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First le me say I am a 42 year old mother of two....

First le me say I am a 42 year old mother of two. My kids are 8 and 11 and I have worked HARD to keep myself in shape following my second pregnancy. I'm 5'7" with a weight range of 135-150 (yeah, the holidays are rough!) After YEARS of debate and discussion with my husband, TODAY is my consult for my tummy tuck! I'm nervous, excited, scared, you name it, I'm a bundle of emotions. I'm hoping for a quick turn around time so I don't back out and he (my husband) doesn't change his mind in providing the funding for my endeavor. I also want to be healed before our DRIVE from Philadelphia to the Florida Keys for spring break the end of March. I feel like I waited too long to pull the trigger, but now that I've pulled it I'm ready for full steam ahead! Wish me luck!!!

I had my consult yesterday and fell in love with...

I had my consult yesterday and fell in love with my doctor. He made me feel so comfortable and tolerated my husbands questions like a trooper. I will be getting a full TT with abdominal muscle repair. The repair scares me because he said my muscles are separated all the way up to my breast bone. YIKES! Looks like this mamma is gonna be out of commission for a while! I'm also a little freaked out about the drains. I really don't want to have to see that! I'm gonna have to prepare and prepare quick because I'm schedules for February 8th! I can't believe after all these years of wanting and waiting I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Stay tuned. I'm going to try and get some before pictures. Hope I don't beak the camera!

OK. SO the past two days I ha pent reading and...

OK. SO the past two days I ha pent reading and obsessing over my procedure. I looked a pictures until I thought I was going to throw up. I feel like I have the angel and devil on my shoulders. On the one side, the angel is saying, "it's not so ad. You look good. You're a hard worker and you KNOW that you don't want to stop exercising while you heal and fall behind in your black belt training." On the other shoulder is the devil "Think about how AWESOME you're gonna look when this is done. If you don't do it I'll kick your butt forever reminding you how you missed and opportunity to et what you really wanted. I'll force you to live your life facing every single day with the what ifs." UGH. I know it's not to going to be an easy recovery but I want this, so the devil, that vane jerk will win out. Here are my before pictures, the ones the angel took telling me that it's not so bad...
I love your story. I will make sure to keep up with any updates. I am also considering a TT. I had a breast lift with implants last year and am really happy. The only thing that has been driving me nuts is that my belly jiggles like pulverized jello when I walk while the rest of me is toned. Good luck!
I'm in Fort Washington and 2 days b4 you!!!! Good luck!!
Good luck! I'll be thinking of you!!!

This is such a roller coaster ride. Tomorrow is...

This is such a roller coaster ride. Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment. I can't wait. I feel like I'm missing information. You know, stuff like a shopping list of what I'm gonna need. It seems like everyone has such a grasp on what they need in terms of items and what to do as far as eating pre-op. AHHHHH! My head is spinning. I moved a phone next to my bed yesterday and started writing a list of food that I can keep in my room for snacks during the day. I plugged my heating pad in too so it'll be right there when I need it. Trying to prep mentally for myself and having everything in the house that my husband and kids are going to need while I rest and recuperate is tough. My boys eat EVERYTHING that is not nailed down. I hit Costco twice a week. No. They aren't going to die, but I don't want the rest of my family to notice I'm not doing what I normally do. In the meanwhile, come on Friday! This time next week, I'll be on the road to a new me. One that I have wanted for almost 9 years now. Thanks to my amazing husband for listening to me and allowing me to do this. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!
Wow, I'm so envious you get to have yours done so soon! Good luck!
good luck I am 2 weeks post op tt and boob lift, best thing I have ever done, money well spent xx

Just got home from my pre-op appointment. Got...

