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In need of a flat tummy to match my long legs lol!!! - Jacksonville, FL

I have had two c-sections my oldest is ten an I...

I have had two c-sections my oldest is ten an I have a four year old. I also have a lap band and have lost almost 90 pounds I stared out at 348. I have been stalking this realself for a while now and I finally have made up my mind to have a tummy tuck with lipo and muscle repair .I would really love a thigh lift and a breast lift but all that will come over time. I have already had my constellation with a doctor here in Jacksonville fl dr.wallace. he said my weight was fine to have a tt but I wan a good out come my goal weight is 220-230 because of my height I still want something type of curve to my frame .. any advice is welcomed I need help lol is a lot of people are going to south america for surgery for the price it has crossed my mine does any one have an opinion about traveling for surgery???


Hey I am going to DR. You are welcome to come along. I'm going on the 18th my mom and I. We both had wls . I have a 6 yr old and 22 mnth old.
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How much does a TT cost over there?
Congratulations on the weight loss! This site has helped me so much. There's so much info on here along with the experiences of people who have already had surgeries done. Keep us posted.
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should i drop sum pounds before a tummy tuck im 6'3

should i drop sum pounds before a tummy tuck im 6'3 and I still want to have some curves .I have already had my consultation but now Im just trying to figure out what is next until I get all my money together just confused lol........


Congrats on the weight loss and decision to have your TT. Good luck!
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Good luck to you, I am sure you will be super happy with the results!
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i want to immediate say CONGRATZ on ur huge weight loss chica. almost 100 pds is a big accomplishment.bless ur heart. and life too short NOT to do it if your able. be sure to triple check local and out of the country dr. background.good luck to u.Your a tall lovely woman,and your tummy tuck,remove the back rolls,etc,is goin'2 b such a great thing to shape u better to match your tall model type height! God bless. adios.
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lap band and tummy tuck

has anyone with a lap band had a tummy tuck in the Dominican republic??? I have one and kind of worried about the placement of it...


Finally, another chic who's tall. We're actually the same height. I currently weigh 197, the heaviest Ive ever been. My average is like 181-185. With me getting older, my metabolism is def. slowed down. In my profile pic, I'm around 170. I loved that weight. Anyway, if you lose weight you'll def. still have curves. Im from Jax by the way.
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It's offical!!!!! i just booked my sx for june10 in need of a sx buddy :-))))

Hi rs it's offical plane tickets has been bought deposit paid.I'm getting nervous now I'm going alone my husband can't get leave. but I really want this I see a lot of ladies going to the dr solo so I know I can do this ... I hope I can find a sx buddy or two I have not found a recovery house Virginia's doesn't sound bad but I will but looking around..next thing on my list is my passport and to really bust my butt to loose sum weight ...


Going alone is common...you will spend all your time at the recovery house...so you will be in GOOD HANDS...plus you're going at a good time of YEAR!
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We r da same weight n same body frame I'm just 5'11 lol but I can't wait 2 c Ur results I'm scheduled for June
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Congrats on your weight loss. I had a TT and I feel like a different person... No more holding in the gutgut. Lol! You are gonna look amazing once you cross over. Best wishes!
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looking for a recovery house.....

I'm having surgery June 10th and my husband is coming with me has anyone went to queens recovery or relax I don't see any reviews on either... or where did u guys stay if u brought your husband or boyfriend along really need sum good idea


Call the Recovery houses you are considering and inquire. Ive read a lot of ladies reviews where they say they were allowed to bring one guest for a fee.
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There's nothing like having a familiar being for support and security in a unfamiliar place :)
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