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My tummy tuck surgery is scheduled for November...

My tummy tuck surgery is scheduled for November 21st. I've been working a crazy amount of overtime. I've got so much to do but, it's probably a good thing, it helps keeps me from worrying so much. I have read every inch of this forum. If someone has suggested an item for being helpful, I've got it. Brand new recliner and so forth. This forum has been utterly helpful.

I'm 51 years old, mother of three sons and one daughter. My daughter is the youngest, 15 years old. She is going to be my helper during recovery. My husband works out of state and is unable to come home. I have really mixed emotions about that. When I'm scared, I wish he was going to be here. He's certainly my rock. However, A part of me wants to spare the newness of the incision and surprise him with my new look.

I kind of have been doing a make-over that's long over due. On August 29th, I had a facelift, neck lift, brow lift, and breast which went from a "B" to a "D". This surgery was a long 10.5 hours. I will post before and after pictures just in case someone would like to see. Recovery from that was rather challenging,returned to work full time in 2 weeks. I work in a male environment so, I shared with most of them about the facelift. I knew that I wouldn't be capable of hiding the bruising,etc. It worked out great. They were so preoccupied with face and neck bruising. They didn't take notice of the breast implants. Mostly due to uniform but, I was glad to get to be discreet about that part. lol.

I just one day came up with this idea to do this make-over. Ran it by my husband and he was supportive. My main concern was I'm 7 years older than him and just want to stay looking his age. Being fifty hit me like a ton of bricks. I looked tired and angry. Face surgeries were awesome and my neck was just incredible. So I'm hoping that this tummy tuck goes as well. My P.S's work was completely amazing. I just jump into midlife crisis and I haven't got down to my ideal weight. My P.S isn't concerned, he said that the results should be fine. I didn't want to think to long about all of this or I wouldn't have spent the money on myself. I still have a hard time with that. My current weight is 180, yuck! :(

I adore my husband, turning 50 was almost about letting myself go. I decided to try for "HOT" one more time so, wish me luck! I am really looking forward to chatting and getting advice from all of you.

Im almost 11 weeks think thats huge in the healing.Ive really had it good in the pain department only time i really feel muscle repair is laughing hard coughing sneezing thank god i havent had a cold are you in compression garment thats like a girdle or binder. ive wore compression garment since i woke from surgery myra taled me into ordering binder that wraps around and velcros i added it to my girdle tight is the trick to excercing keeping the muscles secured tightly brought huge comfort in doing my elliptical.and no pain after wards you may nned little more healing time . its hard not to push forwards i know.My PS explained girdle binder helps with conturing giving the best flatest results dont plan to give mine up anytime soon. the best thing i did was make peace with mine actually ordered new one its on its way Ilove corresponding with people going through this. I dont feel so alone . I sat here typed and hour and half trying to update my forum and it just disappeared dang was just getting ready to take new pics for my forum guess ill have to type again
Thanks so much, I know I don't know what I would have done without this site, I feel as if I know everyone on this site, and have a personal connection with them..can't wait to see your new pics...
Im absoulutely doing fabulous .back to working out have an ellipitcal at my house struggling with the eating thing havent gained any weight but certainly would love to lose weight.still wearing girdle goes under my breast and to my thighs goes to my knees myra helped me find a wrap around binder that so helps sometimes like with shorts i wear only the binder and feel naked lol.going to update my forum and add some pics just stay busy around the house. thanks so much how are you doing degee
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