Just got home from my pre-op appointment. Got three prescriptions which have already been dropped off and can't wait. I'm the FIRST surgery on Friday. 7:30 in the morning with an arrival time of 6. He told me to bring my favorite bikini bottoms so he can try to get the scar below them. That would be AWESOME! I think even my doctor is excited for me! He said that I'll be fine (after 300 questions that were so random I'm surprised he kept up) and reassured me. I really needed that. I'm headed to the store for some Colace. He said two times a day starting tomorrow. No change in diet. I get to do my workouts right up through Thursday. That's awesome because it means I'll keep busy and won't have a lot of time to think/worry about the surgery. I think the worst part is I haven't said a word to my kids yet. My 11 year old wants me to take him shopping this weekend for a Valentine's Day present for his "girlfriend". Had to creatively work around that request and suggested tonight so "we can leave the weekend free for whatever dad may want to do." Nice save! So...I'm in the downward stretch. Super excited and ready to let the healing begin. It's like being a kid on Christmas Eve all over again. Christmas morning and the week leading up to New Years is going to be painful, but it's also going to be a new beginning for a new me!
You're gonna do great and look awesome!! :-) Good luck!!
Good luck. Hope all goes well. :)

So tomorrows my big day. I'm eerily calm. My bag...

So tomorrows my big day. I'm eerily calm. My bag is almost packed for my overnight stay, my house is as ready as its gonna get. Dry cleaning picked up, rides set for the boys and their activities tomorrow night. My only concern is the weather. They changed my local forecast and are calling for more snow now. Not as much as Boston, but I'm worried about traveling home on Saturday. I know I'll be in good hands. My hubby rocks! Hopefully those pain meds will keep me loopy enough to not care about coming home after the storm (they do a crappy job with the roads here). Headed to the hospital at 5am for a 5:30 check in. Here's wishing for an easy trip in! So...good luck to my fellow 8ers. Hope your pain is minimal and your recovery is quick. See you on the flat side!
Good Luck to you! Hope all goes smoothly. Safe travels. :)
Godd luck girlie!
Good luck! Your going to be fine....see you on the flat side :)

It's actually h ere. I'm leaving my house in ONE...

It's actually h ere. I'm leaving my house in ONE HOUR! Woke up a ball of nerves. I think it's just because I'm going into something unknown. Obviously I've never done this before. I've had surgery, but I never had a c-section so I'm a little freaked out about the pain that goes with disturbing my abdominal muscles. And the anesthesia. That's always a wild card. THat's the part that has my husband worried. He FINALLY confessed to that last night. I know I'm in good hands and that the medical staff will do their best to take care of me. Time to shower with my anti-bacterial soap and get a good close shave on my legs and armpits since it's probably going to be a while before this body sees water again (thanks to the drains). To my follower 8-ers, good luck and I'll see you on the flat side. I'll check in and try to get some pics up from my phone once everything settles down!

Woke up from anesthesia shivering so they wrapped...

Woke up from anesthesia shivering so they wrapped me up good. Pain in my upper abs from the muscle repair because I was torn all the way to my breast bone. All things considered I feel pretty good. My body seems to be adjusting and returning to normal since they check my vital signs hourly. Glad I opted to stay the night. It's nice to have the support of the nurses. Even if its just a smiling face when they walk in the door. Got a sneak peek at my tummy and started to cry. Don't think it's EVER been that flat. Can't wait to heal up some so I can play dress up in my closet. I'll try to update more. Nap time!
Yay! Happy for you. Get some rest. Cant wait to see pics. :)
Glad everythng went well!!
Good Luck!

Today is day four. Feeling much better. It's...

Today is day four. Feeling much better. It's easier to get up and move around. My lower back pain is getting better. Still wish I could stand up straight but that will come in time. My first post-op doctors appointment is Thursday and I'm hoping he takes my drains out. They are driving me crazy. All in all my recovery is going well. I'm taking it easy, nesting in my La-Z-Boy recliner. Grateful to have that to recover in. Still foggy from pain meds. Trying to get off those. Goal is to take them only at night for the next few days. Would like to remember what goes on in my house! Hope everyone that has had their surgery is feeling well and good luck to those of you who are waiting to reach the flat side!

Sorry about the sideways post-op pics. I did that...

Sorry about the sideways post-op pics. I did that posting from my phone.
Where in Pa is Jenkintown -I am near Harrisburg? Who was your Dr?
I'm outside of Philly. Used Dr. Charles Long.
Glad you are doing well! Hang in there, you look great already!

