughout the day. Managed to very slowly eat some dinner. Couldn't manage much but funnily enough the icecream and fruit salad pudding went down well :-)

Feeling slightly more 'with it' now. Was still in my horrible theatre gown and had no pants on so just manoeuvred myself to the edge of the bed and stood up (all be in hunched like an old man with my drains and catheter) to my bag to get out a pair of low rise pants and pad and a clean nighty or my own. Crouching down was fine but standing up was not too good. Poor healthcare assistant got a shock when she saw me changing my nighty on the edge of the bed and putting my pants on so she went to get one of the staff nurse lol! She helped me thread my drains through the leg of my pants and I managed to stand hunched and pull them up. Cleansed my face and now re-settled back in bed again. Took some shots of the binder and drains. You can see the shape is looking good. Really want to see it now!
Happy healing to you! I think you're going to look great. :)
Thanks mommato3boys! Hopefully I get a little sneak peak today! :-)

The morning after!

Morning realselfers! Managed a fair bit of sleep over night last night. Can see I am quite swollen and bruised now in the groin area. Took some arnica tabs to help bring the bruising out. Not much in my drains to be honest. 50mls left, 20mls right. Drinking and draining lots of urine eek! Feeling pretty good. Going to dose myself up on pain relief and get moving this morning. My PS is going to pop round this morning to see me. Drains and catheter will likely be removed then. Can't wait (although secretly enjoying having the catheter as not having to get up for a wee lol) my throat has been a bit sore where they intubated me, but feeling otherwise pretty good this morning!
Best thing I EVER DID YOU WILL LOVE IT! First week is rough then first month! Once you get past that it's little things :) you'll be fine your a mommy! Congrats
Thanks Chicago, really hope so. X

Cooking on gas!

Both my drains, catheter and cannula have now all been removed! The nurses kept commenting about how tiny my waist looks. I imagine it's likely a lot to to with the binder because I didn't think PS was going to do any lipo, I forgot to ask this morning when he came to see me. Took some pics standing up (hunched over still though) now that I have no nasty drains! Shape is looking really good I think! Still not seen the wound yet, doesn't look like I will for another 11 days! The binder seems to be velcroed onto something else underneath too :-/
PS said I can go home later today if I want to. Just deliberating what I should do as obviously going to have kids bounding all over the place asking questions!?! (We didn't say I was going for a TT) . I could stay another night but I think DH wants me to come home. Bless!

Photos didn't post

Here are the pics!
So far such a small waist! Are you hunched over? I love my small waist, after I had kids I lost it but its finally back! You already look amazing!
Yes was hunched forward. I think your waist looks great! Hopefully mine turns out similar! It was small to start with (26 inches), but think it looks smaller now. DH said its probably just the binder as my bum is sticking out the bottom of it lol the cheek! X

Home at last!

Went home yesterday evening and managed a good sleep in my own bed. Was sleeping propped up most of the night but managed to sleep on my side for a short time too. I am coping ok with just codeine and paracetamol. Feeling quite swollen now though. The binder is getting itchy and is bunching in the waist area, making it uncomfortable but I can't take it off for another 10 days! Took some pics this morning. Legs look quite puffy still with water retention.
I got a binder like that after my last csection. I saved it thinking I would use it for my tummy tuck but I was so wrong! Those binders are so uncomfortable :-(. Did your doctor give you a garment to wear? Those are more comfortable for sure! You are looking great. I took my measurements and I'm 32D bust, 24waist and 36 hips. My waist used to smaller than 24inches. I wonder if I get a waist sincher if that will help. You are looking fabulous!!! I can't wait to see your scar!
Thanks hun, I am supposed to wear this binder for 12 days then swap it for some sucky in garment. I have to purchase my own. Any recommendations? Seriously I don't have many hang up's post surgery apart from the binder, as it makes me nauseous every time I eat. I can't wait to see the finished result. I hope the scar is really low!
Your waist looks tiny. Can't wait until you post pics without the binder. How exciting!

Might have slightly over done it!

