Surgery June 28th. So Happy to Have my Flat Tummy Back!

Hello Everyone! I just turned 46 im 5' 6" weight...

Hello Everyone! I just turned 46 im 5' 6" weight 150pds. and have had some big changes to my life over the past couple years. My nest is empty and I recently lost 40 pounds.
I have been considering having a tummy tuck for many many years 10 years actually.
I have asked doctors over the years and they would say loose some weight first then consider it. So here I am 40 pounds lighter and ready for my flat tummy back. Over the years due to 2 C sections and 2 surgeries to remove ovarian cysts my tummy looks awful.
I guess I'm having my mid life crisis! LOL
I have went for my conceltations and choose my doctor. My pre-op is Tuesday 6-19 and I have all these thoughts running threw my head. Even though I have had 4 surgeries in the past I still have worries.
Thanks to everyone's posts I'm feeling a little better and more knowledgable about what to expect.
Best wishes to everyone and fast recoveries.

Rest up. Sounds like you are doing really good. ((((hugs))))
Today is a new day! Doctors appt. this morning went well my tubes are out. My waist was measured 2 inches off couldn't believe it. The nurse is amazed how little swelling I have so she fitted me for my girdle. We tryed to put it on at the office but my sides where I had lipo are still really tender. So when I got home I iced them for a little bit and hubby massaged them gently. It's funny but not for sure how many ladies out there have husbands that giving a massage is like trying to unscrew a stuck jar lid. OUCH Kept saying gently honey like this. So then hubby helped me fit into my new girdle and he says Damn you look sexy. Lol so here I am getting ready for a nap because I'm pooped from all the days excitement and I feel like a wrapped mummy. Lol. Posting new pics later and I can change my status to worth it. Fast healing and hugs to all. We all need hugs and special get well wishes threw times like these.
Today is a little better not much pain at all just a little where my left tube is in. I'm dealing with gas pains I feel like I'm about to blow up. Everytime I have ever had surgery I dealt with them I'm usually a very active person and never sit very long so I guess that is why I developed them. Like allot of others I have had no BM yet and had to take something so hopefully it kicks in soon. Maybe then I won't be so blotted. Was wondering from others how long does it usually take to stand up straight I'm almost straight but still hunch over a bit. I'm thinking how silly I will look walking into the doctors office tomorrow all hunched over. I know it sounds silly and I don't really care. My husband tells me who cares what people say they are all there for some type of the same reason.
I guess all the drugs are working out of my system today I'm having my ups and lows. I started crying earlier and don't know why I just felt an overwhelming need to cry.
Day to day getting better that's what matters and then I can change my status to Worth It.
Happy healing to all.

Ok I just realized I was putting my updates down...

Ok I just realized I was putting my updates down below and not here. Silly me post-op day 6 and doing good so far got my tubes out yesterday and got fitted for a girdle but oh boy when the nurse tryed to help me put it on my lipo areas where still sore. So no dice. I did put it on later though and Lol felt like a wrapped up mummy. Today's a new day found myself outside this morning watering flowers being that I'm one of those that can't sit still very long. Get to take my first shower today and going to try and put my mummy suit on. Sorry about my candied words I'm usually a joking person but it's all in good fun. Good spirits are needed in times when you feel a little down and your routine is so off you feel lost. So I weighed myself and I lost two pounds the PS said I would not be able to eat as much as before and he is right. I usually eat a cup of cereal in the morning and I couldn't I felt it pressing on my rib cage before I finished so I quit eating. That's going to help out allot knowing that because I still wanted to lose 10 more pounds. Woohoo. Time to move getting stiff sitting here. Happy Healing to all and Hugs!
Hi Holygirl 74 yes the crying spell was weird for me too. All the medications do it to us probably. Its been awhile since my last surgery but when I think back I remember doing that too. It takes awhile for the anastasia to get out of my system. I'm still hunched over slightly too I asked my nurse yesterday how long does it usually take and she said depends on the person. She told me to gradually reach upward little by little each day and it helped her. I find when I wake up I'm the straightest then I gradually hunch over strange I guess subcontiously I think about it to much. Lol Happy healing to you. Oh good grief just had a coughing spell. Ohohoh WOW :/
....I will add the reaching up to my little stretching...lets not talking about coughing..sometimes my sinus drain in my throat...that happened 3 nights in a I'm keeping cough drops on the side of my chair...ttyl
Hi FeeRob Congrats on your surgery! The only thing that really bothers me is my lipo areas still sore. I got to take my first shower this morning and tried to put the girdle on again but ohh nooo still hurts like crazy on my lipo so im just keeping my Binder on. Hopefully next couple days it will feel better and I will try again. Im sure the PS will share pics with you. They usually have them on a card and im sure they can email them to you too. That would make it easier to just download straight to your profile. Thanks and Happy recuperating to you too.

