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Tomorrow is the day. I'm excited and nervous at...

Tomorrow is the day. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I had twins 15 years ago and was left with a lot of stretch marks and extra skin. I have wanted this surgery since I found out was pregnant because i knew genetics was not on my side! I hope to have a flat stomach that is mostly free of stretchmarks and be able to wear a bikini again!!! I hope to post pics soon! Stay tuned!

How are you feeling? The first few days will be rough, but this too shall pass. Please keep us posted!

Here's a great thread from Blond in Bluffton about her first three days post op.


Well I am two days post op. I feel pretty good...

Well I am two days post op. I feel pretty good considering. I think the best thing I did was to borrow a power lift reclining chair. It has been amazing. Easy to get in and out of and great support to sleep in. Also, I have an amazing man that is taking care of his honey. He is kind gentle yet stern and encouraging.i actually went 3 hours without pain yesterday and 2 hours so far today. My breasts hurt the worst. I haven't had much pain in the abdomen. Although my back is hurting from holding the posture needed. I wish I knew a good way to stretch it out without hurting my stomach.

Other things from yesterday...I had my post op dr visit. He said everything looked great. I did have a little nausea but was able to recover before I lost it. Crackers have been a good friend! They help to take meds without full meals. Looking forward to getting better everyday...but so far...not so bad!!!

Today is day 4. I feel pretty good. The shower was...

Today is day 4. I feel pretty good. The shower was rough. I didn't have a shower stool. It really hurt my back to stand that long. I think maybe because I chose to stop taking my pain meds today and switched to ibuprofen. Anyway, I made it through. I'm resting now. I still haven't had a BM. I have taken colace since day one but it hasn't worked yet. Hopefully soon... I don't have a picture from today but ill postpone from yesterday.

Just as an FYI. I am 5' 5 1/2" 41 years old and...

Just as an FYI. I am 5' 5 1/2" 41 years old and 130 pounds. I wore a 34D before surgery. I got 350 cc saline implants through the aereola.
Your incision looks good and you will look great when you're all healed. Take it slow and happy healing! Who did your surgery?
Thanks. it was Dr. Mark Clayman. He was great.
I am glad to hear that you are doing well. You will look amazing when it all heals up, your PS did a great job from what I can see. I am on day 4 post-op too, I seem to be doing a little better each hour, and I am looking forward to a Nice shower this evening when my hubby gets home. I also have not had a BM, but I am hoping really soon. Good luck and keep us posted!

Day 5---it's been 96 hours since surgery! -I am...

Day 5---it's been 96 hours since surgery! -I am feeling great. I had a nice warm shower this morning. It was much easier than the day before! Instill haven't had a BM, so my PS said I should start with ex lax and not take any more powerful pain meds. That's not a big deal. I've only had one in the last 36 hours. Ibuprofen is fine. The pain is not that bad. My breasts seem really big. I know they will go down some. They are still really swollen and hard. I definitely had more pain in my breasts than I did my TT. I didn't have a lot of lipo though. Just a little on the flanks. My drainage seems to be slowing down as well. I can't stand upright of course but I am doing much better. I would say the most difficult pain has been the muscles in my back holding myself up while walking. I have had trouble with my back before so this was not completely unexpected. That too wasn't that big of a deal. Overall,I would definitely do it again!

Having been through. A couple of days of recovery....

Having been through. A couple of days of recovery... Here are some of the things that I think helped me in preparation!

All the lists are great! I used the supplements...arnica Montana really seemed to help out. Also I took a high potency b12 sublingual. B12 was important because my hemoglobin a were low during my initial bloodwork and I was out of town for work and couldn't get a vitamin shot. I continue used it afterwards. However I think the BEST thing is at I stepped up my workout 2months before. I pushed myself in increasing strength in my legs, buttocks, arms, chest, and core. Being able to bend and squat easily took a lot of pressure from the other areas that needed to heal. I never once had trouble sitting on the toilet! I had a chair with a lift but I didn't really need it after 48 hours. Having good arm strength helped me to reposition without a lot of pain or pressure. I think the better shape you are in pre surgery...the easier the recovery!!
You are going to look great! Your doc did a good job! Is the price you listed the total amount?
Yes. That is the total for the tummy tuck, lipo on flanks, and BA. His technique creates the lift without the scars. I wanted to try that first. So far they are plenty high. Of course they haven't fully settled. It includes all visits etc...