Day 5 PO for me and FINALLY a shower. Since I'm...

Day 5 PO for me and FINALLY a shower. Since I'm such a rebel, I waited for the hubby and kids to leave this morning and took to this monumental task alone. I decided to for-go my master bath shower and went to my sons bathroom. He has a hand-held shower head and no glass doors for me to fall into when I pass out (LOL!) I kept the water warm but not hot and started at my feet when I got wet. Washing my hair felt SOOOOO good but was a challenge since I'm not walking 100% upright yet. I washed top to bottom stopping at the tops of my knees. I needed to sit if I was going to task to the task of shaving my grows fast! I dried off and sat on the edge of the tub to shave. All-in-all it took me an hour from start to finish. Glad I did it though, I plan on taking another shower tomorrow since I have my post-op appointment. Don't want to go all smelly! Now I just hope my son doesn't slip and fall in the tub with the oil slick I undoubtably left behind!

This week has been a roller coaster. I spend my alone time second guessing my decision. I VOLUNTEERED for a major surgery. What the hell was I thinking?!?!?! Before the surgery I was like a hummingbird, flitting here and there, always in motion. Now, getting out of the recliner is my new workout. My hubby said last night that all this will be is a small blip on the radar screen. Right now it feels HUGE. I want to walk upright. My back hurts. I want to try on clothes, but I'm swollen so why get myself even more mad when nothing fits. Most of all I just want to feel like me again. I tried to prepare myself for the entire process, I think I went into this with rose colored glasses thinking that because I'm in good shape, my body would respond quickly and I'd be walking upright and sleeping in my own bed by now. Hopefully, tomorrow he takes my drains out. When I empty them each has measured less then 10, the right one was at 5 this morning. Maybe the removal of those bags and tubes will help my mood.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Hang in there, honey! The first few showers are simply exhausting. I am twelve weeks post op now and love showering and admiring my little belly! :) This too shall pass!
WOW, what a process just for a shower. ahh, the little everyday things we so take for granted are such a challenge. I keep telling myself all these things to try to prepare for when my time comes. I hope I can get through it the way I plan. Hang in there. Like everyone says, it will get better.
The first 2 weeks are the worse, once you get to 2 weeks you will turn another corner, I am 23 days post op TT and boob uplift and feel 100 times better, hang in there it won't last forever. xx

Just a quick update...had my drains removed at day...

Just a quick update...had my drains removed at day 6 PO. That was a major turning point, I felt like me again with nothing hanging off my body. Today is day 9 PO and I am still not walking upright, but my guess is just because everything is pulled so tight. I am swollen, especially around my incision, I actually measured myself (MAJOR MISTAKE) and am 3 inches bigger where my pants would sit at my waist. Did get on the scale and actually lost 4 pounds, so I'll take it. Back to the doc on Thursday for suture removal around the BB, can't wait for that! Happy healing!

Two weeks ago today at this very time I was being...

Two weeks ago today at this very time I was being wheeled into my recovery room after my tummy tuck. It's been a long road to get to here. I've been happy, I've been sad, I've cried. I've gone days sleeping in a recliner and without a shower. I've dropped my drains (and man oh man did that hurt). I've had those same drains ripped out from under my skin and stitches removed. I've walked like a little old lady and had pains in places that I don't even want to talk about. I underwent a MAJOR surgery. Who knew?!?!?!? Now, two weeks later I am STARTING to feel like myself again. Two weeks into this journey I'm finally wearing my skinny jeans and walking almost completely upright. I feel like I have my confidence back. I've stopped second guessing. I've started living today. Today I tried on my old bikinis to see which ones would make the cut. Today I'm wearing boots with heels and not my slippers. Today is my new beginning. No, the journey to today wasn't easy for me, but I got here after 6 years of waiting. I'm at the top of the mountain looking down at what my life was on one side (which wasn't too bad) and looking at where I'm going on the other side and there's no stopping this momma now! BRING IT ON!
I just noticed that you have the vertical incision below your BB. Were you expecting that? I have that as week, but not something I knew I would end up.
The vertical incision below my bb is my OLD BB! He warned me that I may end up that way. I didn't have enough skin to completely remove it and when he stretched my skin it grew longer. It's healing nicely and since the scab fell off it's not very noticeable. Hoping for the best. WIll post updated pictures on Friday which is my three week post op day.
Thank You so much for your post! I'm so happy for you and I got goosebumps reading your journey. I feel like those could be my words I have the exact same fears but I guess we all do. I sure hope after March 29 I can post positive results as well.

