Vaser Lipo on Stomach and Love Handles -- Very Happy So Far - Jacksonville, FL

I did my research and based on that and many...

I did my research and based on that and many positive reviews I read about my doctor, I chose her, and flew from MA to FL for the procedure. (of course the costs are drastically cheaper in FL)

I had vaser lipo done on my stomach and love handles for $2500. I weighed about 150 pounds, I'm 5'6", and just was never able to exercise off those 2 areas, especially the love handles.

The lipo itself didn't hurt, for the most part, but the wand that injects the local anesthesia does! They poke that in and out of your skin prob 200 times to get you all numbed. The pain wasn't THAT bad, but I was definitely uncomfortable.

The procedure took about 1.5 hours. She took her time to make sure sides were even, stopped to look several times, which made me feel good.

(i had a bad experience with regular liposuction 7 years ago. i got my love handles done. did no real research, went with the cheapest doctor i could find. BAD IDEA. he did a horrible job, there were NO results in the end, it was incredibly painful, as if he didn't even numb it. the guy was like 100 yrs old, and only did the front side.) the doctor i had this time, did the front and back of my love handles, which was the proper way to do it, since love handles go around your entire body.

The doctor and every single staff member in FL were incredibly helpful and friendly! I would recommend them anyway. The office building itself was georgeous inside and out too, haha.

Right now it is 2 days after surgery, so I can't see the final results now of course, but I can definitely see a change already, and that it will come out good! I am in pain every time i stand from sitting or laying, and just walking around in general. Riding in cars hurts, every time a bump is hit. I am dreading the plane ride back to MA in 2 days because of that. I am wearing my compression garment now, and for the next 6 weeks, which is so itchy! The fabric causes it to be itchy. Every time I take it off to wash it or to shower, so far, i've gotton really light headed and felt like I had to throw up, and needed to sit down. Just make sure you have water handy when taking it off, as your body is not used to being free to breath when being compressed for days, let alone weeks.

As far as my scars...she did 5 incisions (3 in the front, 2 on the back). All of which would be under the bikini line, and tiny. They are suppose to heal over time. The middle one on my front side bled for 2 full days.

She took out 900 cc of fat from my body, which is more than i thought would be taken out, but that is equivalent to about 2 pounds of fat. (dosent sound like a lot of weight, but it is a lot considering it is all taken out from love handles and my stomach.)

I'm excited to see actual results, which they say takes 6 months to see full results, but its noticeable in 3 months. I can keep you all updated if you want with photos as I progress.

I think i will have great results, even tho it is...

I think i will have great results, even tho it is only 11 days after surgery right now. my flanks are gone, still a tad swelled, but they are gone! my stomach is smaller, but looks fat to me, but its definitely still filled with fluid and hard bruises inside. wish i had money to get my inner thighs done at the same time!

Actually, i am kinda nervous that my results will...

actually, i am kinda nervous that my results will have me look too skinny. if i have great results after only 11 days, it worries me.

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Hi who was ur doctor?
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Was wondering if you are still satisfied with the results of your Vaser Lipo? I was actually considering her office for a cellulaze procedure b/c this Dr. is the only one certified to do cellulaze in Jax.. Thanx for any info.
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Yes, I am still happy. I think if I stick to more of a gym regimen I will be better off. I am about 130-135 in those photos. I can't seem to keep in the 125-130 range. The only thing I would fix is the extra fat around my belly button. I look wide from the front, but that's just my shape. There is little to no fat on my lower back or hips, its unfortunately my shape. I was also around 230lbs at my heaviest, so I have extra skin. The doctor is very sweet. When you think of a plastic surgeon you would tend to think they would be very full of themselves. Dr. Kirk is quite the opposite, she has actually had vaser herself. She knew from personally experience which was a huge comfort. Just set up an appointment for a consultation, you are likely to find someone in the office who has some experience with the procedure you are looking to get done. I did my consultation through e-mail given that I lived a few hours away, so that to is an option if you do not want to rush into things.
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Darn cell phone. I received an email saying I received a comment on my post, not the right post. Click my name, it should refer you to my profile and check it out.
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R3D, yeah, I was asking Methuen2848 if she was still happy with her results from Dr. Kirk. It's good to know that someone else is pleased with this Dr's work as well. Thank you for your response.
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I believe this is Dr Kirk. My experience was different though. I was charged 3400 for less work with no satisfactory results. I'm scheduled to have it redone this april.
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Please tell me your Dr. in Jacksonville, Florida. I have had 3 children and have finally been able to do something for me. Please tell?
  • Reply, Dr. Kirk. I believe the information is above as well.
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Sorry, cell phone error. Click on my name and go to my profile. I went to dr. Kirk.
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hi guys, ive been looking to do procedure too. Can you give me the Dr's name and number? thanks
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you look great and who was your doctor
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I just wanted to say thank you for your review! After I read this months ago I knew this was the doctor for me, I am now 7 days post op with Dr. Kirk. I am just waiting for the website to okay my review, I have the all my pictures waiting and ready to upload. :)
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I live in Savannah, GA now. Where in FL did you go? It's only two hours from where I live. Who was your doctor and how did you get a appointment without them seeing you? I have been looking into this for years but I just have been so nervous to actually do it. I've been to one consult but he was a little old and made me uncomfortable.
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Mcoppo, I am from RI I did look into one doctor around Boston. For love handles and upper and lower abdommen he quoted me $8900. I am 5'5 and 140 pounds.
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How was the plane ride?? I get mine done in Florida Friday. From Dallas.
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I love it. My tummy is so flat now, I cannot wait until it is all resolved. I'm very excited. Once I'm not pmsing, I will post pictures. I look great in clothes too, except for my jeans, I had the muffin top. Here is the deal though, you will be in massive pain and need to have help with the kids for at least 3 days. Be prepared. You will look and feel amazing. I've lost two dress sizes.
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Hi MelissaV1,

