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Like most of you I developed very young. I...

Like most of you I developed very young. I remember wearing my first bra the end of my 4th grade year. By the time my 8th grade year came around I was already a c/d bra. I was called many names and teased growing up. By my senior year in high school I was a size g and captain of my swim team. I always wanted my breasts smaller and was not allowed to try younger. College came and went got married. Six years ago I tried to get a reduction and was denied. I forgot about it until we changed insurances with my husbands company when a friend of mine in town told me I should try again because BCBS of tx was the same insurance she was approved for and did not have to jump through any hoops. January 11 of this year I made an appointment with the same ps. She sent my information off and by January 30th the predetermination of benefits was approved. I went on a cruise on February 9th and got back the 21st. to find out I was approved for surgery. My surgery is scheduled for May 3rd. I am a size J/K bra and looking forward to a c/d. I will post pics soon. I have been reading the site for a couple of weeks now keeping up on most of you who recently had theirs done and the ones that are about to go under. I find myself like everyone else a little nervous. I have no idea why this is not my first surgery. I do have one question though. I do not like the button down pj's that are out there. I have been looking at tube dresses for the recovery. I have one now that will fit my j/k breasts and was wondering if anyone thinks those will be to binding? Any help will be appreciated...

I have added new pics to my profile to show before...

I have added new pics to my profile to show before and after pics.

Just got done with my pre op. Surgery is scheduled...

Just got done with my pre op. Surgery is scheduled for the 3rd of May. I am looking at a 6 hour surgery with at least 2600 grams removed from each breast. I am looking for some zip up tops and tube dresses to wear after surgery. Here's to 13 days and counting.

Tomorrow, tomorrow I love you tomorrow.. You'll...

Tomorrow, tomorrow I love you tomorrow.. You'll only a day a way.. Woo Hoo. not that I am excited or anything. Surgery will be around 6hrs. I am getting things ready for tomorrow. I am sure as he night goes I will start to get nervous. Good luck to all of the other ladies out there who are getting this done.

I had to be at the hospital at 6am and surgery was...

I had to be at the hospital at 6am and surgery was at 745. Like most of you have said. WOW they were on fire when I woke up. Nothing like Morphine to cure the burn. Now to answer all of your burning questions. I had 6803.8 grams removed total 15 lbs.. wow.. Trust me I can feel it. So I started at a M and made it down to after swelling of course a d. That is fine by me. She said recovery will take a little longer then most of you guys. I lost a little over 1/2 liter of blood. I hope all of you who had surgery yesterday is recovering well. I am off to bed well my recliner that is. Try to update tomorrow.

Sorry it has been awhile ladies. Long story short....

Sorry it has been awhile ladies. Long story short. I lost my nipple and areola on my left breast. Also had the fat inside it rot and die. I have been going through her cutting out and packing my hole with bleach and saline soaked guaze. I have no feeling in that side so I don't feel her cutting away or poking around. Good news is I do not have an infection was tested a couple of weeks ago. I still get tired really fast. I am up walking a bit during the day but mostly when sitting in a recliner reclining so my body will spend the energy healing itself. Its funny how I can wake up with full energy at 8am and need a full nap by 1 or 2pm. This has not been an easy road but I would do it all over again. In a heart beat.

I posted some photos and they are very graphic but I wanted someone who might be facing the same fate to see what the process was for me. If you have a weak stomach I would suggest that you skip over them. When I change my dressings I will take another one and post it so you can see the difference of the ones posted. I hope every one is healing well and has not had any complications.
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How are you doing? I'm searching around and noticed you h haven't posted in awhile.i hope your opening has healed nicely..I would like to get your update and know how you are..
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Doing good. The have found 5 very large fat necrosis in my right breast. I will be having surgery to remove those plus so extra tissue in that breast. Surgery will be dec 27th. My left breast is finally closed no more packing. I am now going to have surgery on that one also next month. the breast healed like an inny belly button. She will have to go in and remove the fat necrosis from that breast also and make the inny more flat so they can make a nipple. It is looking like I will be getting a nipple grafting and tattooing around May or April. Will post some pictures as soon as I get a chance.
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I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time, however it is great news that you have no infection. I was concerned that there might be a problem when we did not hear from you. I really wish you all the best and hope with all my heart that your breast heals quickley without further complications. I am glad that you are still happy with the decision to have this done. Rest as much as you can and try to relax. It sounds like your PS is taking good care of you. I hope you recover very soon.

