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I had a total of 6 sessions in March/April 2012...

I had a total of 6 sessions in March/April 2012 and had my upper arms, inside of my thighs and back of my thighs done. I lost a total of 3" off each arm and 4" off each thigh. Everyone that says the procedure is unbearable, I really believe it depends on the doctor doing the procedure. Mine had extensive experience with the machine, even used it on herself on every area so she could see how it felt. She knew how to use the machine. I'm not saying it didn't hurt a little or wasn't uncomfortable at times but really I felt it was worth it. The doctor should have told you during the consultation that not everyone will see amazing results. It really depends on the elasticity in your skin and your body in general, not to mention I do really believe it depends on the technique the tech uses too. They also should have told you that you would need more than just a couple of treatments to see actual results. I'm actually going back next week April 2013 to buy another package to have my stomach and love handles done.


did you have to accompany the procedure with diet and excercise or did you carry on like normal? also how long did it take to lose those inches? how many sessions did you have before losing those inches? Thanks!
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At the time I was already exercising at the gym at least 3 times a week for 1.5 hours each time (cardio and strength training). I just continued that regimen during the treatments. I noticed inches lost by the 3rd treatment. I had a total of 8 treatments, one a week. So I started noticing a difference by the third week.
Inspiring! Thanks for your helpful post and information! Might have to go through with it next!
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