Thanks for responding to my emails. It is so great to be able to talk to someone my age and with children! I am on the fence about doing it. I have been doing a ton of research but am mostly afraid of fat coming back in different areas. I work out regularly and always watch what I eat but certainly do have my cheat days. I look fine if not thin in clothing. For me it is how I look nude that I hate and in a bathing suit. So then I begin to think about who is seeing me nude (me and my husband)and how often am I in a bathing suit - so who cares, right? Are the changes drastic enough that you are happy you did it? It was VASER right? My husband does not want me to do it. He thinks it is a slippery slope and that I will want to have a face lift next! So unless it made me look fabulous I think he would have an, "I told you so" reaction. Thanks for all your time.
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Mcoppo, I had the massages done. They really are not that painful (at least mine wasn't) or intense. It is supposed to be a lymphatic massage...and they try to push the fluid to your lymph nodes. I had three done, one right after, one a week later, and one a month later. I will say the one a week later, killed much more than the one right after. She laid on top of my abdomen with her elbow. Sucked.
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Hi. Did any of you have the massaging performed the day after the procedure? The doctor in Boston requires that I come back the next day and then everyday for a week to have an intense massage of the area that was lipo'd. They said it wasn't optional and part of the overall expense. The nurse said it is very uncomfortable but helps to eliminate swelling and lumpiness and is important for the area to heal properly. It doesn't sound like any of you had that done. Can you tell why or why not?Thanks!
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ARe you still sore? My flanks still hurt.
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yes, my love handles hurt still. i can't run, because they jiggle, and hurt wicked bad. they are still numb to the touch in areas too.
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Hey I had mine done last week! And i saw results Day 1, but now its Day 5 and I feel i'm back to normal. Do u think its because I swelled up. Its making me nervous and very disappointed. How are your results so far?

I also feel week when i take off the garments.

he took out only 1 liter from my abdomen(upper and lower) flanks and thighs. Im about 125 lbs.

I just wondered if people experienced the same thing as I did, where they see results but now i'm back to having my tummy.
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yea they say after the first few weeks you will look the exact same you did before.... its all swelling and bruising inside though. don't worry :) you have a while to heal.

when i took the garment off, i always felt very weak, and had to sit down. so only take it off to shower.

if you got 1 liter out, that is 2.2 pounds of fat, that sounds right because i had 2.5 pounds taken out in my love handles and lower stomach.

just be patient., i'm still very much healing and im 2 months post-op.
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But i looked great the first two days, and now im back to normal. Does this mean I will go back to what I looked like the first two days? Because I loved those results.

And it sucks walking without the garment,It feels like something is pulling me down. I dont know how long this feeling will last.

Pain is minor, But it hurts as I touch it.
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It takes awhile to feel normal. AT 3 weeks, I was still bloated and in a lot of pain. I'm at 5 weeks now and I'm working out (intense workouts). Still numb in some areas like Methuen said.

Methuen, how are you doing? I'm going to post more pics soon. The swelling is going down. I go for my 5 week post op tomorrow.
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