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I had a neck lift a little over 3 weeks ago. The...

I had a neck lift a little over 3 weeks ago. The doctor I went to claims to be such a good doctor, he stinks.. I went into surgery and came out with 2 drains and a head wrap. The following day it seemed as if the left drain was not working. I was told to wait until day 2 to come in. I was completely bruised from the jaw line to the bottom of my breast. I had the drains removed and came home.and was to go back in a week. I had 2 tubular lumps on each side of my neck in the middle.. I was told to massage the right side. After this visit I started noticing 3 lines in the middle towards the top of my neck going up like a smile just on the right side which got worse each day, Looks like he pulled that side to tight. I kind of started to panic but waited until my 3 week visit. The doctor shrugged it off and tried to say that I had wrinkles that he just pulled them up. Also he said that my neck looks better than it did. It does not and he offered no solution or advice and did not offer to fix it. If it can be fixed. My skin is also very crepe. Also the right ear is dented and the earring in that ear does not sit properly. The left ear is attached to my face. Doctors please inform me what happened to my neck and ear and what if anything can be done to fix this. Thank You.


Thanks for sharing on RealSelf. I'm truly sorry you're not happy with your experience. If you'd like doctors to give you input, you should post a question with at least one photo in the doctor Q&A community here.

I do hope you'll use this space to keep us posted on how you're healing!

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Hi Angiemcc: I am not happy with this neck lift that took all my money. I will be posting pictures in about a week after my daughter comes and takes them. I will then post in the doctor section and hopefully they can tell me what the doctor did wrong and what I can do about it, if anything. I thought the doctors were going to reply to these comments as I am anxious to know what happened as soon as possible,
Oh on....I hope it gets better with time. I know that swelling does some weird things sometimes.  The neck is such a sensitive area.  I hope you're able to find the answers and solutions to your problems.
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Doctor ruined my neck and jawline

I am age 50. It is just over 6 weeks and my neck keeps getting worse on the right side. I have at least 9 wrinkles there now and still crepe. The center is now wrinkled with crepe skin also. My chin is lumpy and dented on the right side and has wrinkles and does not match the left side. I cannot believe that I paid a doctor all that money to make my neck look this bad. I cannot believe that he would even want this to be his work. Some kind of mistake was made during the surgery and now I am walking around like this. With an 86% satisfaction rating it is hard to believe that I would be in the 14% not satisfied and very messed up. I hope when I go back in a month that he offers to fix it at no charge or gives me my money back. I should not have to pay for a neck that looks like this!!


I am so happy for you, R1 that you found someone in Mexico to give you what you needed. It is such a difficult process to find a skilled doctor.
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Hi Lilt: How are you? I am not sure what happened but it is Floridakat52 that went to Mexico to have her surgeries done. I did go to the doctor yesterday and had a minor revision under local anesthesia. I will be updating my review over the next few days.
Who knows what I clicked! LOL. Glad to hear about the revision. I have an appt. next week for a consult. See how that goes. This will be my third consult. I just haven't taken the step. Please post photos of your revision.

Minor Revision under Local Anesthesia

I went to the doctor 4 days ago at exactly 18 weeks post op. He was to correct the chin area with liposuction under local anesthesia. He also tried to fix the right side by cutting off some skin and putting stitches behind the ear and possibly some in the scalp. He does not think that it will help the right side but did it anyway. He told me not to worry if the ear was not sitting properly as he will fix it. As of today the right ear is sitting 1/2 inch lower than the left. I am not going to worry about it because he will fix it. The right side still has some wrinkles and crepe skin that continues to the center of the neck. It looks a little better than the picture posted above, taken at 6 weeks post op. I have some bruising and a little swelling so hopefully this will straighten out soon. After that he did liposuction of the chin area which was filled with water. I am currently wearing a chin strap 24 hours a day, just taking it off for showers. The chin area looks better but still has more skin on the left side than the right. It will possibly straighten itself out after the swelling goes down. The entire procedure took about an hour. I was able to go to the doctor by myself and drive myself home because he used local anesthesia. I will post new pictures and re rate the doctor in about a month.


