Vaser Lipo on Stomach and Love Handles -- Very Happy So Far - Jacksonville, FL

I did my research and based on that and many...

I did my research and based on that and many positive reviews I read about my doctor, I chose her, and flew from MA to FL for the procedure. (of course the costs are drastically cheaper in FL)

I had vaser lipo done on my stomach and love handles for $2500. I weighed about 150 pounds, I'm 5'6", and just was never able to exercise off those 2 areas, especially the love handles.

The lipo itself didn't hurt, for the most part, but the wand that injects the local anesthesia does! They poke that in and out of your skin prob 200 times to get you all numbed. The pain wasn't THAT bad, but I was definitely uncomfortable.

The procedure took about 1.5 hours. She took her time to make sure sides were even, stopped to look several times, which made me feel good.

(i had a bad experience with regular liposuction 7 years ago. i got my love handles done. did no real research, went with the cheapest doctor i could find. BAD IDEA. he did a horrible job, there were NO results in the end, it was incredibly painful, as if he didn't even numb it. the guy was like 100 yrs old, and only did the front side.) the doctor i had this time, did the front and back of my love handles, which was the proper way to do it, since love handles go around your entire body.

The doctor and every single staff member in FL were incredibly helpful and friendly! I would recommend them anyway. The office building itself was georgeous inside and out too, haha.

Right now it is 2 days after surgery, so I can't see the final results now of course, but I can definitely see a change already, and that it will come out good! I am in pain every time i stand from sitting or laying, and just walking around in general. Riding in cars hurts, every time a bump is hit. I am dreading the plane ride back to MA in 2 days because of that. I am wearing my compression garment now, and for the next 6 weeks, which is so itchy! The fabric causes it to be itchy. Every time I take it off to wash it or to shower, so far, i've gotton really light headed and felt like I had to throw up, and needed to sit down. Just make sure you have water handy when taking it off, as your body is not used to being free to breath when being compressed for days, let alone weeks.

As far as my scars...she did 5 incisions (3 in the front, 2 on the back). All of which would be under the bikini line, and tiny. They are suppose to heal over time. The middle one on my front side bled for 2 full days.

She took out 900 cc of fat from my body, which is more than i thought would be taken out, but that is equivalent to about 2 pounds of fat. (dosent sound like a lot of weight, but it is a lot considering it is all taken out from love handles and my stomach.)

I'm excited to see actual results, which they say takes 6 months to see full results, but its noticeable in 3 months. I can keep you all updated if you want with photos as I progress.

This is part of the procedure. I have to have three massages on the affected areas. I'm not looking forward to it. It hurts like hell to touch anything. Maybe they'll give me more vicodin? :0). Kidding, that stuff knocks me out.

Get a new camera! I want to see. I'm going to take pictures on Thursday. I figure it is a week out....and then, start taking pictures each week to see the difference.
So, how are you doing? How does yours look? I know I'm asking you 9000, just tell me to stop already. I'm excited to see what mine will look like, once I get all unbloated.
no i love all the questions, and im interested to see your results too. we are only a week apart in surgery.

my love handles are the only part thats been sore since day 1. my stomach hurts, but only when i touch it.

i can see that my love handles are pretty much gone already, just a lil swelling there still. but im very happy with those, as that was what i was most self conscious about. my stomach looks the same exact size as it did, but i know thats normal, and thats its fluid and swollen.

i walked around today for about a minute without the garment on, and that hurt! i think my body is just used to wearing it, but my stomach and love handles hurt without wearing it so much. i actually usually wear spanks under the garment, to make it extra tight. no matter how tight i make the garment, i always feel its not tight enough, as it stretches out during the day.

i still have marker on my body from where my doctor drew the lines all over me.

i really wanted to get my inner thighs done too, at the same time, but i couldn't do it financially. but if i ever do, i'd def go back to the same doctor in florida. lol, i actually laid on the beach 4 days after surgery to tan. 87 degrees out. (of course i had the garment on, so i wasn't tanning my stomach and i didnt go in the ocean past my knees)but it was fun.

I think i will have great results, even tho it is...

I think i will have great results, even tho it is only 11 days after surgery right now. my flanks are gone, still a tad swelled, but they are gone! my stomach is smaller, but looks fat to me, but its definitely still filled with fluid and hard bruises inside. wish i had money to get my inner thighs done at the same time!

Actually, i am kinda nervous that my results will...

actually, i am kinda nervous that my results will have me look too skinny. if i have great results after only 11 days, it worries me.

Hi who was ur doctor?
Was wondering if you are still satisfied with the results of your Vaser Lipo? I was actually considering her office for a cellulaze procedure b/c this Dr. is the only one certified to do cellulaze in Jax.. Thanx for any info.
Yes, I am still happy. I think if I stick to more of a gym regimen I will be better off. I am about 130-135 in those photos. I can't seem to keep in the 125-130 range. The only thing I would fix is the extra fat around my belly button. I look wide from the front, but that's just my shape. There is little to no fat on my lower back or hips, its unfortunately my shape. I was also around 230lbs at my heaviest, so I have extra skin. The doctor is very sweet. When you think of a plastic surgeon you would tend to think they would be very full of themselves. Dr. Kirk is quite the opposite, she has actually had vaser herself. She knew from personally experience which was a huge comfort. Just set up an appointment for a consultation, you are likely to find someone in the office who has some experience with the procedure you are looking to get done. I did my consultation through e-mail given that I lived a few hours away, so that to is an option if you do not want to rush into things.
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