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I am 25 years old and I have been looking into...

I am 25 years old and I have been looking into this type of procedure for years now. I was a over-weight child and had done some major damage(stretch marks) to my body at a young age. At my heaviest (weighed) weight I was 203lbs. I am now (before the procedure) 145lbs and I had a quite few problem areas. It seemed no matter how much weight I lost or gained my flanks, upper and lower abdomen stayed the same.

What I was looking for is just to be able to wear jeans or a dress with no under-garments.

If you are looking into something like this for yourself I would highly recommend it. I have a higher tolerance for pain then most but there is some minor discomforts during the procedure. You are "put under" for the most part but the the only thing for me was the reality of the situation. Otherwise you are very relaxed, the most you will feel is some heavy pinching.

I actually found my surgeon through this website. I live in Savannah, GA now but I have lived in Rhode Island my whole life. How I found my doctor was a story from someone who had lived in MA and made her appointment in FL. I am still 2 hours away from Jacksonville and threw e-mails I made my appointment.

My doctor and her staff made it easy for me to make my appointment long distance. Everyone as a whole was very knowledgeable about the procedure, most of everyone already had either this procedure or one just like it. From not knowing anyone and only being in town for a couple of days they really made me feel comfortable, or what we would describe in the south as true southern hospitality.

It is exactly one week after my surgery and I couldn't be happier. Already I can see major changes, while I am still very swollen the major changes is in how my clothes fit. I am really looking forward to the final results and I cannot wait!

If anyone has any question please feel free to ask!

If anyone has any question please feel free to ask!

It has been a one year and a month since my...

It has been a one year and a month since my surgery. On surgery day I weighed about 147 pounds, I am 5'4. Today I am between 130-135 (those darn 5 pounds), I am still extremely happy with my decision. While I will never be perfect, I feel much more comfortable in my own skin.

I do have some areas in my mid-section and lower ab's I would like to have smoothed out, eventually. I recently moved back to the north-east and it would be difficult for me to make it back to Florida anytime soon.

When I look at these before photos, to me, I don't see myself anymore. I wonder why I did not do this sooner.
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Hi there...ty for posting so long after ur gives hope to us still waiting on long would u say it took for ur FINAL result...the whole year...I am 20 wks out and stillnot loving my stomach...dr will not do touch up till a full year...thanks...Sharon
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I would wait the full year, there may be things that bother you now, but will heal. The doctor knows where he/she worked on and has a better idea of what the final result will be. I don't think I really began to see the final result until about 9-11 months. It is hard to notice something that is so gradual, especially when it is yourself. This past summer May (5mo)- August (8mo), I was still very much bloated. After 3 weeks there were such major changes already, but where I am now I feel the extra few months made a difference. I myself have an area of concern and I had a few at first, but all seemed to have flattened out. I have read some horror stories of bumpiness, but I am smooth. I have lost weight after the surgery and try to stick to the gym as much as possible (I am in my second semester of college).
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THANKS R3D for getting back to me...dont get me wrong...if you look at my pic's I have come A LONG WAY....and happy I did it...just hate the protruding upper belly...I know the dr is right and he is so awesome and puts up with my and my emails and texts and has my best interest at heart...the waiting really care hun and thanks again!! Sharon
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I still have soreness here and there, but only if I push or hit it really hard. It's only been four months but I will update my photos within the next couple days. It's a big different from my last set.
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How long did the soreness last ?
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The major soreness lasted about a month, but past that you would have to really bump or hit the area fairly hard to get a pinch of pain. The medication really, reallllly helps.
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Correction: the majority of the soreness. I would say 2 weeks is the most pain you'll be in. I do have a high tolerance and everyone is very, very different. Keep that in mind.
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Thanks for letting me know . I'm having laser lipo of flanks and hips on march 22. I had a tummy tuck July 2012, very happy wit the results but I needed some work on this area. I don't want to be away from working out for too long like with my tummy tuck. Did you go back to exercising after 2 weeks or waited longer . Thanks a lot :)
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I was operated on my upper & lower abdomen, flanks/ lower back.
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Thanks for your review and experience. I am considering getting lipo myself and just want to know which areas your were operated on.
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I do want to say one more thing... To be honest there was some pain at the end but looking back on it now, it was nothing. It was just some heavy pinching just once and let's face it... no one likes to be pinched! My advice is just to watch it the procedure being done maybe on YouTube, just be prepared. That may be the reason I was a little freaked out but hey, nothing wrong with preparing for it.