One week today since my surgery and feeling great....

One week today since my surgery and feeling great. I sleep like a baby last night but some how slid down straight in the bed and this morning trying to get up ha. Let's just say I looked like that little boy on the Christmas Story saying I Can't get up I Can't get up! Lol It didn't hurt just grabbed my knee pulled myself upward. Finished my Meds today no more antibiotics which is a little worrying to me guess I shouldn't be. Because everything looks good and no pain. Didnt even take Tylenol this morning. I go back to my PS next Tuesday for my check up. No swelling this morning and when I stepped on the scale this morning I said Yeappiee down 4pds. My PS said I wouldn't be able to eat as much because tightening my muscles. He was right I tried to eat a BBQ sandwich and maybe 1/4 cup of beans with salad but got half way done. I can't sit still very long I think I'm going to sweep the floors with a broom no vacuum yet. Happy healing to all! So glad I did this for myself.

Today is 8 days post-op and feeling really good. I...

Today is 8 days post-op and feeling really good. I decided to go grocery shopping yesterday for just a bit and found an extra binder for a back up. Fit really good and decided to wear it to bed and wash my other one but oh boy woke at 4:30 this morning and sore as can be. It had to go so I checked my original one I wore home from the PS and it was still a little damp so I did with out and went back to sleep. Woke up this morning and felt great no swelling at all not for sure if that made the difference but I think I will take a break from the binder when resting. My scar is healing up nice but I noticed I have one spot that is puffed up. Just the size of a small pea. It is a stretch mark that was not glued in position very well so Tuesday will ask my PS what he can do. I know I have read on here that it is taboo not to weigh your self for awhile after surgery but I was so use to it before its a habit. I weighed 151 last Thursday my surgery day and of this morning I'm 146.6 woohoo. My goal weight is to get to 135 a mid weight for my height which is considered a very healthy weight. I'm not one of those that likes thin thin. Wishing everyone a very pleasant and Pain free day.
I think I will probably end up with a collection too. Lol I'm kind of short waisted the one the PS gave me is a really nice one that would have cost me like $80 online but it's to long and goes half way up my Boobs. The one I found yesterday was at Walmart and I like it but it has that really thick threading that feels like fishing line and it sticks me in some places to mention. Lol don't need anything pricking me there if you get what I mean. Lol
I will check out the Spanx I hear allot of people say they like them best of all. Thanks for the info. My hubby just took me out to eat and now I'm relaxing because my belly is a little swollen under my belly button. I think my PS really made me tight because if I even swell a little I feel like I'm gonna explode below my belly button. Strange! Still slightly hunched over I think I just need not be afraid and stand up straight but it feels really tight. Did yours feel like that? Thanks for the complement. Its funny and I'm not sure if I'm the only one but this may sound strange. I for so many years have just wanted to wear a pair of regular cute undies where my belly didnt hang over the top of them. Probably to much TMI but I usually say what's on my mind. Lol Have a great day!
Hi Real:) the compression garment was my biggest challenge. I have a whole collection of them. Im still using a CG and now in spanx Assets I found on amazon. Finally the right one for me. Happy healing! :) your tummy looks awesome!!

Post-op day 9 still feeling good. My lipo areas...

Post-op day 9 still feeling good. My lipo areas are itching this morning which is a good sign everything is healing up. Woke up last night to my CG really tight so I was swelling up for some reason. To be ecspected from reading allot of others posts it might have been the Chicken BLT sandwich I ate at RTuesdays. High in salt I'm sure. Fruit, salad, and protein today. No salt! Standing straight this morning I took away a pillow last night and sleep a little flatter in bed. Just need to stretch out and not be so scared to do it because it doesn't hurt. Happy Healing And fast recovery to All. Have a great day.
I was able to do it the next day but everyone is different. For my surgery day I took a zip up coverup kind of like a terry beach cover up. It went down to my knees. My husband got me home that day ready to be tucked into bed and It turned out great. Zip and unzip to look at my drains and belly. My drains were hooked to my CB so they were out of the way. TT should last your life as long as you are within normal weight and you don't loose allot of weight I would think. Your PS should answer all your questions make you a list. Good so that when you go in you don't forget them. There's a great list on this site but mine was pretty basic being I had 4 surgeries before and kind of knew what to ecspect.
My PS told me to make sure i have button down shirt to wear as it will be painful to lift my arms over my head post-op. How soon post-op were you able to pull on clothing over your head? Any advice for what products I will need post-op to help my recovery? Anyone know how long the TT results last? Did anyone have a TT several years ago?
Hey holygirl74 how are you doing today? I'm still a little hunched over too I find when I wake up I'm pretty straight then by day end I tend to be a little bent over. I over did it today went shopping for half the day. Oh boy swollen but felt good to get out was going stir crazy. Fast healing wishes your way.

