Never thought I'd tell the world my butt is flat....

Never thought I'd tell the world my butt is flat. Not that you couldn't see for yourself. My goal is to have a big ole butt like Kim K or Deelishis. That is my dream. In reality, I'll be happy to fill out jeans and be able to wear a wrap dress. I have wanted to get a BBL for several years. I am nervous and hope to get support & support others!

Starting diet today. Want the best results. The...

Starting diet today. Want the best results. The site is great but a little scary too. Some of the surgery stories are enough to make you say "no thanks"! I am curious about foam and boards and the correct compression garment. Thought I did my research until coming here! Thank you to all who have shared their journey. The info you have provided is priceless. I hope to motivate, inform and inspire others, as you all have done for me. Taking my iron and counting down. I have become obsessed with looking at booty and finding my wish pics. Trying to be realistic but - no pun intended - still dreaming of a donk ! Would REALLY like to hear from Dr DiMario patients. Know you are out there... Saw you in his office! lol

My husband thinks I should be getting paid to do...

My husband thinks I should be getting paid to do this research. lol He says all I do is look at asses. It's true. Looking at before pics trying to find my body type. I am nervous about the pain. I am nervous about the results. It's a lot of money and a lot of pain. Would hate not to end up with my ideal booty.

Good morning! I had a pre-op dream last night. Saw...

Good morning! I had a pre-op dream last night. Saw my results. Positive thinking? Crazy talk? Maybe both. I'm so excited. I should be focusing on Christmas. I can't though. Anyone Team DiMario?!?!?!???????! Let's talk.

My profile picture is of the great Stacey Dash...

My profile picture is of the great Stacey Dash when she did her King Magazine cover shoot. I am adding my wish pics. Will be adding my actual pics (ugh, the thought!) and my measurements when I am a week away from surgery. I am trying to get my date moved up. Will be using this site as a journal and hope to get know others.

Hello BBL family! Counting down. Taking my iron,...

Hello BBL family! Counting down. Taking my iron, Vitamin C and multi-vitamins. Have my pain meds & anti-biotic. Need to buy stomach board & epi foam. Can you recommend an online vendor?

We'll, taking my before pics resulted in major...

We'll, taking my before pics resulted in major depression. I know I am obese. I am 5'5" and weigh 203 pounds. Seeing the amount of fat rolls, stomach projection and flat butt is making me wonder if I should even spend this kind of money right now. Don't get me wrong. I want to look my best. I have tried every diet on the market. I have worked out. After multiple pregnancies, my body never bounced back. Dr. DiMario did state that I would need two procedures to obtain my desired results. Janet, who did my consultation feels that I am a good candidate for lipo with BBL. I do not feel confident that I am. If you have a similar body type and are post-op, please email me. I really want to feel good about this process.

Hello BBL family! So, I called Dr. Salama's office...

Hello BBL family! So, I called Dr. Salama's office to purchase the boards. They will only sell to their patients. Understandable. Now, I need another resource. He can't be the only doc using this method. Plus, there is a supplier, somewhere. Any help is appreciated.

Counting down!

Counting down!

Wanted to thank all of you for your bravery and...

Wanted to thank all of you for your bravery and honesty. It ain't easy posting before or after pics of yourself! Then, to take time to detail your BBL journey; The positive & negatives. The good, bad, indifferent, bruised, healed, swollen, firm, flat, saggy, beautiful, ugly & down right scary BBL stories that have inspired most and caused others to change surgeons. I will never know your faces but I know your story and feel like we are all kindred spirits! As I continue my journey, I only hope that I can be, to others, what you have all been to me.

The review by beautiful10 has me filled with so...

The review by beautiful10 has me filled with so many mixed emotions. SCARY. Her review was the best I've read. It is realistic and in your face. Must meditate on this a bit.

My surgery is coming up. I've paid in full for...

My surgery is coming up. I've paid in full for tumescent liposuction with BBL. After looking at hundreds of reviews, wondering if I should get TT? Please look at my before pics and advise. Thanks.

Those getting 1000cc / cheek, are you seeing...

Those getting 1000cc / cheek, are you seeing stretch marks months later?

Happy New Year BBL family. Well, my husband is...

