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CO2 Laser (At the Power of 8) for Forehead - Jakarta, Indonesia

Before I did the CO2 laser, I had done about 7...

Before I did the CO2 laser, I had done about 7 Erbium laser for my face, and while I had seen positive improvements on my cheeks, jaws, chin and nose, I was not happy with the result shown on my forehead because the doctors who did the Erbium laser intentionally did only one quick pass on my forehead because they feared that I would feel extra discomfort because the forehead skin is thinner.

So, I went to another doctor to get CO2 for my forehead only. Yes, the some skin clinics in Jakarta provide service for forehead only or one-cheek only. I like the idea of doing only forehead because I actually was scared of CO2 ablative laser.
Two weeks before the treatment, I had to apply some morning and night creams religiously (but I didn't).
After disapearing for two weeks, I went back to the clinic and they performed the standard procedure: They cleaned my face and applied the numbing cream before the treatment.

My doctor told me that she used only 'power of 8' instead of the usual 10 because I repeatedly told her that I was scared of CO2 laser.

During the procedure, I didn't feel anything. One hour afterward, my forehead felt really hot and really red and my forehead skin felt very dry, almost papery. I didn't wash my forehead for two days. On the 4th day, the old skin started to peel-off and in the 6th day, I had a new, fresh, tight, young, glowing skin. Gone were the loose skin and the lines on my forehead.
I was so happy with the result that I immediately had the same treatment for my left cheek, and had the same positive result. I will do the same on my right cheek after I do 5-sessions of dermaroller (another review on this).

Note: Don't be surprised on the price. Skin clinic is a new 'trend' in Jakarta in the past 10 years and many come in form of chain clinics employing young skin doctors (aged about 30 - 40), mostly female. The huge volume (there are about 500,000 women in the greater Jakarta area who can afford going to skin clinic regularly) that provides the economies of scale (hence drives the cost down), and there are more than 50 reputable clinics in the city that compete attract the women (hence drives the price down).


This is the picture of my left cheek before CO2.

Left cheek - about one week after CO2

Notice that while the scars are still there, they are less deep and the skin is smoother.
I have to compare it to today's condition (about 2 weeks after the procedure). Will take the picture tomorrow morning under natural light.
Natasha Skin Center

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Did you suppose to write $300 instead of 30? You have dermarolled 2 a half years, you think that's worth? Why don't you just let your skin for some time and see the effect dermaroller whether it is permanent or totally bs. I still see your scars but overall the skin tone is much better after CO2 laser. Did you doctor tell you dermaroller is better than CO2 laser? I heard laser gives more tiny holes so it can be said much better than conventional device like dermaroller?
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No, I meant USD30 (thirty) or 33 (in today's exchange rate) because it was only for the forehead area. They charge USD120 for the whole face. There are two other clinic chains that charge USD280 or USD660 per treatment, but I didn't go there. I have dermarolled for 12 times in the past 3 and a half years. They did help reduce the size of the scars though haven't eliminated it completely. The first 5 dermaroller, I did more than 3 years ago during a 4-month period and I stopped for more than 6 months. During the 6 months, I noticed that though the improvement was small, it is permanent. My doctor didn't tell me that dermaroller was better than CO2. It was quite the opposite, but I was scared of CO2 because of the severe negative results of some unsuccessful procedures reported by other writers on this site, especiall the SARS infection, hence I view dermaroller less risky. I did find that the 'volume' of my forehead skin has reduced significantly after the fractional CO2 that healed in just one week, and the result has been permanent. I plan to 'close' the chapter of all of these skin treatments in three month-time with one procedure of fractional CO2 for all of my facial skin, and afterthat I can enjoy showing off my youthful skin using only sun-block cream.
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I am glad for you. The texture on your cheeks(s) look much like that of my own. How long did it take for the redness and peeling to come to an end?
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I applied antibiotics cream (prescribed by the clinic) since day 1 until day 8. The peeling started on day 4 and completed on day 7. The redness was there for another week. However, notice that I am brown, hence I have some pigments to cover the redness. But there are some creams that can reduce blood capilaries to minimize the redness (it works like the Visine eye drop that minimizes red eye), just make sure that your doctor okeyed the cream and check when you are allowed to start applying it. My doctor didn't allow anything other than antibiotic cream on my skin for the first 8 days.
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Great to hear you had such awesome results you went back for more!! Did you take before and after pictures? 
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Specifically for the CO2 laser, I dont have the before picture. I have the 'before' picture from a long time ago before I undergone the series of treatment I have had for troubled skin: 11 sessions of dermaroller, 2 session of laser to get rid of some dark spots, several sessions of accupunture, and 8 sessions of erbium laser. As for the 'after' picture, I can take it next week because I just had a session of Erbium laser last week and my face is still a bit pinkish. But then they are not the picture of pure CO2. I will put up all pictures I have and put some notes on them.
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Thanks! Feel free to show the picture that shows the healing process (pinkish skin) as that paints a picture of the process. 

What do you think of the Dermaroller?  I have been considering buying one. 
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I have done 11 sessions of dermaroller since June 2011 until Dec 2013. I have read that the review on this website shows that some people haven't gotten the result expected and that the needles actually created new 'pores' on their skin. I don't find it to be my experience. When I did it on the first and second time, I didnt' see any improvement because the time space between them was only 3 weeks while our cells renew every 120 days (4 months). But I remember going to a cousin's wedding and my relatives were all surprised that I had 'better skin with less holes'. I guess because I see my skin every day and they see my skin after a long time, they noticed it. They were not familiar with dermaroller, so the thought I had done laser. From my experience, I conclude that it was the dermaroller sessions that have helped reduced the visibility of my acne scars. 8 sesions of Erbium laser did help, 1 session of CO2 also helps in fundamentally rejuvanating my skin. But I think it was dermaroller that helps reducing the depth of some scars. I think dermaroller was OK on me because I had oily skin. Hence, the needles do not create additional holes. But I wonder if it is applied on dry skin, it will create the holes some people are talking about. I also notice, as has been discussed by other people in this site, that the needle is effective only if it reaches the intended ares of our skin. So, if the hole is so deep that the holes can not reach the 'bottom' of the hole, that hole will not change at all. Luckily, I noticed that one of my doctors streched my skin so make the holes 'flat' when she ran the needle on the scars. Therefore, now when I had anything on my face, I would stretch my skin in anyway possible. For example, when the doctor was working on my left cheek, I would pull mouth to the right so that the skin on my left cheek is stretched. I have never done dermaroller at home myself because I understand that there are several sizes of the needle and the one for my acne scars is supposed to be the longest and hence has to be done by a doctor. Besides, I do not want the hassle of having to take care of the needles this way and that way and would rather leave it to the professional. I understand needles can be used only so often because it gets dumb/dull (not sharp) after several use (5-times is the standard number used by my clinics).
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Thanks for the information, I honestly didn't know that doctors did the dermaroller treatment, thought it was a home treatment. Very good information, this is perfect for a review - please add :) 

Enjoy your day!!

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