I have been more and more mobile as the day has gone on. This morning I had a strip wash at the sink and shaved my legs and underarms. This afternoon I managed to single handedly wash and condition my hair over the sink. I have still been falling asleep a fair bit through the day, which I hope is normal but otherwise lots more active. I went downstairs and saw the kitchen was a tip, so started cleaning it! Then tidied the living room and sat down for dinner. I then came over really hot and clammy, and had to get some air and roll down my stockings. I think that was my body telling me I had done too much. I managed to eat a good sized dinner but now I am wiped out and want to sleep. My abs and scar are also hurting a bit now so will have to take some codeine which I have been avoiding all day (it's sends me to sleep). I hope I have a better day tomorrow. It's so frustrating when you are used to being so busy!

Day 3 PO and getting there!

Was a bit slow to start this morning but once I was up I was almost whizzing about as normal (except with a hunch). I would say I am about 90% upright now. Just a little way to go! Was having my morning stand-up wash this morning and thought I would take the binder off to check the bruising and put it back on afterwards. I also rolled down a small bit of the soft foam tape underneath to see if I could get a peek of my new bb! I took a couple of pictures from the back/side and I have no bruising which likely confirms that PS did no lipo. My upper ribs look bruised and I could see the top of the white steri-strips where my new bob must be! The right side of my abs are more swollen than my left (not sure why that is) hopefully that sorts itself out. Otherwise though, I am not as battered and bruised as I thought I would be which I guess is a good thing and probably why I am quite mobile already. Still wearing my sexy socks and weirdly my period has not put in an appearance yet! It's now 3 days late so expecting it any day which is going to be awful! Still not been for a No.2 yet, is that normal?

Heat wave!

So we have a heat wave predicted here over the next week or so. It's roasting already and it's only 8am! I have taken my TED's stockings off "to be washed" as I was getting really hot in them and I am pretty mobile anyway so not really sure they are necessary. I am a bit worried about how hot I am going to be wearing the binder! I've ordered some spanx high waisted pants so when they come I can hopefully swap them for the binder!
Sorry if TMI, I finally managed to go this morning, YAY! I also weighed myself and I am down a pound to 118lbs although was wearing my PJ's and binder so might be more like 2lbs! Whoop whoop! Anyway fingers crossed I manage to stay cool today! :-D


Sorry if TMI but I have to give credit to the lactulose big time! I have been to the toilet 6 times already today! Talk about backed up! Don't know if my cramps in back and tummy are being caused by the impending period that is now 4 days late, the TT or the damned wind and bloating caused by being backed up for 4-5 days! Whichever it is URGHHHH! Thought I would do a bit of garden sunbathing today. My big dressings and binder totally ruined my bikini party! Luckily I was just hanging out in my garden with my toddler and not going anywhere in public lol! :-)
Forgot to say, DH only took Monday off so all mummy duties resumed yesterday bar the school run (as I can't drive) and so far so good! Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather ladies!
Looking fantastic
Thanks Hun, you too! :-)
Absolutely amazing! Could you tell me who your surgeon was,I am really impressed. x

Down another pound!

I know it's silly to keep weighing myself but down another pound this morning to 8st 5oz (117lbs to our American friends). Is this just fluid then that I am loosing? I am usually quite hungry too and haven't been post surgery. :-/ just seems a lot to loose in 5 days!

Wow I can see abs!

Wow ok I am the most excited I've been since going in for the surgery. Took my binder off for a wash this morning and OMG I have abs!!!! I knew they were hiding under all that skin before but so impressed with how it looks! I know credit needs to be given to the surgeon but heck credit for busting my bum in the gym 4 times a week too! Totally paid of to see this! No stretchmarks either yet from the bit I can see. I am expecting some lower down as I had some above the belly button. Hurry up next Friday already....I want to see under there!!!!
Really helpful review, I think your result will be amazing :)
Thanks Hun, good luck with your upcoming TT op! You will love your results too :-)

The arrival of the spanx!