When I got to the hotel room 40 minutes away I passed out for 4 hours, I woke up and then was in some pain. I tried to change my bandaids on my own but was very unsuccessful. The reason being is I had just lost a lot of fluids and I am sure my body wasn't too happy. I had the shakes and I was very weak, which is 100% normal. I also did not eat before hand and didn't want to take the pain meds before I ate, nothing worse then getting sick after! I felt fine after I ate and took my medication.

O2BME2: your small, you'll be fine!

I think the reason why I felt anything at all is because of the length and the areas I had worked on. They took out almost 2 liters of fat and fluids.
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Hi R3D,

I too read the review to which you refer, and it makes me really want to take the plunge... I grew up quite thin, but I've always had a "spare tire", which looked quite unnatural and did not fit my petite frame. Clothes never fit, I have been endlessly frustrated with finding clothes that were neither too big nor too tight. Diet and exercise only makes me smaller, but does not change the proportions by much. I have a few questions:

1) In your personal opinion, what is the deciding factor in pricing, because I noticed that your price was $1400 more than the other reviewer?

2) Does Dr. Kirk offer local anesthesia as an alternative to being "put under"?

3) How's the healing process coming along and you go about your daily duties soon after?

I know I can probably contact the Dr. herself, and I will, but I really wanted to get an impression from an actual patient.

Thanks so much for your review.
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I had some of the problems your talking about. I worked out from 18-21 years of age and I got smaller but my stomach stayed the same. I had to buy smaller jeans to fit my legs and I had to buy them stretchy to be able to button them. My arms, legs and chest are small compared to my mid-section.

To anwser your questions:

1. The price really was not a factor for me... The big thing really is to find a doctor, when I searched Dr. Kirk I found nothing but good things.

I actually had went to another consultation around Boston, MA and they quoted me $8,900 for the same procedure. I was going to just "do it" and make the appointment but I had some tickets falling around the date they offered and I decided to call them back which was 2 years ago now. I am so glad I waited, I really didn't get a good vibe from the doctor(not to mention didn't have the money).

2. I should have explained this one better. What they actually did was gave me two Zanax to calm me down, I watched some TV, we took some pictures and they gave me a shot. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it but it basicly "put me under". I was in and out a little bit but I don't remember anything in the beginging but laying down and then turning over. They do inject your areas with a local anesthesia which I believe is lidocaine, all that does is numb the areas. It works well just because I am still a little numb at the bottom of my stomach and back.

3. I don't think I am normal on this one, I drove to my appointment at the office the next morning and after I drove home which was about 2 and half hours away. When I got home I went to Walmart and maybe out to eat. I guess the best way to explain it is how the doctor explained it to me... The first 3 days are the hardest and after that you will be very guarded with your movements. It's 11 days after as of right now and I am at work cleaning hotel rooms at almost normal. The only thing I can't do is run, it creates too much movement and it becomes uncomfortable.

How I contacted her was through their website which is I spoke with a very nice woman named Debbie, I sent in some pictures and then they gave me a estimate.

I just wanted to add that if your anything like me, which is to just to wait and put things off forever... If this is something you want then go for it! We're not getting any younger! :)

If you have anymore questions again, please feel free to ask.
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I really appreciate that you went into depth with your review. We live in the same area; and I was also looking to go to J'ville for my procedure.

Did she give you the same 8-12 weeks recovery time? I have a very busy schedule and taking more than 3 days off is kind of unrealistic.

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I don't think you need more than 3 days. I heal very quickly and went out to Wal-Mart later that night. I also drove back to Savannah the next morning. The medication provided is enough to ease the discomfort. I don't not know why I have put off post new photos, but let me see if I can upload some from my phone.
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