6 wks post TT/MR/Lipo

I had breast augmentation 3 years ago and was...

I had breast augmentation 3 years ago and was completely satisfied so that made my decision to go back for my tummy tuck and lipo. Wonderful caring staff, answered any and all questions and provided much insight on what to expect.

Had surgery June 16, should have drains removed tomorrow! I'm anxious to see more of the results!

I go in for my post op appt today, hoping to get...

I go in for my post op appt today, hoping to get the drains removed and finally see my new tummy after the twins! Will post after photos with measurements.

Yahoo!!!  A new tummy...were you able to see it yet!   I am anxious to see your pics.

So how are you feeling?


I never posted my before measurements...here they...

I never posted my before measurements...here they are (this is embarrassing!):
height- 5'4"
weight- 198 :(
waist- 33"
hips- 45"
thighs- 27" (both right and left)

I had full tummy tuck June 16; lipo to the flanks and inner and outer thighs. Doc said he removed just under 5 liters! That's 2.2 lbs per liter, almost 11 lbs! WOW!!
Doctor says 4-8 weeks for 90% of swelling to subside. I'm finding that patience is harder than anything!

My twins turned a year old and it was so very hard...

My twins turned a year old and it was so very hard not to be able to pick them up and play! I was able to get on the floor and had hugs galore from them both though which helped! Each day is getting better!
hello congrats on your flat tummy you look great ya the swelling is very difficult to deal with i am 4 wks and still swollen it does take about 2 months for most of it to go away but the way these days go by it will be here before you know it.
so hang in there my dear:)
I'll be honest, I almost cried I was so upset when they took the bandages off! I guess I expected to be immediately healed and was not expecting the swelling. The doctor was so nice, told me this is the worst it will ever be and I'll be the 'shrinking woman' over the next few weeks. Will post picks later this afternoon!
Yeah ...dont get down and out, its been such a freakin whirl wind of emotions for me as well, and Im like the most impatient person in the world, and I have a kid...go figure :) hahahah I feel like you feel though, I jus cant wait for the swelling to go down and for me to STAND UP STRAIGHT>..shyyyt! Thats the part that is starting to piss me off cause by the end of the day my back is all annoyed. Keep in touch though would love to see how you progress on your recovery! WOOOT! YOu will look fabulouso lickity split :) Oh and Im gonna stop takin pics at the end of the day...note to self LOL those are jus too damn depressing!

So for all those who live in Florida or a hot...

So for all those who live in Florida or a hot humid place....a tummy tuck in June is probably not the best idea! Swelling, with compression garment and ab binder....ridiculously hot!!

12 days post op...just had final stitches around...

12 days post op...just had final stitches around my belly button removed! Been off pain meds for over 4 days now, just tylenol. Was back to work 8 days post op....I recommend taking a bit more time off. I've been really sore especially in the thighs after the lipo, thought I was turning into barney! My entire outer thighs were so bruised and a deep purple color!

Loving my results more each day! I was really disappointed initially; swollen, sore bruised, but now I am amazed, my self confidence is growing with every day. I think the reality of it hit me when I saw my butt imprint on the sofa...it was sooooooo much smaller and defined! Maybe that's a weird way to realize it, but it helped me! Waiting to post more recent pics till some more of the swelling subsides, but I'm unfortunately unable to take it easy!

Best wishes to all of you going in for surgery soon! The new you will be epic!
just checked out your pics! looking good

Two weeks post op! Major question though....any...

Two weeks post op! Major question though....any ladies out there who had lipo to the flanks notice a lack of symmetry in your hips? Just hoping its the swelling going down differently and not permanent!
Hey, you are looking great! I had my surgery only a day before you. I am noticing a big difference all the time now with how much better I feel. I dont think your right hip bulges. I think you will see everything look better and better with the weeks going by. Hope your feeling great, happy healing..:-)
Thanks! This swelling is terrible! I walk out my front door and feel like a balloon with this heat!
awesome results!

I am 3.5 weeks post op, the lipo suction I think...

I am 3.5 weeks post op, the lipo suction I think did the most damage/swelling. Bruising is almost visibly gone, but I still feel terribly sore in all the areas. My tummy is looking better and better, my thighs, I know will always be big, but the shape they are taking is much more appealing!

Doc said I can lift my twins!!! One at a time of course, they're 25 lbs (1 yr), was told to use my legs more when lifting and not to jerk. Makes sense. Also got the go ahead to do light aerobics, but after walking around work all day I find I am too exhausted to go for a walk! I wish I could have taken more time off...

Well starting day of surgery:
Wt- 198 / now 185
Waist- 33/ now 32
Hips- 45/ now 44
Each thigh- 27/ now 25
Still a lot of swelling, but I think the measurements help me...I know its about the improved contours, but I still measure...

Boy do i feel you on the heat and swelling! I had surgery the day before you as well. You were looking great 1 week PO, your scar so neat and clean. Would love to see a updated photo swell and all =) Take care!

6 weeks post op...feeling good. Still get very...

6 weeks post op...feeling good. Still get very swollen at the end of the day. Had some stitches work themselves out of the incision, just now healing up.

Updated pictures
Your results look awesome...Congrats on your new tummy!
The arms feel like the thighs. Sore and swollen. Again, I wouldnt get them done at the same time if I could do it over. I got a transverse arm lift, so the scar (incision)is in the arm pit. Its a bit strange as it is constantly pulling on the skin. My doctor says it will take awhile for the swelling to go down. I keep telling myself that at least I got them all over with, but it makes the recovery process harder, because walking is an ordeal, as is moving my arms around. I try to massage my thighs, but they are numb to the touch so it feels strange. Thanks for the advice!
It helps me to massage my thighs in the morning, works out some of the stiffness. Nothing we can do about this ridiculous heat though!

Read that you had your arms done too...how did that go? I was considering it too, but I opted to have more from my thighs removed. I think it was week 5 that my legs weren't terribly sore...
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