Thank god is all I can say right now! My spanx have just arrived and they are like a silk glove compared to the binder! I have been wearing the damned binder all day long in 30 degree heat! That is no fun believe me! My skin has been scratched raw from how uncomfortable it's made me! The only problem with the spanks is getting them on and off! This is not an easy task let me tell you! It needed to be done though. I can actually stand straight now too!!
Hi whose spans did you order? Having the same problem with the binder 1 week post op, and wondering whose spanks to buy. Thanks

Update on spanx

Morning RSers! Just thought I would give you an update on the spanx, they were a great relief for about an hour, then I needed my binder back on because I was swelling up, they were not tight enough and I didn't feel secure after a while. I actually wore the binder on top of the Spanx and it felt much more comfortable. Those were the smallest spanx do so I guess I will have to wait a bit to wear those! I just ordered a different compression garment which I hope will get here quickly! I did a bit of de-sticking with my bandages. I have come up in a bit of a red raw rash from the soft foam tape they used and I ended up with blistered skin on my hip so I had to remove it! Took a peek of my right hip just now and it looks brutal under there! Honestly I am wondering what the hell I allowed happen to myself! Also my bits seem to have been given a face lift :-/ I know it's swollen and full of fluid but looks like it's been pulled upwards quite a bit! Going to venture out today and join the rest of civilisation. Going to have to hide my binder somehow and try and walk as straight as possible! That should be fun! Anyway here's a snap shot of what's going on under the dressings! Enjoy :-p

Binder hiding!

Just doing a casual bit of binder hiding for my trip out in a bit! I've got on a camisole followed by the binder then outfit on top! Fingers crossed I'm disguised enough!
Exciting :)
Cute outfit. I think it hides the binder very well. :)
Aww thanks hun, it did me good getting out and about! :-)

90% revealed!

Ok so I know it's late in the day but I just took all the soft foam off to have a look at what's going on under there. The white steri-strips are still covering the wound and my new bb so I can only see 90% of the result. I won't remove those till next friday. The bb in particular looks like a mess and in the pics looks offset to the left but we'll see when things have settled down. The suture line etc seems ok. It's low enough to be covered by pants. The redness you can see is the reaction to the soft foam dressings :-/

1week PO today :-)

So I made it through the week! It's been tough but I am getting there! I am hoping with the arrival of the new CG and the dressings coming off next week, it will be more comfortable for me! Kids broke up from school yesterday so no more school runs to worry about for the summer! Just got to get through my work days and I will be ok :-)

I am just about to head out for lunch with the girls (gym buds and babes lol) I have really missed them. I wasn't going to go but I am feeling ok and we got to have something to look forward to during this healing process eh! Another day, another bit of binder hiding with yet another playsuit! I am so glad this is the fashion right now as they are so comfortable and very covering, I love them! Here's to a good afternoon! :-)
Cleaning the kitchen 2 days post op?! Wow. Lol I'm impressed. You look fantastic!
Thanks hun, probably over doing it quite a bit. I don't really know how to sit down and rest with 4 little ones lol! ;-)

Looking flat!

Morning RS'ers. Had a lovely lunch with the girls yesterday, food was amaizing, totally stuffed my face with a 3 course meal! Was sad to be the only one not enjoying a lovely glass of pink champagne but there will be other lunch dates! Got in and crashed afterwards with the help of some codeine, 4 hours sitting in a binder is not ideal! Had a totally insomniac nights sleep as a result, so feel less than human this morning! Decided to take some pics this morning with binder off before the swelling sets in! Down to 8st 4oz on the scales now. Unreal considering what I ate yesterday! You can see from where I replaced the dressings the bb is off centre. I am hoping this pans out ok because I would not like to have a correction procedure. Anyway rant over, hope you all have a lovely day!
So realistically how are you feeling? Are you walking away ok? Getting around well? My surgery is tomorrow and I'm sooo stressed out. I volunteered (before my surgery) to be a cheerleading coach for 5/6 yr olds. They don't do much but clap and sing. Im suppose to start coaching August 1st, just ten days after surgery. I mentioned to the head coach I was having hernia surgery (not a tummy tuck) and I'd be ok to start Aug 8th which is 17 days post op. Everyone I read about on here seems miserable and in so much pain. You are actually an inspiration!!! You look fantastic and seems like your doing great only after a week. My husband keeps telling me I'll be find since I'm very active and strong willed. Again thank you for posting your experience :)
Hi hun, day 9 PO today and yes walking around absolutely fine, just slower than normal because I can't stand fully straight with my head up and shoulders back. I think you should be ok 17 days post op, you're a very fit and active person so shouldn't have a problem. I have been dancing in the kitchen today with my kids no bother. We actually just did a huge sort of the playroom and I was lifting the odd heavy item (which I shouldn't be). I am trying to rest in between doing things to give my lower back a break. That definitely helps. I have actually lost a box of codiene which has meant I haven't had that now for over 24 hours but that was also helping big time. I've had no pain meds at all today so far and only now am I feeling like I need something. Good luck tomorrow hun, can't wait to see you on the flat side! X
I think you will do fine. When your drains come out try to stand straight as possible. It took me 3 1/2 weeks to stand straight lol. I'm soooo freaking tight but love it lol. Make sure you take a multi vitamin along with 1500 vitamin c. The vitamin C helped me heal so much faster and is good for you any way! Good luck and you will have fantastic results!