Three weeks PO today. Feeling better everyday....

Three weeks PO today. Feeling better everyday. Walking upright most of the time. Get tired easy and am usually ready for a nap around three. Still wearing my binder by day even though I don't have to. Sleeping in Spanxx at night. Hoping that will help me transition to all Spanxx when I get the nerve up. I'm healing well except for my bb. It seems like its still shrinking but the dr assures me it's not going to close up. My other concern is a small spot under my belly button. Not sure if you can see it in the pictures but it seems wrong to me. Hubby says dr us gonna have to fix it. Seriously?!?! Not really interested in anyone cutting, stitching, glueing or whatever to me for a while! We'll see. Check out my new pics. Can't wait to start scar therapy, but who am I kidding. I knew it was gonna be ugly! Glad my stretch marks that he couldn't get rid of have settled down and are becoming less noticeable. All in all I'm really happy. I look good in clothes and that's most of the battle. Hoping to rock my bikinis this year...
You look great =)

I read once and was told once on this sight that...

I read once and was told once on this sight that the three week time frame was a turning point. Man, was that statement correct! While I am still having trouble with a spot on my belly, I feel like I've come back from the great beyond!
This week saw me return to my workouts. OK, so it was only two, but that's two more then I did last week! I grew a set and left my binder in the dust! I was thinking that I was comfortable in it because it was tight and felt safe, but the freedom that comes with the right pair of Spanxx (or a cheaper alternative) is priceless. I'm back in my skinny jeans and that right there gives you confidence. People that have watched me go through this are telling me I look amazing and can see the difference in me, both mentally and physically. Three weeks is awesome.
Today is my 4 week PO day. It's funny, because we woke up to some unexpected snow this morning. It snowed the day of my surgery last month. Maybe Mother Nature just wanted me to see some snow before winter is over (LOL! I could care less, gimme some warm weather!). So, as I enter week four, I see that I am healing nicely. My swelling as been minimal. I've been a good girl. My scar is raised, but I guess that can be expected. My belly button DID NOT DISAPPEAR! It's funny the crap that goes through your head as you watch your body morph through the different stages of healing.
Advise for you "newbies" and those of you thinking about this. Do it and stay the course. Not everyday is easy, but it's worth it in the end. My confidence is at an all time high. Dressed, I look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The scar will fade and so will the negative memories. I'm looking forward to a year from now when I can look back at the road traveled and smile. I mean, who am I fooling, I know there's still going to be some bumps along the way. Heck, I still need to keep an eye on a spot under my belly button (see my pictures) that isn't healing properly. Dr. thinks its an internal stitch that won't let go. TIme will tell and if it doesn't heal on it's own, he can fix it, in his office. I love the way my husband looks at me and I love how he tells me to stand u p straight when I start to slouch in the evening. Good posture make this look even more awesome! So, peace out all my fellow TT'ers. I'll update at PO week 5 with my latest changes and personal thoughts. Off to get the kids. Half day of school!
Yes, you do look amazing!!! I can relate to everything you said. Today I am 5 weeks po and one happy girl. Self confidence is PRICELESS! Continued happy healing.
Thanks, KrisinAZ!!!
My daughter was near 9lbs and 20 inches long and my son was nearly 11 lbs and 22 inches long. I gained tons of weight and have went from a size 18 down to a 6. I loathe my stomach skin and reading your story is so moving to me. Thank you for sharing. I actually sobbed while reading your happy post op updates. I can't wait for my time to be right for a tummy tuck.

So it's been 8 weeks for me today. I'm happy to...

