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So I had vaser lipo today, was out the operating...

So I had vaser lipo today, was out the operating room at 1pm and was able to drive myself home. I know they say you shouldn't drive but I had no one to pick me up since my husband is away and mom lives i want to keep this a secret until I am healed. Also I live only 15 mins by car from the doctor's office.

Anyway, my story. I am 29 years old, no kids yet. 5ft 5" tall and apparently I now weigh 175 pounds which is crazy because I work out. I eat relatively good and I say that because I eat fast food at max once per week. My weight issue is probably related to extra muscles from training and not eating enough meals per day. I am so busy with my job, housework etc that I most days only eat two meals with breakfast being one and very small. I tend to have a big lunch since by the time I get home and make dinner it's too late to eat. I have not been to the gym in months, busy job, planning my wedding etc but I do a brazilian martial arts Capoeira 2 to 3 times per week.

why did i do lipo....even when I was 125 pounds I was pudgy around the waist. I will be getting back into my usual routine as soon as I can...workout/run in the morning 5:00AM, gym after work etc plus of course Capoeira. Doing this procedure I think will give me more push to get back into shape and maintain the flat belly I know I will have.

The procedure: Got to the docs at 9:30am met with the nurse, went over some details, signed consent forms etc. Doc came in and marked me up plus take pre-op photos. Procedure started maybe 11am or so, not sure I was checking the time then but I know I was out at about 1:10pm since i had to call by husband to see if his flight went well and he was home with his side of the family in Germany. So the procedure itself was great, I am so happy about it. The nurse set up the IV, cleaned the surgery area and gave some stuff that made my viens tingle...had a strange minty taste at the back of my throat. I went out but woke up when the vibrations started. I had to turn on my sides and was able to see the actual process of the icky fat coming out. Towards the end though I started feeling a slight pinch from metal tube thing (have no idea what its called) but I think the effects of the drugs were maybe wearing off.

I sat up on the operating table while the nurses padded the incisions with gauze and taped them on. They wrapped extra padding around my whole mid-section and walked me back to my room. I got in the room, drank water, ate ice as my throat was so dry. Set my alarm for 3:00pm and went to sleep. I woke up a couple times to turn over...i wanted to make sure all side were getting an opportunity to drain. Alarm went off but I didnt get up until 3:00 to call my sister. At that point I was still feeling great...slight dizziness if I turn around too fast but no pain, no drowsiness...just great. I made a few phone calls, had a snack and the nurse came in and helped me put the compression garment on.

I walked around a bit to test for dizziness but none. I was able to drive my self home and actuall pick take out on the way.

So now 5 hours post op, I feel great. Been home now for about 2 hours. Slightly dizzy but not really sleepy. I feel so good I am tempted to go for a walk but I will go have a nap now and get up later for my antibiotics.

I cant see my body yet as I am seriously wrapped up...looking like cushy teddy bear. I was advised to keep the wrapping on till in the morning when I can take a shower.

So far so good, I know some people say the pain doesnt come till the next day...we will see, hopefully the pain killers I have will do their job should I need them.

I will be post-op and day after surgery pics tomorrow.


Dr Gajraj also performs terminations of pregnancy's at his clinic in Ripon road. I will keep a very long story short. After terminating my pregnancy through the "Dr" in February this year I have had to have my fallopian tube removed as it was so badly damaged by his bogged job i developed a chronic infection that couldn't be treated by any amount of antibiotics. So i am now left with only one fallopian tube and a lot of scar tissue in that area. Before this operation i also had to under go a D&C to remove the remaining "fetal matter" that Dr Gajraj had left inside my womb. What he had done, is basically kill the fetus but left it inside of me to rot. I carried the dead fetus inside of me for over 14 weeks and developed septicemia, (blood poisoning) and became extremely ill and in an awful amount of pain. I will be very lucky if I can conceive in the future and at the moment until everything has healed I live everyday in mental and physical pain.