More binder hiding!

For those unfortunate enough to have to endure the binder, here's another binder hiding outfit. Got my high waisted denim shorts on and a loose shirt which I have tied at my waist.
Did a fair bit of cleaning and sorting today of our play room (it was a tip with way too many toys!). Had to lay down for a bit afterwards as my back was sore. Managed to mislay my codeine somewhere so not had any proper pain meds for more than 24 hours now (probably why I am slightly grumpy lol!). Boredom is really starting to set in now. I really miss the gym, all this laying down has meant my booty has joined the flat side also :-( going to be toning that up ASAP! Miss work and work colleagues. Just having one of those days I guess. Kids have all been really good today, helping with the sorting. Can't complain really! Just wish I could go out and enjoy the lovely sunshine!

Belly button update!

Just took the little dressing off to change it and check bb.....it looks gross! Pretty much a slit with sutures. Took the little stuffed in, bit of gauze out to check the inside of my bb and at the moment I am not sure what it's going to turn out like. It doesn't look pretty and round like other ladies bb's. I was also a bit disappointed to see some big stretch marks either side of bb, so I will still have those crashing my bikini party :-(
It's also still very much a lefty bb.
I am definitely not in love with it yet. It does need cleaning up though as it's covered in that brown cleaning solution from surgery. Friday the sutures come out so fingers crossed it looks like a happier bb then! It's so numb around it too, feels really bizarre not to have any feeling in my bb what so ever :-/ most disconcerting! Anyway Realselfers here it is.....
You look amazing. I hope my recovery will be just as good. Thank you for sharing your journey. My tt in 2 days and I'm all over this site reading and it has helped a lot with my anxiety. You are a great inspiration. Thanks again.
Thanks Ani, it's great to know this review is helping other ladies with their TT journey. It's totally normal to feel anxious, I didn't sleep for 2 nights prior to my surgery and I worked 2 long days from 7.30am-9pm before the day of my surgery which kept my mind occupied! Good luck with your TT tomorrow, it will go great! I look forward to seeing you on the flat side! :-)
That will teach you for peeking at it;) I didn't look at mine until stitches were removed so I can't comment on what you are seeing now. The stitches will be holding it all a certain way though and as I said before the binder pulls it into strange contortions. My experience has been that the bb took longer to heal than the main incision and that when Took photos of it and magnified the pictures the deepest part of it looked yellow and fatty and it is only now that I am seeing where some of the stitching was-due to the scar now beginning to form (raised and red) this is weeks behind the main tt incision. I should really be massaging it now but I can't bring myself to-do it lol (strong ad version to bb's) Give it time.


So damned period FINALLY decided to show up yesterday 10 days late! Having surgery really messes with your cycle huh! I knew my back had been killing me but assumed it was the surgery (WRONG!) it was the dreaded Aunt Flo all along! Needless to say I was cramping up bad wearing the binder so it had to come off and some ibuprofen had to go down! I wore my spanx after that for most of the day which were nice and comfy. I had to take the kids to the dentist yesterday so I drove for the first time post surgery. It was fine and no bother at all. I took all 4 kids to pizzahut afterwards for a summer holidays treat and they were very good! I was a bit swollen when I got home so put the binder back on and laid down. I am loving the fact that usually I would look 6 months pregnant at this time of the month and I would gain 4lbs in water weight, but I look normal and flat now! Maybe slightly swollen on the lower belly but otherwise FLAT! I hope you are enjoying your day ladies. It's another hot day here! Day 12 pictures going up, excuse the horrible period pants (they are supposed to be that colour but they ugly!) then there's the spanx! :-)
I can't tell u enough how great u look!!! So happy for u
You too hun :-)

New CG arrived....too big! :-(

Morning Real selfers :-)
Well my new MACOM compression garment arrived today, I was hoping to get some relief from the horrible binder. The CG is lovely, feels so nice on my skin and looks pretty but....it's too big!!! :-( I bought it in a size small going by their sizing guide. Should have got an XS as it is almost gaping round the back and it's on the last set of hooks. The only place it's providing any compression is my lower abdomen due to being on my period and swollen! I've got another slightly different one coming in the same size and now going to have to send them both back :-(
Looking great!
You look so great! :)

Stitches out!