Post-op day 11 and feeling great! Had my PS follow...

Post-op day 11 and feeling great! Had my PS follow up No.2 this morning and all is great. Posting pics later but he was amazed how my scar is already looking and how little bit of swelling I have. I have a little swelling below the scar but he said its normal for swelling to move down and it will go away with time. I'm pretty much standing straight now but I know when I have to rest because I can feel my stomach getting a little tight. My Lipo areas are the only thing still tender but that's normal from what he said.
He told me to massage them and work all the tissue loose that wants to stay tight. The little spot on my BB that I was wondering about is almost gone. He said sometimes there's just a few little spots that tend to take longer to go away. Thank goodness I could just imagine my BB splitting open I would Freak! He took the stitches out and I was saying: Oh my Gosh Oh my Gosh! He is like what's wrong? I said that's the spot I'm talking about. He showed me the little bit of blood he had on the gauze and Blah! He snickered because I was laughing. He said you couldn't be a nurse or doctor could you? I said Nope I know I couldn't.
Hope everyone is doing Great and Having a fast recovery. Healing hugs to all!
Thanks rrtwn, You look great too! I like Dr. Csikai he has a great attitude toward his job. They treated me there so great if i need or want to do anything else I know i will go back.
Hi realree your results are amazing and so is Dr. Csikai. He did a great job!

Two weeks today and have been feeling really good....

Two weeks today and have been feeling really good. So glad that I took the leap and had this done. So amazed how good it makes one feel to have their self esteem back when they don't have what I would call my extra Butt. It's not looking back at me in the mirror anymore and it's so nice. My Husband and I have been married for 28 yrs and he has always made me feel beautiful. Since my surgery he has had me rolling in laughter for two hours the other night he was shopping for me online. I guess I started it I made the comment about wanting to find a Bikini. First place he went to was Victoria secret online and oh boy he was like a kid in a candy store. He kept saying: Look at this Look at this LOL. Was so funny! He knows me so well he can actually buy me clothes and know that I will love them. So yesterday I got a UPS package from Victoria Secret full of goodies.
All those ladies out there that are thinking about it but are afraid of what others might think or the actual surgery itself. It is totally worth it.
Happy healing to All!

Ok I have a question and if anyone else has had...

Ok I have a question and if anyone else has had this before. When I get very swollen i feel the oddest feeling around my BB. It's like something is pulling on it from the inside and it's very annoying. It's not really painful it's just uncomfortable. I haven't looked the info up yet but will probably call my PS in the morning about it.

Finally starting to feel like my real self again....

Finally starting to feel like my real self again. Out and about by myself shopping and getting back to a easy basic exercise routine. Since my TT I lost 6pds and just 9 more to go to hit my goal. Swelling isn't bad it gets better each day and my Lipo areas are getting better too just a little hardness and the bruising is barely noticeable. The only thing is my BB it has a spot that doesn't want to heal so back to my PS if he can get me in tomorrow. I think I'm going to need a couple of stitches put back in.
Hope everyone is doing well and Healing Hugs to all!
Hi Suzi, thanks for the comment on my tummy. I'm so happy with the results. I thought many years about doing it but it always got put to the side with raising kids and a career. I'm so happy I can give you hope and I'm sure yours will turn out great. Everyone on here I have come into contact with give great support being we have all had the same procedure. It helps so much to read all the comments and helpful hints to prepare. Good luck and keep us informed on your progress. Ree
Hi, Just seen your review. Just wanted to say your tummy pre-surgery looked exactly like mine does now. Your post surgery tummy looks absolutely amazing and has given me such hope that mine will look the same after I have my surgery in December 2012. Thank you. Kind regards. Suzi
Good luck with the BB! Sounds like you see doing great otherwise.

