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Hi everyone I just couldn't help but join in...

Hi everyone I just couldn't help but join in the chat. I have made the decision to have tummy tuck after having my daughter 4 years ago. I had preeclampsia so I gained about sixty pounds lost most of it gained it back because of stress and bc (I'm assuming ) But that's not the problem. The problem is I have met with 2 plastic surgeons 1 I really
like feel real comfortable with he is a guy the other is a woman I don't feel as comfortable with and she has only been doing it 4 years and really young but she is cheaper. What Should I do


Fl sunshine, good luck on your surgery, I
bet you are nervous. I'm Sooooo excited
for you. I'm thinking of scheduling my
surgery for April 28 but nothing definite
yet. Keep me posted please on everything
pain, length of surgery etc
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Hi Mrs D, I am scheduled for the procedure on 03/11/11 AND I am in the Jacksonville FL area! I'm super excited but getting a little nervous as the time draws near. Good Luck!!!
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Fl sunshine I hope your surgery went well today. I wanted to know who performed your surgery and to inform everyone I finally booked an official date April 25 @ 8
I'm very excited.
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