So it's been 8 weeks for me today. I'm happy to be reaching this milestone and looking forward to the next. It's been another roller coaster ride since my last update. I was SOOO excited to go on vacation to Florida until I went to put on my shorts from last summer. NOTHING, not one stitch of clothing came up over my thighs. Oh man, I was mad. I had to go two days before we were leaving and try to find new shorts. I bought one pair and a few long skirts. It's easy to hid a body parts you're not loving under a long skirt. Then I came to the realization that I would not be in a bikini because of the tiny slit in my skin under my bb. So. Now I'm a mess because I just spent close to $8,000 for a better body and I'm "fat" and can't show off my belly which looks awesome for the first time in a long time. Let's bring on the depression!

Traveling 24 hours in a car from Philadelphia to the Florida Keys is a bear. Sleeping in a car is no fun. Getting to the heat and humidity and blowing up like a blowfish sucks! Need I say more? Spent the week crying internally because of all the skinny girls at the pool rocking their bikinis and I'm in a tankini with a bubble butt. SIGH.

Long story short, I hit my "jumper weight". You know the number on the scale that makes you want to jump off the roof. I have gone back to working out with an 85-90% effort level. The sit-ups are the worst. Only did a TOTAL of 25 this week. Ran for the first time this week though. PAIN FREE. I was so afraid to try, but I can't live this way forever, it's time to regain control. All in all I am feeling better, but it's been hard. If I said it before, I'll say it again, this isn't only a huge adjustment for your body, this is a mental game as well. The highs are high. The lows are low. I wasn't prepared for the lows.

Things are looking up. I have my slit, hole, whatever you want to call it, fixed yesterday. (that's what the white line is in my pics) Back to the ps next week for suture removal. I will keep up my exercise and clean eating and be the bombshell I've always wanted to be. Now...who's with me???
Girl you're looking awesome! I just read ur 1st review looking at ur pics i would've thought u we're 21! Nice butt to match u better workit :) anyways the 12 inch scar sheet will cover ur scar u may need to stretch it so u can cut a piece for small scar under bb.
LOL! Georgia, I'm working it the best I can. 21! HA! I WISH! Gonna go order those scar sheets. Thanks!!
You look awesome!!!

So, here I am, pushing towards 13 weeks post op. ...

So, here I am, pushing towards 13 weeks post op. How do I feel? I feel great! How do I look? Dressed? Awesome. So happy. In my underwear? Eh. I've come to the conclusion that I won't be rocking the bikini this year. That T scar and vertical line are just too much for me to handle and put out in the open. They make me sad.

My weight has continued to be a struggle. Most of my shorts still don't fit. My thighs are swollen and there was no work done to them. Just the flabby skin cut off. I am a clean eater and love my exercise, so I am patiently waiting to get back to normal. Thank goodness it seems to be the year of the maxi skirt. It gives me the freedom to still look good even though I am still struggling to get the weight off. I should probably mention that I weigh LESS then I did the morning I went for surgery.

That brings me to the "geez, I wish I would have known or thought about that before I did this" comment. My body has totally changed. Before when I gained weight, it went to my middle. Now my weight is in my butt and thighs. I NEVER gave fat migration a thought. Not like I look big. People tell me all the time that I look amazing. That helps, but not fitting in my favorite shorts just sucks.

I'm still happy. I'm happy I made the decision to do this. The pain, depression and everything else that comes with a major surgery is worth the end results. And hey, I still have a LONG way to go before I can honestly say that I am completely healed. When they say give it 12 months they aren't kidding.

If you are considering doing this, do it. Don't be afraid. I was terrified the day of my surgery and even started to panic on the OR. Next thing I knew I was shivering in the recovery room. Every tear I have cried has been worth it. I'm wearing clothes that I would have never had the confidence to wear with the belly hanging off me. It's nice to not have to tuck it in the top of my jeans when I sit down. Come on, we've all done it!

Here's to getting a little help when genetics don't work your way. I'm thankful everyday for my wonderful husband who supported me enough to allow me to have such a major procedure that was totally elective. Here's to all the doctors that make women like us feel good and here's to all you women out there that shared their stories and gave me the courage to do the same!
How is the area below bb recovering are you ok with it now? I still don't like mine thinking of getting a tatoo!
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