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I am 36, I have 3 kids ages 18, 16 and 7, I am...

I am 36, I have 3 kids ages 18, 16 and 7, I am single mom and want to do something for myself for once! I want to feel good about myself and have hated my belly ever since I had my 1st child in 1993. Over the years I thought about a TT, but never was ready to spend the money...but Now is the time!! I have gone to the gym over the years and still go and lost weight, but the belly never would go away. Im very excited to do this!!


Hi specialjenfl I've had two consultations did make and appt for dr csikai but canceled it to check other ps before paying consul fee please post picks soon and let me know what you thought of yr ps this will help me make a decision thx
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I didnt mean it in that way lol. It's just that you look my AGE and not yours:)
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When I'm your age I hope I look half as good as you do! I hope you make a fast recovery!
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