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Wonderful Result (Now 48 Hours Out) but Slight Concern with Internal Bleeding (See Photo) - Japan

After reading all the great reviews for miraDry on...

After reading all the great reviews for miraDry on this website, I decided to go for it myself. I have dealt with the embarrassment of excessive underarm sweating for as long as I can remember and have even tried the botox treatment once a few years ago. (Although the botox worked very well, it only lasted for 6 months and I didn't want to have to keep paying for it again and again.)

It has been 48 hours now since the treatment, and all I can say is "wow"! I just got back from a workplace New Year's event where I wore and suit and tie. Up until now my dress shirt would get completely soaked, but this time I barely sweated at all. Such a great feeling! I am looking forward to standing in front of the classroom (I am a university teacher) and not having to worry about how my dress shirts are always pitted. The fact that miraDry supposedly works as well as botox but is a permanent solution is such a plus! What a great advance in modern medicine!

The doctor and nurses warned me in advance, as well as after the procedure itself, of all the possible aftereffects. I think I have been lucky to have almost no pain and just a tiny bit of discomfort. My only concern has been the somewhat large amount of internal bleeding (see photo). It is not painful at all, but looks bad I admit. I just wanted to let people out there know that this does happen and not to be worried about it because I am sure that it will go away within 2-3 weeks. If anyone has had a similar experience, I would appreciate a comment below.

Anyway, to summarize... I highly recommend miraDry to those who are concerned about overly sweating. It has been available in Japan (where I now live) since last summer. Just be sure to check whether the cost involved covers one or two treatments. Mine unfortunately was only for one (with a 2nd treatment available at half cost), but I have a feeling that one is all I will need (fingers crossed!).

I will continue to make updates on this post at the 1-week and 1-month marks (which coincide with my doctor check-up visits).

I am now at the 10-day mark after the miraDry...

I am now at the 10-day mark after the miraDry procedure and I can say that I am still quite happy with the result. I went in for a 1-week check-up a few days ago and talked with the directly with the doctor who performed the procedure about my concern with pain in my right armpit. (Basically I feel quite a bit of pain when I try to put my arms up completely straight.) He said it is totally normally to have swelling (sometimes with more swelling on one side than the other) and that I should continue to use painkillers when necessary and to know that it should go away by the 1-month mark. I took him at his word and look forward to feeling better in the weeks ahead.
You will definitely have bruising and swelling for up to a month. Although your pictures looked a little bit worse than mine, I think it was still pretty normal (even though it does look shocking!). It is from the injections. I want to say I had close to 50 injections in each armpit. I had one procedure done in July of last year and the second procedure done in October. While the results have been quite substantial, the sweating has not gone away 100% for me, but odor is definitely gone, which is a HUGE bonus!! I use just a swipe or two of Tom's Deodorant every day now and that is all I need compared to all of the clinical strength deodorant I used to feel like I had to cake on my armpits to mask any type of odor (it never helped the sweating). Overall I have been pleased, but very surprised that where I had it done has never followed up to see how I have been doing after the procedure.
Hi babsinmichigan and thanks for your comments! I have also noticed a major improvement in body odor (I always had thought that the odor was just caused by the heavy sweating) and that is definitely a bonus as you pointed out. The bruising from the anesthesia injections has pretty much all disappeared now at the 3-week point, so I am really happy about that. My sweating has gone down by about 70-80% after this 1st treatment, which is what is typical according to the research studies that have been done. Here in Japan you only pay for one treatment at a time, so I am debating whether to get a 2nd one done. I think I will wait and see how I do here in the hot&humid summer months before I decide. Was the 2nd treatment any easier for you than the 1st? I assume the side effects are the same, but perhaps easier to deal with since you know what toe expect the 2nd time around? As for the doctor not following-up with you after your treatments, that is surprising indeed. You never went back in for 1-week or 1-month checkups? (That's what my doctor does.) Before the procedure, they did a "sweat test" that shows which areas sweat the most and by how much. Then at the 1-month point, they do the same test and compare it to the first one to show the patient the improvement. I'm so looking forward to that!
Did you swell pretty bad afterwards? Are you seeing impovement?

1-month update! --> Went in for my 1-month checkup...

1-month update! --> Went in for my 1-month checkup a few days ago. Almost all visual signs of the procedure, including the bumpiness and internal bleeding, are gone. Barely notice anything at all these days, except that my right side has been slower in healing than my left. But my doctor assured me that as the old saying goes, "time is the best medicine".

Also, at the one-month mark, my doctor always does an "iodine test" (not sure if this is even done in the U.S. and if so the correct name for it) and compares the results with the one that was conducted before the procedure was carried out. I was amazed to see the results. I definitely am sweating a lot less now than before the procedure and have the proof! (Of course I notice a big difference, but it's always cool to see actual medical proof of it!)

Overall I am very pleased with the results, and will wait to consider a second go at it until after I experience the hot and humid Japanese summer first.
Has the internal bleeding/bruising gone away completely now?
Yep, it sure has. And I am feeling great overall. The sweating has returned a little bit, but not nearly as much as before, so it's great! I think they tell you to expect anywhere from a 60-90% reduction, and in my case it was about 75% I think. I am pondering getting a 2nd follow-up procedure done now, which is not free here in Japan like it is in most places in the U.S. But I want to see how I survive the hot and humid summer first.
Kyoritsu biyou sekei gekka

They are the only clinic anywhere near where I live that provides the miraDry procedure (as far as I know).

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