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I am a mom of 3 and am 39 y/o. I was nervous about...

I am a mom of 3 and am 39 y/o. I was nervous about the surgery but when I met with Dr. Wallace and his staff, my fear was gone. Dr. Wallace performed a TT and also performed a breast revision due to a horrible experience by another PS (not him) years prior. He is without a doubt the best PS in my opinion. My expectations were not the greatest because I didn't want to be "let down" as I had read can happen. I am SO HAPPY with my results.

I apologize for the typos.

I apologize for the typos.

My view has seriously changed. I probably would...

My view has seriously changed. I probably would not have had it done. I am upset with my results, as this point. I will update again in a month.

Update: I'm not sure I should have done this. I am...

Update: I'm not sure I should have done this. I am more upset now than I was before. I'll update again in a month.

Current photo

Thought I would update with a current photo :) I am going to upload some before photos....

Before and After...

Pre Op and Post Op

Removal & Revison BA 600cc Saline to 800cc hp silicone

I am 2 days post op... I finally got them!! 800cc HP Allergen Silicone Implants (45) I think? I LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a question. I woke up wearing a strap AND a sports bra. The strap was connected to some belt thingy... LOL and then strapped so tight over the new girls. I took a shower and removed it and now I think I put it on wrong? I do not recall if he mentioned anything about it helping them "drop" like my old saline implants. I am worried I have it too tight OR backwards (LOL) What is the proper way to wear this thing? BTW: My PS rocks \m/ I am SO happy!! 800 cc sounds "big" but it's not... I am petite and they are beautiful!!!!!!!!

600cc Saline to 800cc hp silicone

Figured I would share more pics... thanks again Dr. Wallace....... U rock, Sir \m/

Weight gain??????????

800cc hp silicone
How much do these bad boys weigh?? Holy snikeees! I gained almost 8 lbs!! That is impossible in 3 days, right? Ugh........... Help! Hopefully it is just swelling, water weight and the new twins!!! #Stressing
Maybe Dr. Wallace needs a new scale.. clearly his is broken... lmao!

Scar Tissue

I have lumps all over my implants. My PS said it was scar tissue but I am freaked out. Anyone else have this problem?

2014 Update on the girls!

I am having sharp pains in my right boob. It's close to my nipple and holy moly, it hurts! It is a weird sensation. I wish I could explain it better. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? It has me concerned.
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October 7th, 2013 UPDATE: I could not be more pleased with my TT results. I have ZERO regrets. In the beginning, I was VERY impatient and wanted instant results. It takes time to heal and I just couldn't imagine how awesome it was going to be with a negative outlook. Man was I wrong! Everyone heals differently. I really cannot explain how much this surgery changed my life. I feel awesome!! The first time I put on a bathing suit, I felt an enormous sense of confidence that I had not felt since I was a teenager!! It has been over a year and I am thrilled with my results. I would do it again in a heartbeat! One of my biggest fears; was my belly button. I didn't want it to look like a circle. My belly button looks like I was born with it. You cannot tell! I am actually going back to him on the 24th to remove a previous BA w/ Saline and having new HP Silicone implants put in. If you are reading this and wondering if Dr. Wallace is right for you... trust me.. he is. I am so glad I chose him. A true professional and a master surgeon. I will be posting new pics asap. I will also keep you updated on my new BA! - Fab and 40 in Jville!

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Hey girly the sharp pains your feeling are called zingers; I felt those for 6 weeks; not sure why the occurred but sure it's normal; I guess part of healing; I know it's a weird feeling; your girls as well as tummy look great! The final results if your tummy tuck will take up to 1 year; you will see constant changes!
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Also I forgot to add to my previous post; I gained weight after my tummy tuck as well; but than as time went on the weight fell off!
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Your tt looks amazing. I haven't had my breast done yet, so I can't give an opinion. Book an appointment with your doctor and hopefully he sends you for an MRI or can tell you just by checking you. Take care and keep us posted about your breast. Thanks for sharing
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your boobs look great, my guess is the weight gain is fluid retention, hope all is well
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I love your boobs lol!! :)
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fantastic tt results!! my tummy looks just like yours pre op,thanks a million for posting.people dont understand that just cause we are small framed that our stretch marks have so insanely taken over.enjoy your new hot bod
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Thank you! You're very welcome. You are so right. My stretch marks haunted me for years, I have 3 children and I am petite. I was one big stretch mark...LOL! I am loving my transformation. My PS is fantastic. I highly recommend him. My pictures are a testimonial displaying just how awesome he is ;-)
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I'm guessing its water weight from surgery as well. They look fantastic!!!
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I sure hope so!! Thank you
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Job well done Wallace :)
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Love your big boobies. ...want bigger myself!!! Im jealous. .guess you just have to get used to the new weight additions. I guess its like putting over a litre and a half of water on your chest but the rest would just be fluid from the op and should go soon lol!! Look after yourself hugs Shelly xoxo
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Thank you! I LOVE them!!! I am still amazed.
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Hope all is well :)
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I absolutely LOVE them!!!!!!!!! I am seriously blown away. I thought they would be huge on me but they're not! I am posting pics ;-) Dr. Wallace is da bomb!
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you do look great, thanks for posting this and good luck on your upcoming surgery!
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Thank you!!
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Surgery was a huge success! I posted a review and pics! Thanks
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How long did it take for the selling under your breast to go down? I still have mine, I'm 8 weeks post op.
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I was really uncomfortable if I didn't wear my compression. I felt very vulnerable without it. I think b/c of that, I wore mine longer than I should and that helped keep my swelling down. I want to say I was around 12 weeks post op when I noticed a huge difference. I think that it is an individual scenario. I think that if you are an active person; the swelling is greater than a woman who is less active. Unfortunately, swelling is something you will deal with for quite some time. Your body is trying to heal. Give it some time. It only gets better... I promise!!I hope that helped ;-) Oh yeah.. I forgot to tell you to wear your garment. It definitely helps the swelling go down =-)
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Yeah everyone's body heals different. The swelling underneath our breast area looked identical, I'm just making sure that it will go down. My original compression garment is dead! I did buy spanks, but no change. I pray it goes down soon. Thanks hun! You look great!
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You look great!! Thanks for sharing
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Thank you! ;)
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Big difference!!
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I know! I am beyond happy.
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That is some difference you must be so pleased you look hot!!!! Xxx
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