Maybe you should take him to court. I am going to do but only with Dr. taranto. I have seen his results on many of my friends and I know he is good. I am so sorry for your results. The pain and all the time and money you put into and some DRs have no concience. It is disgusting how sone take your money, do a bad job and do not care. I hope you will get it corrected.
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Hi ap515: Thanks so much. I am hoping when I go in next time he does it right but I doubt it. I am almost positive that he will not be fixing my ear that is a 1/2 inch lower on the right than left. I am sure that that really is not so hard to do. I am disgusted that it will be taking over 7 months to have my neck done. As for the money it took me years to save and to him it is pennies. I will know better next time.
Hello - My Dr. has been putting me off as well...I have an appt @ the end of next month & will likely have to get a revision. One side is higher than the other, the incision under my chin is crooked. Hopefully your situation has improved. Good luck
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Large Scar After 2nd Minor Revision

I went back in for a minor revision 12 days ago at 13 weeks post revision. I had excess skin under the chin mostly on the left side and some on the right. The doctor removed the excess skin under local anesthesia and now I have a large scar under my chin which I am very self conscious about. I was not aware at the time that I would have this large scar under my chin. If the neck lift was done properly the first time the excess skin would have been removed then and pulled in front or behind my ears, avoiding this large scar. So far this neck lift has taken 7 months. As I thought the doctor did not fix my ear that is a 1/2 inch lower on the right side than the left. This happened after the 1st revision when he lowered the skin on the right side and that lowered the position of the ear. It is very noticeable to me as I have matching earrings at the top of my ears that no longer match. I will update again in about 2 months.


I'm so glad that you were able to find another doctor to help you. Please keep us posted as you heal...sounds very promising so far. Good for you!!
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Hi Faith: I hope you are doing well. I have finally read your reviews and am sorry you had a terrible experience as well. I did not find another doctor to help me yet. I gave all my money to this doctor expecting great results. Three times and something bad happened each time. This large scar is visible and should not have been done on my face. Hope you get a great doctor to help you with the mistakes your doctor made.
I see. Hopefully the scar will fade enough so its not noticable. I'm so sorry for all your suffering. Thank you for your kind words.

Finally Finshed With This Doctor

I had a follow up appointment with the doctor in February, so he could see the damaging scar he made on my chin. They cancelled the appointment claiming a black out. They never called to reschedule. I am glad so that he can cause no further scarring or damage to this awful neck lift. To bad I did not get my money back. Will update with further information in about a month.


Wow, you know, I wish there could have been a better end to this story. I hope this heals and that the scar isn't too bad. I feel for you. I have had a difficult time myself...not the doctors fault, my saliva glands never went down due to illness.
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Hi Mylady: How are you? Your neck looks really nice. Quite an improvement. People are actually asking me what happened to my chin. It is so embarrassing. My neck does not look good either and is not an improvement. I should have just demanded my money back after the first goof. Instead now I have the neck, ear and chin problem. I will update further in another month.
Hi there! Thanks for thinking of me. I feel like I have learned so much since the journey began. Once the fat was stripped off the saliva glands showed up as big swelled glands that turned out to be an autoimmune disease. I knew they were swelled...but I looked froggish and my doc would never have put Sjogrens together with tht swelling, it was always sinus . Now I have wrinkling in the mid neck under the chin...I hope when the submandibular gland swelling does finally go away the neck doesn't look wrinkled and loose. One can pray and live one day at a time. I spent a lot of money on this surgery and I want it perfect. How are you feeling and doing? I have my friends on here...and you are one of the longest. Take care and stay happy.

Patient Reviews and Recommendations

On Dr. Bruce Genters website he has a list of patient reviews and recommendations from real self. On this list only 8 out of 11 from real self are listed, only the good ones. Mine was listed up until about April 26, 2014, but at the bottom, even though it was one of the newer ones. On or about April 26, 2014 I updated my review and suddenly the doctor name disappeared from my review showing as only Bruce. I then checked the doctor website and noticed my review had disappeared. One of the only reasons I am updating this review is to warn people about this doctor before they have problems like I have. I have been in contact with support about this problem and they have added the doctors full name to the review and it is still not showing up on his website. I do not think that the doctor should be able to advertise real self reviews and only show the review where his rating is good . He should have to show all or none.

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Surgery Center Room

Almost 1 year later and still ripped off $6,500. I believe that the reason my neck looks like this is because of the surgery center room used for my surgery. The surgery center room was so small that I was squeezed in diagonally. I was pushed in and the gurney was actually tilted. That was the only way it would fit. Every inch of the room was taken. At my head on the right side, not even an inch away, was the anesthesiologist and his equipment. The left side of the room only had enough room for the doctor to stand. He could only work from the left side of the room as the entire right side was taken by the anesthesiologist. Hence the messed up right side of my neck! I paid for a full neck lift with liposuction of the chin area. I now have a neck and chin that looks worse than before paid surgery. The entire neck lift should have been redone at no charge, or I should have received my money back. Instead he did 2 terrible minor revisions in his office. That was the cheapest way out for him. This has left me with a messed up neck, a right ear a 1/2 an inch lower than the left and very large, noticeable scar under my chin.


I am thinking of having my neck done - loose jowls - any recommendations as to how to avoid problems? Or, is it even worth it?
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How are you doing?
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Hi Mylady: I'm doing alight. How are you and your health? I hope your doing better and all is well now. R1
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