TT 9 days PO--pics posted.

I am going to be 45 years old on August 25. I had...

I am going to be 45 years old on August 25. I had 2 c-sections in the past and now that my kids are grown up I want to do something for myself. My husband kinda supports me but he is not too crazy about it, but oh well,, this is all about me ! I hate my big belly. So my birthday present to myself this year is a TUMMY TUCK !!! Scheduled for August 24, 2012, I cant WAIT !!!

I am so grateful for all the pre op and post op...

I am so grateful for all the pre op and post op reviews on this website. Thank you ladies !!! I decided to join in and post pre op pics, maybe I will be helpful to someone, too.
Oh did I mention I HATE my belly ! I cant wait till surgery time. I am currently making my payments and counting down to August 24. It seems so far away, but yet it will be here before I know it.

Ok I had to push my date back to August 31. But...

Ok I had to push my date back to August 31. But still excited !!!

Hello TT'ers--ok so I am scheduled for my Pre-op...

Hello TT'ers--ok so I am scheduled for my Pre-op appt on July 31. This is confirmation to me that this is really going to happen !! I am working out and watching my nutrition intake in order to lose some weight by TT time (August 31.) I am currently weighing 197, I am 5"7. I want to get down to around 178 - 180 by surgery. I cant wait to make it to the FLAT side !!! 2 years ago I weight 232 lbs, I finally looked at a picture of myself on my 43 birthday and said enough is enough. I was not satisfied with my weight and it was up to me to make changes. and I did. We all can do it, just have to be REAL with yourself.

Okay, so next week is my pre-op clearance...

Okay, so next week is my pre-op clearance appointment. I am sure all will go well, it seems like my TT date is creeping up on me,,,, August 31 is only like 6 weeks away ! I am ready to get it over with. The posts here on realself have been very helpful, especially the part about having swelling in your tummy for several months after the surgery . I am statrting to get everything in order.. i will celebrate my 45 birthday on August 25....then 1 week later I will be headed to the FLATSIDE!!!!.

Had TT on Thursday August 30 -- I stayed...

Had TT on Thursday August 30 -- I stayed overnight, the staff took real good care of me. I took percocet only the 1st two days---I am now 4 days PO and havent taken anything for pain in 2 days. I am just a little sore and I am walking hunched over, as my PS suggested for the first 2 weeks, I am not doing any activities, only bed, restroom , my neice and my son waits on me so I can recover as much as possible. I have 2 drains, will call office in the morning at 9am to give them drainage output. I do have some swelling in my tummy area but I can still see a big difference so far. The pouch is gone, I know the swelling is only temporary, so I am happy !!!
Thanks to SexySoulSister for all of your encouraging words and motivation !!!

Hello TT'ers--just a quick update on my progress....

Hello TT'ers--just a quick update on my progress. I am doing good. I had my 1st week PO visit w/ my Physician on Thursday , said everything looks good, got both drains removed..YAY !! Still swollen, cant zip up my pre-op jeans...and to date I am 2.5 lbs down from surgery day. Physician said he removed 3.5 lbs of skin WOW ! I am still eating healthy ....I dont want to gain any weight at this point, I have come too far.I am just relaxing around the house and watching TV. Looking forward to working out again next week , just doing cardio only is what my Phsician said after my visit next week, which will be at my 2 week point. I must say that I would do it all over again if I had to and I wish I would have done this sooner, I am so happy with my results. One comment I do want to make is that not everybody want to see YOU happy. So they will say whatever they have to say to make you feel like you should not get a TT or LIPO or whatever. But let me tell you ladies, there is nothing wrong with you doing YOU !!! As long as it makes YOU happy that is all that counts. I only told a few people that I was having a TT, my best friend was with me through the entire process because my husband is away on the ship, even though she did not neccesarily agree with it because she hadnt done the research like I had done, now that she see my results, she was like WOW!! And to think that I am not even in my final result stage yet. NOW- she is going to have a TT, too. That is why it is important to keep positive people in your circle!!! I want to thank all you that posted your comments and prayers on my blog. Know that I love you even though I really havent met you in person ,, I feel the love !! Also I sent my hubby a pic, he was like DAMN !!!! LOL !!! Thank you ladies and again HAPPY HEALING !!!! Remember ladies IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU !!!!
Dr. Glassman

i was referred to Dr. Glassman by a family member,

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Hey you. Sorry that I'm just replying back to you. I'm good and your stomach looks awesome. I'm getting ready to go back under in January for a mini tummy tuck to get rid of that pocket of loose skin that look left behind. Other than that I'm good. Inbox me when you can. Looking good lady and just gonna need to keep in touch with you so you can help me thru this.
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Yea, your tummy looks wonderful!
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Looking amazing!!! :o) I cannot wait for my day to come lol
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YOu are looking good!!! Already!
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You look great congratulations!
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@cherrybabi---thanks so much !! I am relaxing and taking it easy..thanks so much !!
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Looking good and no more stretch marks!!!! Take care of that nice and low scar!!!
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@sexysoulsister--thanks girl,, can u believe we made it??? U take care too and Happy Healing!!!
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Hey Neetah! I hope things are still going smoothly and that you are relaxing and recovering in comfort.

Happy healing love!
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Glad to see you are doing well and loving your results. I am still very swollen but as you've said....very glad to see the tummy gone! Still taking it easy and listening to my mom. It's nice to have your niece and son's support and care.
I know you are going to love your results because you've put so much in before. I kinda think of these two after weeks as an extended spa time.
Relax and enjoy!!!
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Congrats sweetheart! Take it easy and I can't wait to see your results!
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Congrats to you and Happy Healing. I start back to work tomorrow and I'm a bit nervous. Just rest as much as possible and when you do eat, make sure it's light on your tummy. Again happy healing
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Congratulations on making it through to the flat side :). I am looking forward to seeing your "after" photos!
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Today is the day!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!.May GOD guide the surgeons hands and your healing be painless, happy and fast. Take it easy!
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I'm so excited!!!!! Our time will be here soon!!!!
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You are going to do great!
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You are going to have great results!!! Good luck!!
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From the side your tummy looks like mine, but I have a vertical c. I'm going to wait until I get closer to my date to post pics.
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Keep going GURL, you can do it!!!
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Hi, I'll be following you. I'm scheduled for August 27th!!!
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