Post-op 3 weeks today and feeling great. Had my PS...

Post-op 3 weeks today and feeling great. Had my PS appt. today and everything is fine the little place on my BB is looking allot better. Stiffness is getting better everyday and Standing straight now. Walked a mile and half yesterday and finally feeling like I can get back to my excersize routine. My PS said listen to my body and it will let me know when to take it easy. Trying some Bio Oil on my scar to see if it helps lighten it up. My last surgeries I didn't use anything and they healed very well. Healing hugs to all those who are recouperating now.
@ aging beauty, I found some at
Anyone know where to buy memory foam?
That's of contoured, that was that dang auto checker...Lol

Added a few Bikini pics and a pic of my scar...

Added a few Bikini pics and a pic of my scar post-op 3weeks. I do need a tan though Wow! Feeling good today! The swelling and stiffness is getting better day by day. Healing Hugs to all and have a great Weekend.

Lol my husband says I have no patience. I do I just get flustered when I was so use to just hopping up and doing my routine but now it's slow going. I know it will be back to normal but Augghh. I'm doing good for 3 1/2 weeks though even my PS said that so its all good.
Size 4 Wow I'm a size 6 but maybe when all the swelling goes down I will be too. It would be nice. :) I still want to lose 9 pounds and I will. Lol patience patience
Ahh shopping! Use to dislike it but now after my weight loss and surgery :) Gotta Love it trying on those cute outfits. I just bought a cute dress from Victoria secret online. The hubby actually saw it and I said that's cute and it showed up in the mail. They have some good deals online. My swelling is getting better I cried bad thing trying on my jeans 4 days after surgery. Lol I tried them on again yesterday Ahh I have room and No overhang when I sit. Yeaaa Ha sorry I'm yammering Have fun!
Lol I just started wearing my Jeans last week. They are big now after 4 months :). Found a really nice dress size 4 :). Bought my very first push-up bra too. Fun day. I love vs online ! They do have good deals . The swelling is probably going to hang around for a while. I still swell at 4 months post. Patience patience.

Day 34 post-op and feeling great! I still have...

Day 34 post-op and feeling great! I still have some stiffness in my muscles from being stitched up and some swelling above my pubic area but everyday is getting better. Measured myself this morning and have went down another 1/2 inch on my waist and a inch on my hips. Tried my jeans on last night and I have about 2 inches to spare in the waist. It was so nice not to see the muffin top when I put them on. Sending heeling hugs to all who had or are going to have a TT.

6 weeks post-op and feeling great! Not back to my...

6 weeks post-op and feeling great! Not back to my old self before surgery but almost. Have been hitting the gym again but have been taking it easy with the workouts. I'm slowly working back up to where I was but there is no hurry. I decided that everything is going to heal nice with time and no pushing it. Since surgery I've lost 5 pounds, 5 inches of my waist and 3 off my hips. There is still swelling in the afternoon and tightness in my lipo areas but Im use to it now that I don't pay any attention to it. I'm so glad I choose this surgery during the summer months though lots of sun dresses, skorts, and shorts. I had my 6 week post-op Appt. this week and my PS said everything looks great. He took my 6 week pics and wants to see me again in 6 weeks. I am so happy with the results. Happy healing to those who have had or going to have surgery. Healing hugs to all!

Three month Post-op Appt. today! Feeling great and...

Three month Post-op Appt. today! Feeling great and absolutely Love Love the outcome of my surgery. I am so grateful that I found such a great Dr. And that the outcome is so wonderful. The road of the journey was sometimes painful, sad, worrisome, and slow but I'm so glad I decided to accept the journey. I went shopping after my Appt. today and bought my first size 4 jeans since I was 14 years old. I was floating on air when I tried them on and they fit just right. For all that are getting ready to have or who have had a TT the journey is not always easy but The outcome is so wonderful. I hope everyone's journey has an amazing outcome.
Healing hugs to all.
Looking good! I wanted Dr C. to do my mommy makeover but we moved. Had my consult and everything. A few of my friends had work done by him also. Loved loved him. Glad you are happy with your results! Best wishes.
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Great PS he explained the whole procedure step by step what he does and how it is done. Showed me pictures of procedures he had preformed and all looked amazing. He answered all the questions I had which wasn't many because I had did so much research on the procedure before I saw him. The staff team is amazing so nice and called for reminders. Wait times where only off by 10 minutes or so which is normal. I know people have questions and it's to be ecspected.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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