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After having 3 children at a fairly young age, my...

After having 3 children at a fairly young age, my body was wrecked. I decided to have a mommy makeover after my consultation. Dr. Palin was very thorough with the information about the procedure and what to expect afterwards. He was also realistic with what was possible for my body type, which made me feel better that he wasn't just going to do whatever to my body. Dr. Palin has been absolutely wonderful. His staff is excellent, very pleasant to be around. I never expected to look the way I do now. I would do it aIl over again. I am beyond satisfied with his work. Its hard to believe this is me now. I look better than I did as a teenager. My self confidence has also been restored. I've missed wearing a bikini so much, I now own 10! I would recommend him and already have.


You look absolutely fantastic!! How long after surgery did you keep wearing your tight garments? Every day wear and when working out? Did you use silicone tape on your boobs too? Your bod rocks! I had my mommy makeover August 26th- hope I look as great as you at 6months!!
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Thank you! I wore my compression garment for 4 months. I liked the support it gave me. I still wear it to bed a few nights a week. I wear my bra every night and over the last month I have started wearing real bras! Lol and yes, I wore my garments while exercising, as annoying as they are I never strayed. I wore the brown breathable cloth/water resistant 3m medical tape. I couldn't find it in the store so I would ask my PS for a roll every other check up. I hope you are taking it easy and don't rush your recovery! I didn't, especially with that kind of $ spent. It's been a wild 6 months and I wouldn't change a thing. You will look amazing :)
Looks amazing ! Congrats!
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How I have been caring for my scars.

I wore the tape nonstop for over 4 months. I swear it kept my scars from raising up. Also, palmers cocoa butter was applied over the tape, everyday and night!! I still use it to massage the scars and abdominal area every chance I get. I always always always massage the scar!


Dang what did you use on your scar? It's so faded for only 6 months!
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Thanks :) I used the 3m tape, Bactrim, cocoa butter and lots of love. ;) I kept the tape on 24/7 only changing it every 3 days. It's very durable tape. And it's super soft. You don't even feel like your wearing it.
Correction * it's Betadine!!! Not Bactrim. I have no idea what that is!


The tape, the Betadine, and the cocoa butter. That is all I used. Betadine was applied over my tape, I did that 2x a day and after every shower. The tape is so durable you can shower and it'll still stay on for a few days! Massaging my stomach with the butter helped with the swelling and also with the scar once the incision was closed.


Thank you! They are Silicone gel (Sientra) and are 435 high profile.

How he feels!

This about sums it up! Lol gotta find humor in it! Anyone else's man feel the same?! He's been great to me through this journey, and the most awesome Mr. Mom I've ever seen ;)


You could be in a magazine! Awesome results!
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I'm blushing... Thank you!! I really have to give a majority of the credit to Dr. Palin, I just cared for my body afterwards :)
Your PS did and wonderful job! Your breast look very natural. How many cc's?
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Clarification on cleaning/healing my scars

Sorry just getting familiar with this site and now I see you can't edit or add to a post. So here goes.. After surgery the incision was cared for by keeping the area clean, tape, and betadine applied over the tape with a cotton ball... 2x or more a day with the Betadine. This was done while the incision was closing up. I stopped using the betadine after the incision was completely closed. Cocoa butter was used to massage my stomach, flanks, and boobs. Not on the open incision. Once the incision was closed, that is when I started the cocoa butter massage on the scar. I did this before changing to new tape. Wipe off all residue before applying new tape, it won't stick if its all greasy. Now for me, once that tape was on it was ON! Lol I pulled it nice and tight in a single strip from hip to hip. Keeping it flat and even coverage on the scar (I applied the tape this way from day 1). I was able to rub the cocoa butter over my tape (warmed up in my hands until it became oil) and massage gently without it coming off. When the tape was off was when I really gave it a good massage. And that's about all I really did. I didn't buy expensive scar therapy creams or strips, just those three supplies. I never stopped wearing the tape for over 4 months!! And still do when I feel swollen or puffy. Tape or no tape for me at this point (6 months out) I massage my scar at any given chance. I can't say for sure if this was the panacea for healing, reducing scar size, and the appearance, but it worked for me. :)


You look amazing. I wish I live in Florida so I can go to your dr.
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what size and profile implants did you get?
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Dr. Palin is professional, kind, and caring. He took the time during each follow up to answer any of my questions or concerns. Without a doubt I'd see him for any future needs.

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