Wishing you all the best ~Zing~
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Oh, Anew, I'm so sorry that you have had such a long journey.

I am  thankful that you shared your experience with us and am relieved to hear that though it hasn't been the easy and comfortable experience that you hoped for, that you are still happy that you had the surgery.

I hope the remainder of your recovery goes smoothly and that you will soon be over all of the hurdles.

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Havent seen you on here so I wanted to check up on you. How has everything turn out so far. Hope you are doing well.
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I can't imagine losing 15 pounds of boobs!!! So glad your are happy with the outcome!! Praying for complete healing for you!! Rest and can't wait to hear more!!
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zing, I am a little under 3 weeks post op. I am still a little sore and have some of my staples still in. my incisions went from under both breast to under my shoulder blades. So over half of my body was cut open. I found out on my last check up I will loose my left areola and nipple. I have no feeling there. As a matter of fact I have blistering under the skin. I wont see her again until next Tuesday after memorial day. so as of right now I have a breast that is open where the areola and nipple should be. I keep it covered with some silver cream that is used for burn victims and is also good for the blistering. I have been out of the house twice now both times wore me out.

I hope everyone is recovering well. Even after everything I have been through I would do it again in a heart beat. I have some pictures of me before and after the surgery marked up. and some with me in clothes before and after Will post them as soon as I can.
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anewme3412, How are you doing ? I hope all is well.
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15 pounds?!! Are you kidding me!! That is amazing. You are going to feel so much better. Congrats!
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Saying a prayer for you and your surgeon.
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Hope everything has gone well today, Anew! Get plenty of rest and let us know how you are feeling when you feel up to it.
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Good Luck!  I think it is great that you will be staying overnight. That will take some post-op anxiety away for you and your husband. I will be thinking of you and anxious to hear how you are doing.
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Thanks. So excited I cant sleep yet im up playing solitare and watching bad tv hoping it will make me sleepy. LOL
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Thank you so much. getting everything ready. even packing my laptop for my husband. they are saying my surgery will be around 6hrs or so. I will be staying over night.
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I hope every think goes beautifuly for you tomorrow. Best of luck.
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Holy Buckets! 2600 grams? You will certainly notice that difference! Good luck. Can't wait to hear how you are doing. Please keep us updated!
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well i can tell you right now its not that painful at all.. the worst part for me was having those damn drains in..its so gross!. i was only on t3s and i was only on them for a couple days before i went to regular tylenol. then i was on that for about 4 days and then i was off everything. except the antibiotics of course. When i woke up i was in no pain at all. The hardest part of the day was going to the bathroom lol. I am positive you will do amazing. and I cant wait to see the results. It really does feel amazing to be so light up top!
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the thing they gave me to wear home fastened with velcro in the front. so it was easy to wear
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well i dont see the issue. as loong as you can slide it up from the bottom. because you arent supposed to put your hands and arms over your head. If you look at my pics you can see the pink thing they gave me to wear home. I was wearing it when i woke up in the hospital, and then just put my jacket over that to go home in. then i just wore that around the house...if i got cold i put my house coat on.
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yes I saw that.. uber cute. I dont know what I will be waking up with. but i could ask her on the pre-op and still have plenty of time to get something if it is not like what you are wearing. I am more anxious for this then I was going in having a hernia repair and intestines untangled in december 2010. I dont know why. lol
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hi anew, the hospital gave me a binding garment to wear. yo can see it in one of my pictures. Other than using that i use one of my moms bras. its my moms so its big enough around for the gauze to fit but it holds me in place at the same time. Maybe the hospital there will give you something to wear as well?
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What did you wear home? I really don't like hoodies and am having hard time finding a button up shirt that I know I will be comfortable in sleep and relaxing. but I have a tube dress that i use now for a swim cover up. it looks like this I thinking about ordering and wearing them around the house as I recover. any thoughts?
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Welcome to RealSelf, Anew!

While you will have some swelling after surgery, I would think that if it fits you now it should fit after surgery. Did your surgeon say how much tissue she planned to remove?

So glad you were able to get your approval this time around! Good luck!
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She did not say she wanted me to get an approval first. I am sure we will discuss it in the pre-op. I have a friend that was just as big as I am and she had 13lbs removed total and it was a 6hr surgery. I have already been told she assumes it will be at least be a 5hr surgery and have to put a catheter in me. She also said my incisions will go into my back.
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