Day 6-- feeling awesome! Today is. My first day...

Day 6-- feeling awesome! Today is. My first day without help. I woke up, ate breakfast, had my shower and changed my dressings. I was a little tired afterwards but after resting, I'm good now. I'm looking for things to do to stay active without being to active. My DBF was laughing at me last night because I was so bored and restless! I can't wait to get back to normal life doing the little things even!!

My breasts feel so heavy! They are still really hard but they are starting to feeling a little soft in places. The are still definitely high as expected. One already has a nice shape but one has a squared off pooch on the side. Is that normal?? There also seems to be a lot of movement. I'm not sure if it is air pockets or what, but I can hear and feel it.

My incision for my TT seems fine. I haven't had any oozing from the incision at all except a tiny bit where the drain goes time. I haven't needed anything more than a single layer of light gauze. I still don't have a lot of pain. I am just taking ibuprofen three times per day. It seems adequate.

I can't wait to stand up right and the wheeling go down. I can't see an hourglass figure yet. My waist seems a little straight. Hopefully that will show up soon!

Have a great day all!!!
Yes. I did have muscle repair.
sounds like you are doing great! did you have muscle repair?

Day 8--I'm still feeling good today! Yay! It has...

Day 8--I'm still feeling good today! Yay! It has been exactly one week and I have my follow up appointment today with my drain removal! I still get tired easily. I have been fighting a cold or the last three days but luckily it hasn't been that bad. Thank goodness. I can finally see some definition in my abs. That's so nice. I haven seen it in years because of all the extra skin. The pain is not too bad. Although I still need the ibuprofen. It just helps that. Dull pain and blah feeling. I'm a little worried about returning to work on Monday. That will be 10 days and I hope I do not get too tired.

Day 9-- I'm feeling better today. My cold seems to...

Day 9-- I'm feeling better today. My cold seems to be easing up. Coughing doesn't hurt as much as it did two days ago. My incisions look good. I attended a follow up with the doc yesterday and he was pleased with my recovery. I think I will take a nice walk outside today. It's a beautiful day in sunny Florida.

I am a little over 3 weeks post op now. I can see...

I am a little over 3 weeks post op now. I can see my new body falling into place. It's sad that I have spent so many years worrying about what my body looked like and if I was attractive. I'm doing really well over all. I went back to work after 10 days. I've been more tired the last 2 days and had a little more pain in the center of my abdomen. It feels muscular. I am almost all the way upright. I can still feel the pull of the skin in the center. He took quite a bit out I don't mind. I can't wait to have more energy. I started working on out the stationary bike this week. Just 20 minutes per night. I am just ready to do my normal routine. I am very active and so is my boyfriend so it is hard to take it easy. I love it though! I've posted some new pictures, and I am going to post some questions on Q&A.

I'm a little worried about the size of my breasts....

I'm a little worried about the size of my breasts. I expected to go from 34 D to 34DD but right now I'm more of 34DDD or 34G. Hopefully they will shrink a little more...
you look great - did you have muscle repair? I am thinking of saline - do you like the feel of them?
You look unbelievable & I can't believe your breast look so good & you don't have that anchor scar. Mine sagged a little less than yours & every surgeon i saw told me I needed the anchor; now I have it & my breasts don't look anywhere near as beautiful as yours, plus I paid the same price for my breasts alone, that you paid for both surgeries. I only recently found out about Dr. Mark clayman when I finally started asking random women with nice breasts who their surgeon was. Can't believe I didn't do more word of mouth research & depended on Internet stuff...thank you for your story & update, you look fabulous
Thank you so much. I went to 3 plastic surgeons to compare. He was the only one the mentioned the possibility of avoiding the anchor scar. He even said that I wasn't happy with the end result that I could come back and he would do the traditional lift for the same price he would have charged to do it that day. I thought it was worth the try. I am pleased so far. I thought his price was very reasonable and he has been a great doctor so far!
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