Hi RSers, well my stitches came out earlier and I just had my long awaited post surgery shower! Like have to apologise in advance because the pictures are not aesthetically pleasing at all. So my bb looks better than I thought it would (although it's still over to the left and quite noticeably so). It's supposed to be round but it's not very inny, so I might have to try and put a marble in it or something. The main scar looks absolutely awful. I was actually quite shocked at how bad the pleating was along it. I don't know why I didn't think there would be pleating but there is a whole bunch of it. One side is much worse than the other, with a much deeper pleat. I am so worried about this, I can't see it healing straight or flat. My stretchmarks also look quite big now, when they were quite small before. What made me the most upset was my daughter came in and saw it and she said how awful it looks and how it looked better before. :-( I know I have a lot of healing to do. Just feeling quite sad right now at the state of it.
I think it just needs more healing. You still have a lIttle swelling I think. Once your insides reattach from the tuck it will most likely even out and the playing will chill. I had parts on my csection scar and that was just in april and the pleats are gone and acsection isn't quit as evasive in my opinion as a tummy tuck so I would just give it some time. I think you look great :) some day stores will fill in the stretch marks pretty soon but I would try some of that Maderma stretchmark cream
I meant to say the pleating will chill
Thanks Candi, I know it's still very early days in the healing process. I am starting scar massage now so fingers crossed it helps smooth the pleats. Using bio-oil for this as it was recommended by the PS nurse. I have also been using it on the stretch marks. It's only my right hip I am worried about as there is a big deep pleat and a knobbly bunched bit on my hip :-/ only time will tell I guess.

Made it to two weeks PO!

So I made it 2 weeks out. Walking pretty straight now, evening time when I'm swollen I will walk a little more hunched but otherwise good. Really looking forward to being able to exercise again although will have to take it super easy to start with. Back to work next week. Actually looking forward to not sitting around most of the day but not looking forward to the swelling after working a long day shift. Started to massage my scar yesterday, have to do this daily with bio-oil according to PS nurse. Will start with the silicone tape next week hopefully when all the scabs have gone. Fingers crossed there is lots of improvement with the scar but not at all hopeful about my right hip! Will update again next week. Got this little number when I was out in town :-) won't get worn to the beach etc until next year but it was nice to have a preliminary look lol!
I just read this one lady's review that said castor oil helped her pleats go down! :)
Will have to try this, just waiting for a few more scabs to heal so I can properly massage it. At the moment I am just prodding around the scabs lol! So glamorous!
Did you talk to your doctor about the pleats?

3 weeks PO today :-)

Morning RSers!! Hope you are all well! :-)
This week seems to have flown by quite quickly. I had a few stiff days at the start of the week but It was from sitting around a lot! Went back to work yesterday and did a long shift (13.5 hours). I was absolutely fine, I was actually surprised how much better I felt for going to work!!! I am on my feet most of the day and this actually helped!!! I was a bit swollen when I got home but nothing too drastic (maybe being complacent here lol). I have to say I am feeling almost normal now to be honest. I could probably go for a small workout....tempting..lol! Maybe just the cross trainer??? I have been doing scar massage and applying silicone scar tape to the non scabby bits of the wound and my bb and I have noticed the difference in just a week! I am still pleated but they are working themselves out! :-) I took a few pics and will put the one of my right hip from last week next to the one of this week for comparison. Weight this morning was 8st 4lbs (116lbs). I love looking at my flat tummy, I keep peeking at it throughout the day as I can't believe it belongs to my. I used to be able to grab a whole roll of skin and now....I can't even pinch an inch soooo amaizing hehe! Hope you all have a good weekend!

Scar tape is awesome!

