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Hello all, my name is Jessica I'm a 28 y/o...

Hello all, my name is Jessica I'm a 28 y/o super mom with 3 kids (lol). I have wanted to get a TT for a long time... Love my kids to no end but being pregnant really took a toll on my body!! So now I'm doctor shopping and wanting to know does anyone have any advice?

Things to ask the doctor? ect? Also I'm posting pics (or trying to post pics lol) Should I try to lose some weight befor I consult.. Thanks for any and all advice ladies :)

Who is your doc?? Does he have good prices?? Are you staying over night?? Congrats :) and good luck!!
Hi Jessice; I am having my TT with lipo and flanks on Thursday..I am very anxious more thank anything else. My Dr. is affiliated with North Florida surgery center in Mandarin Jacksonville FL.. His staff is a team of wonderful ladies. The questions will come as you are at your consultants trust me when i say that..All my questions came in the Doctors office, get at lease three consultations, price is very important....Good luck and best wishes for 2012...Pixiegirl
P.S. from the crazy huge DR muscle repair patient -- That is great u are out of the baby years, that was the hardest part for me Remember, mine was TOTALLY diff than a "normal tummy tuck" - I had no excess skin, I just looked 7-8 mos. pregnant (after doing Physical Therapy exercises w/a postpartum specialist for a year which made me look even more pregnant!!) My stomach jutted straight out with round huge tummy from right under ribcage on down huge wide! open full muscle tearing, so don't compare my recovery-- :) also I have a 35 lb baby boy who just turned 2 now-- so he was like 20 mos. then-- that was/is really hard part, he needs to be held and lifted all the time and is the weight of like 10 gallons of milk, haha!
That is great your youngest is 4 and there are older siblings, they will be more help than you think!! Even my JUST turned 4 year old boy was actually understanding and a 4 yr old can be- but can get himself into carseat, booster, has no crib, etc.! Hardest part was lifting big baby out of crib, which is of course on lowest setting cause of his size, and getting him out, lifting onto changing table, high chair, SUV carseat, plus he always wants 2 be held! So that was hardest-- I felt stupid "mom guilt" for not being able to hold him for first 6 wks and thereafter it was still very difficult...hubby was not too understanding. At 6 wks i was immediately primary caregiver of both (he works a ton) and was very hard to explain to him how hard it was and tried not 2 complain! OW! I still have large like 12" wide velcro brace...if u get one of those, they just gave me velcro strips to attach the drains to and that was not too bad, held them up, but I was soooo happy to get em out, made me wait like 2-3 wks!
and P.P.S. my friend with 2 kids who had "regular" post baby tummy tuck that sounds like yours & she recovered a billion times faster!!! Regardless, it was so worth it, to have a core again!!! GOOD LUCK!! :)

Ok so I made my first consult... I feel like I'm...

Ok so I made my first consult... I feel like I'm going to be sick!! (LOL) I don't why I'm so nervous!! I have 3 GIRLS... I'm batman!! HAHA (jk) My app. is for Wensday @ 9!! I am going to weigh myself for the first in a very long time... Not looking forward to it!! I have never really cared about my weight (until now lol) I just cared about how I looked in my clothes.. Thay have been getting tighter with the holidays :( I cant wait to look good naked ~WOO HOO~ I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

Ok my surgery is Monday.... I feel like I'm going...

Ok my surgery is Monday.... I feel like I'm going to throw- up (sorry) Nervous DOES NOT COME CLOSE TO HOW I FEEL!!! ~sigh~
yeah i know that feeling all too well...:-)
Thank you!! I know it will be ok... just my nerves are getting the best of me!!
Good luck with your surgery tomorrow! Stay positive and all will be just fine!!!

So I had my first visit w/ the doc today.. I think...

So I had my first visit w/ the doc today.. I think it went really well!! He said everything looked good(: He removed my dressings and at first I was scared to look but after a few mins I did and didnt even reconize myself WEIRD!! But I look really good I'm very impressed!! The pain for me has not been unbearable at all.. The only thing I have been taking is Ibuprofen... I can not stand up stright and my back hurts if I'm up too long!! But all and all its not as bad as I thought it would be!! My mom is here to help so that is nice!!
Congrats on ur surgery, and good to hear that everything is going well and that ur healing great, keep us posted!

Woke up today feeling like ass... After the day...

Woke up today feeling like ass... After the day went on it got better!! Took a shower and that made me feel a little more human lol~ Pain is still very mild :) I'm not sleeping really good tho.. and I hate not being able to do much.. I'm a very active person and the down time is nice and not!! I will post some post-op pics :) I hope everyone is has a fabulous weekend!!!

So... Tomorrow makes a week!! My doc said he may...

So... Tomorrow makes a week!! My doc said he may remove my drain... but I dont think he's going to bc it's draining a little more than a little bit (lol) I'm sooooo ready to be active again.. I miss playing w/ kids :( My mom leaves tomorrow but my kids father is actually helping .. weird!! :) I'm posting pics that I took today.. still a little hunched over~

I can not get my pics to post... UGH!!

I can not get my pics to post... UGH!!
I felt like it was difficult to take in a deep breath too. It gets better before you know it.

You are looking really good!!   Nothing better than a new tummy:)


Got the pics to load... I got the drain out...

Got the pics to load... I got the drain out Tuesday~ I feel pretty run down, trying to enjoy the down time.. but I'm ready to feel better NOW lol I go next tues (which is also my bday) to get the stiches out -yipee- I feel its kinda of hard to breathe deep ... anyone else have this problem?? Still hunched over and laughing hurts :) All and all~ pretty good!!

^this was the up-date for last week.. dk why it posted in my @ the doc section lol

Today makes 2 weeks and I really thought I would...

Today makes 2 weeks and I really thought I would magically be all better!! I still cant stand up stright(which is making me crazy) and all food sounds nasty~ Me and the couch are all most as 1.. And it sucks!! Tomorrow is my birthday and I also have an app w/ my PS to get my stiches removed~ Hopefully I'm up to going to diner.. I have not been wanting to leave the house at all!! READY TO FEEL 100%.. I'll settle for 90% Wheres the light at the end of my tunnel???
HEY GIRL! You look amazing!!!! Did you have lipo at all????
Any new updated pics? Or are those two updated?

The first two weeks are the worst.  At about week 3 you will feel like a new woman.  This is a long and hard recovery.  Don't place pressure and expectations on yourself right now.  That will only frustrate you more.  Just take it day by day, slow does it and know you are through the worst part.  All up hill from here sister:)

And BTW...Happy Birthday Girlie.  

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