I understand that it is a totally different procedure from lipo, but had I know then what I know now about Gajraj I would never have let the man near me. I had to leave Jamaica and go to the states for treatment. The termination of my pregnancy was not a decision i made lightly and my mental anguish has been worsened by the pain and suffering i have gone through at the hands of this man. The doctors i saw were disgusted by the way he had butchered my reproductive organs. Can i also add, that if you are traveling from foreign to go to Jamaica be careful of the doctors you choose. After the termination the start of my problems was that i had developed an infection. I went back to the clinic where Gajraj had seen me only to be told he was out of the country, (how convenient) and so i saw another male doctor. When i told him i had had a termination a few days before, performed by Gajraj, and that i was now in a lot of pain with a raised temperature, he sent me to another place to have an ultrasound scan to check my womb. The woman who performed the scan completely missed the fact that I still had the fetus inside of me. As soon as I got to New York and had a scan it was clear I was carrying the fetus inside of me. How the sonograper missed this I will never know. She also tried to tell me I do not have polycystic ovaries after I advised her I had been diagnosed with the condition when I was 16 years old. Again, anyone in the medical profession especially a sonograper should know when an ovary is polycystic surely? Or if it is not visible to them, not to dismiss what the patient says and maybe suggest a blood test to find out if they do have it before they contradict previous medical diagnosis.

I am an American Jamaican. I was born Jamaican but have lived in the US best part of my life. I have a business and home in JA so to travel back to the US every time i get ill is not an option. I have a few horror stories to tell from Jamaican doctors. Including a treatment for anthrax poisoning for a simple ear infection and malaria treatment for a bladder infection, and these are from "up town" doctors. be carefull of the doctors you see, and stay far far away from Gajraj.
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Thanks for your letter i want to do couple of things on my body. Am planing a trip to jamaica soon, can you tell where in ja i can find a good cosmetic surgeon?
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I have never had surgery done but my friend did and a few more people I know. They go to Dr. Gajraj at Rippon Surgery Centre. I have seen the results and I must say he does a fantistic job. Good Luck!

Initially all seemed well...I had a great surgery...

Initially all seemed well...I had a great surgery (so I thought) and was even able to drive myself home. I had what I saw as great recovery, was back at work after the weekend and no one know (except those I told) about the surgery.

In the end though, I did not get much support from the doctor. He brushed aside my concerns with a "you just need a tummy tuck" response. GREAT!! As if I am going to give him more of my money for another surgery when the first one did nothing but leave me with scars. I have 2 ugly dark scars on my tummy and one on my back from the puncture holes...but not smaller tummy. Wasted money!!

I would suggest anybody wanting to do this procedure In Jamaica to just go to Florida in the US and get it done by a good doctor. I will cost more but hey, better safe than get what you pay for. Dr. Gajraj was cheap in comparison but not worth it.


I am very sorry to hear about your situation. I can't even imagine the horror you went through. I am Jamaican and from experience I am also terrified of performing certain procedures in this country. Too many incidents with people I know personally and my additional experience with Dr. Gajraj has not helped. I hope things are better for you now....for others I would suggest not using Dr. Gajraj for anything. Maybe he was good some time ago...but the man is not young anymore....if he was good before then that has changed and I wouldn't waste my time or money on him. Nothing but disappointment so far!
Hi O2BME2 I had (or was supposed to have) upper and lower abs including love handles. Ultimately...for me it was an absolute waste of money. I now have 3 very ugly scars from the procedure and no change in the look or feel of my tummy area. I have seen so many other vaser lipo results that are fantastic so I am very disappointed in the work performed by Dr. Gajraj as well as his attitude towards it. His response when I went back to see him at the 4 month mark was that I needed a tummy tuck. That is absurd...I have never had children and have no sagging skin...neither before nor after surgery so I don't know what exactly he would be tucking. I was very optimistic because I had no issues after surgery but I probably have a higher pain tolerance than others...maybe, so recovery was great. Results on the other hand was zero. Up to 7 months after, there was no change and I had not gained any weight since as I started P90x and body rocking a couple weeks after the actual surgery. I would recommend that anybody wanting to do this procedure either finds another doctor in JA or just fly to Florida for it. Don't waste your time or money with Dr. Gajrag....not worth it at all!!!
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