Happy New Year BBL family. Well, my husband is over my BBL talk. He said I'm on this site looking at pics and reading reviews all day. lol There is truth to that. I can't help anyone understand how exciting this is for me. To finally do something for me. I can't sleep. It's like a kid at Christmas eve, except this lasts for weeks! lol Spoke with Dr 's office AGAIN over concerns I have with total cc's in each cheek and having a TT with the BBL. If you look at my before pics, you can see the large amount of fat on my body. I am 44% body fat. Not proud just facts. Thought the TT with lipo to back, flanks and arms and BBL in one shot would be best for me. Dr said no and that he would do the BBL an I would have to come back in 4 - 6 months for 2nd BBL then a TT 3 months later is I really wanted it. 3 surgeries in a year? This Dr only does tumescent liposuction so it is local anesthesia. They don't BBL & TT at same time because of recovery. Would like to convince him that I can handle all 3 at 1 time. Guess I have to trust his expertise. Because I'm so close to surgery I have more questions every hour. I'm in the mirror all the time trying to envision my post-op bod. It's exciting and crazy making. Can my skin hold the cc's? Will the Dr give me what I want or what they think is best? Will my tummy be flat enough with just lipo? Will the upper back fat be removed? I do 't want perfection. I want a better me. I wanna feel good and look good naked and in clothes. Do I wanna turn heads? Hell yea.

Did anyone rent a hospital bed for BBL recovery?

Did anyone rent a hospital bed for BBL recovery?

Was reading reviews, because this is my life now,...

Was reading reviews, because this is my life now, and my husband saw an after pic and was like that's a nice ass. He started talking about clothes an walking in the mall and such. Caught me off guard. Realized he has been putting thought into my post results. Has your marriage changed? Are you more flamboyant? Is he insecure or jealous? How does your new booty help or hinder your marriage? Thanks for answering.

BBL sisters, I need advice. The closed I get to...

BBL sisters, I need advice. The closed I get to surgery, the more distant my husband is being. I am weeks away and he seems angry and distant. Not seeking marital advice. Want to know if anyone else has experienced this?

Left message with Dr. DiMario's office. Waiting...

Left message with Dr. DiMario's office. Waiting for a reply. Sick. Need meds. The " Do Not Consume" list is so vast. Has anyone else taken meds so close to sx? Naturally, I would rather let the bug run it's course than jeopardize my BBL.

This journey has been an emotional rollercoaster. ...

This journey has been an emotional rollercoaster. Happy. Nervous. Scared. Hyped. Stressed. Excited. I'm all over the place. Thankful for Dr. DiMario and his staff. They are all patient and kind and understanding. I have been calling and asking zillions of questions. They will talk until there is clarity. No rushing. Today was one of those non-stop questions days. I met with the anesthesiologist and all I can say is that although I am anxious, I am overjoyed that he is handling my OR care. He went over my consent forms and told me what to expect before, during and after sx. He even gave tips on managing pain for the massages. I then met with the nurse to fill out more forms. She was the best. She showed me pics of the most recent BBL work and ensured that I would love my results. The funny thing was that, with each post-op pic I wanted to know how many cc's were used. lol Guess not too many patients are on Real Self .

I will be a BBL vet this time next week! My blood...

I will be a BBL vet this time next week! My blood work and medical clearance are completed. Hiring a health aide today. BBL with Dr. DiMario comes with 20 massages so they have to be booked today. Ordered my squeem. Also ordered a foldaway bed with memory foam. Our bed is too high. Plus, I do not want to stain our linens or mattress. Reviewing my favorite BBL reviews for shopping essentials. Goal is to finalize shopping tonight. Today's emotion is a blend of excited stress. On a brighter note, my husband and I are doing better. Thank you to my fellow BBL Sisters. Your advice and encouragement has been priceless.
Dr. Carmen DiMario

Word of mouth.