Sorry pics are sideways for some reason :-/
You look great! Very flat with a great hour glass. :)
Thank you! I am loving my new shape! X
You look amazing! You are healing so well! The scar tape is awesome! I saw one lady's blog that had used the scar tape and she barely had a scar at all. I think you will be very pleased with your results.

Weight dropping!

Hi RS'ers. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced quite a bit weight drop post surgery? I didn't expect it as I didn't have any lipo. I am not sure I like it to be honest. I am down to 8st 1lb (113lbs) which I haven't seen for 7 years. I am quite muscular and do lots of weight lifting so obviously being really small is not my goal! It seems to have come off quicker since going back to work. Don't know if that is co-incidental? I am eating pretty normally and not been gyming so thought it would be the other way around!

Scales :-(

You look amazing! I haven't been weighing myself but I think I will have a go tomorrow morning!! Wish me luck!
Congrats on your TT Reeci, you look gorgeous, doesn't matter what the scales say :-)
Looking great. I lost 15 lbs after surgery within 3 weeks and I love it :-).

Nearly 4 weeks PO!

Hi RS'ers, I am almost 4 weeks out now YAY! I am at work tomorrow so I thought I would update today. I am feeling great, going to have a little trial run back at the gym tonight, even if I don't achieve much I know I tried. Feeling pretty much back to normal bar the swelling on and off (usually evening time). Wondering if I will ever not be able to wear a CG or binder lol! I will post my right hip scar comparison again so you can see the progress. If you are at all worried about your scar, I urge you to buy scar tape! It's absolutely amaizing! What it has achieved in literally 12 days has been staggering! In another 4 weeks I am hopeful that the pleats will be totally gone! I hope you are enjoying your day lovelies!

Tummy and scar pic!

Wow looking real good there!
Thanks Ani, how are you doing? Hope you are recovering well! :-)
'm doing real good , feeling and walking better and better everyday. All i need is my last drain to be removed and i will be a happy camper. Tomorrow i have my appointment with my PS and really hoping that he will remove it. I too found one suture but I'm scared to pull it. How did you do it?

4.5 weeks PO!

Went back to gym on Monday And managed 20 mins on the cross trainer, some bicep curls, squats and rowing machine. Didn't push my luck because I didn't want to set myself back, but I felt great and didn't have any aches or pains the following day. Really struggling to be good with the no lifting rule but think I made a good enough compromise at the gym. Going to try running this evening and see how I go.
Just been doing some scar massage with bio-oil. Really impressed with how quickly the scar has healed. It has to be mostly down to the scar tape which I think is amaizing! Been finding some suture threads the past week and pulled a few out, there are a few that are too short to get hold of. They are not causing me any issues though. Just thought I would share my scar and bb today. I am a little swollen as I worked a nightshift last night.
Looking great!
Thanks hun :-)
Your scar looks great!

Excercise and swell hell!

Period came on Saturday morning just 24 days after the last period (damned thing) so avoided the gym until tonight. Thought I would try doing my normal boxercise class for the first time post surgery. OMG I am so swollen it's rediculous! I got through the class ok but I feel really unfit as I am usually boxing like a machine! Also in the gym before the class I did some 20KG back squats and had trouble lifting the bar bell back over my head (usually 20KG is like lifting a feather to me). I am used to back squatting and dead lifting 55-60KG's so I am feeling like a right weakling! I compromised by using the Smith machine (hate that thing) and did a 30KG back squat on that and my lower back felt quite sore. It didn't feel right at all! I know it will take time but didn't realise how much my fitness level would drop. I've signed up for a marathon relay at the beginning of October and now I am panicking I won't be able to do it (running around 10Km). What with working and kids etc I can't really commit lots of time to gymming and running :-/ really hoping things will improve quickly!
You look great! :)
You look so good I love your shape!! I hope my TT comes out as nice as yours! :)
Your results are beautiful!
Dr A.O.Groblaar

Although on a small island with little choice in surgeon, I am glad I had Dr. Groblaar. He is very down to earth and normal and his team provide a very personal experience and remember your name and face etc, it's really lovely! I did feel a little rushed during consults resulting in me not really getting an answer to questions I had, but he was very reassuring and I knew to trust his judgement having done thousands of tummy tucks over the years. So far I really love my results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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