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Any updates?
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Hi ladies, Im from Delaware and im going crazy trying to look for a dr that is an expert in bbl. I was thinking Dr. Salama but his next available appt is in Jan, 2014!!! thats wayyy to far for me. Then I was thinking Dr. Perry but it is just too far away for me since its in FL. I have twins and I dont think I cant stay away for more than 4 days. :( I was thinking Dr. Dimario but I dont see many after pics. Have any of you ladies had the procedure done there? did you like the final results? Im getting so stressed out about this journey. Please help!!!!!
  • Reply Dr. Dimario And Dr. Craig Mezrow in Bala Cynwyd
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How was your procedure? I was waiting for you to post before i hit up dr. Dimario
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Still there? How'd it go?
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lol @ (183 hours) thats good..sounds like your all set to go..good luck
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lol can you tell that i'm excited? like a kid at christmas. thanks for the well wishes!
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My husband was not supportive at ALL at first. We had never been apart for more than a couple of days. He went from anger, to grudging acceptance, to understanding and finally being very helpful. Now, he is enjoying the new me! BB2 hit it right, he was afraid of change and of the unknown. It's important not to lose your cool, but to also stand your ground. I also had Dr. Markmann talk to him a couple of times to ease his worry. Doc M was very good about that.
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What a great idea! I will have Dr. DiMario talk to him. Honestly, he was not a part of the decision making process. I walked in the house one day and sprung it on him. I am now, realizing how disconnected he must feel. Also, disrespected.
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BBbg hit it just right. My husband did not support me in my decision but I have talked to him more since I have been here than when I am normally home. They are men and don't know how to handle the unknown. Too little info and too much info is not good. Most of the time they want to help but don't know what to do to help. As for your cold, I was sick the whole week before the surgery. The hometown nurse said I would have to cancel my surgery, he!! No! Anyway I took Tylenol cold and flu liquid and pill. Emergence, generic musinex, lots of lemon tea. I slept In the bed from 12/26-12/30. As long as you don't have a sore throat you will be ok.keep hydrated with electrolytes and not a lot of sugar drinks. Wipe you chest with vicks vapor rub. My surgery was on Wednesday. I stopped all meds by Monday. I was so anxious that I was going to have a coughing fit before surgery because I couldn't drink liquids. Good luck.
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BB2, got the Vicks and Tylenol Cold. Thanks for suggesting. MUST get rid of this. I want to thank you for your words. I think I have had a case of tmi. Talking about the positive and negative aspects of this procedure must be overwhelming. I have wanted to include him in this journey but it is my journey, not his. He can not relate.
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Try Alkaseltzer plus cold. The effervescent tabs that u drink. not the gelpills... I just got over a cold. It seems like everyone i know is sick this week
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LB~ I am married and I have not experienced my husband becoming distant yet. My date isn't unitl mid April. But speaking to people who have had selective surgery and reading these blogs, it seems he is probably just worried. You are having surgey and anethesia and any side effects/infections that could arise. He is probably worried. You mentioned in the beginning he seemed to be thinking of clothing etc. and displayed support. I suggest you talk with him about his feelings. Many people husbands, friends and family members may not understand our plight. They may believe it is senseless. Only we can relate to our desire for buttocks waist and body revisions and how it will affect our self esteem, lending to an overall better self. I think you should be as candid as you have been and continue to keep all lines of communication open. This is a stressful time for us as well as family members. Hope this helps
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BBBG Thank you. You are correct. People do not understand our plight. I do not doubt his love and I know he is worried. He has been really concerned, more so than I, about recovery and pain. It is almost like my choice is a reflection of him, in some odd, twisted fashion. Like, he married a woman he found attractive and confident and now this. He has said that I don't need to do the BBL. He can not comprehend or find reason. As you stated, it seems senseless. Who has elective surgery? It is challenging to express myself without becoming emotional. I want and need this for me. Not being able to fill out clothes - everything from panties to jeans. No matter how great I look from the front, when I turn to the side or you get a glimpse from the back, it's a wrap! Wide, pancake and square is not sexy. As an African-American woman, this is a horrible physical condition. Don't get me wrong. I do not take my health for granted. I know this is vanity based, but it does affect my mental state. Having no butt was no big deal, until I found out I could have one. In a flash, I became acutely aware of how self conscience I am. Squats, lunges, BBL exercise videos. Nothing works. And now, I have an opportunity to look and feel better about my overall appearance. I want my husband to look at ME and say DAMN! When we go out I want him to feel good knowing that I feel good. I know I'm all over the place. My thoughts are not together. Like I said, I'm emotional. I will talk with him to see where his mind is. I am only doing us a disservice by not addressing it. Your comments are helpful. Thank you very much.
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Hey Lady_Bootay. I am experiencing the same thing with my boyfriend being angry as my surgery date approaches. Check your inbox, I'm going to PM you.
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Hey BIHN! Not happy that you are experiencing a similar situation but happy we can work through it as BBL sisters. Checking my PM!
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Hey, I am scheduled on the 14th of Feb...yay!! :)
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So excited. Are you on here all the time. So much info plus the pics. Can't wait.
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Yes...everyday I catch up on this I'm very excited. I do a lot of research on this site plus on others. I'm also married too and my husband at first didn't agree but I talked to him and told him that this is what I want for myself and it will build up my confidents again. After having my son 11 months ago, my tummy just don't want to go away plus I lost my ass. So, I'm gonna do it regardless of what he thinks and he's paying for he is also a jealous type.
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i havent seen anybody mention it..i know girls that rent one for tt's..i'm getting a portable message table since you have to lay on your tummy for awhile..check out asianwithbooty and foundumissnewbooty they have ways to sleep with bbl
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Thanks for replying and for info. Considering table.
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yea it should be good..i found one on amazon for 65 bucks and then when im done with it ill see if somebody else whats to buy it from me
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Nice. Was looking at roll away beds too. Thought table might be too hard and too high up for me. Good idea on the resale.
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Is there anyone out there who can answer my questions?
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