I'm getting a mommy Makeover on April fools day of...

I'm getting a mommy Makeover on April fools day of all days! I currently have saline implants about 11 yrs old that have begun to harden. I am replacing my 475 CC saline implants with 550 saline implants to regain fullness after three children. I'm also having a procedure done called lipoabdominoplasty. I just had my last child 1.5 yrs ago. I am 32 years old. 5'3 131 lbs. I wish I would have lost more weight first but the time has come. I will be posting pics and updating to inform those who could use info and advice. Can't wait to get my pre baby shape back!!

Well, less than a week to my preoperative...

Well, less than a week to my preoperative appointment. I'm pretty anxious about how much its going to hurt. I'm ready though! We got a recliner to sleep in for a week or two. I have my bras and pajamas set out. 12 days till the new me!

I had my pre-op appointment today!!! Its real! Its...

I had my pre-op appointment today!!! Its real! Its actually happening. 6 days to go! I'm so nervous. I was given a homeopathic version of motrin today to take the day before and first few days to minimize swelling/ bruising. I was given 3 scripts (Percocet, ceflex, & antinausea med). I was also given antimicrobial soap to wash with night before and morning of. I did write my Dr. An email this evening just addressing my concerns. (Scar placement, and implant size). He should be getting to me soon. Dr. Wallace has been so genuine and courteous. I feel like I'm in good hands! Now let's get this week over!!!

Also, I posted the wrong Dr. in my review. I am...

Also, I posted the wrong Dr. in my review. I am using Dr. William A. Wallace @ coastal cosmetic surgery center in Jacksonville, Fl.

I'm home from my surgery. I'm found well so far! I...

I'm home from my surgery. I'm found well so far! I decided last minute to do 575 cc in plants, not a big difference from 550. The Dr. did a great job of playing scar low. Dr. Wallace told my husband he luposuctioned out 700 CC's of fat!! Crazy! I will post more pictures very soon.

So the pain is setting in. I knee it would. I get...

So the pain is setting in. I knee it would. I get so much to pee because all the fluids. I'm ok when I lie still but need to move every do often to reduce risk of clots. I have to say a recliner is a must for this procedure!! Borrow one, buy one, whatever you've got to do. Also someone suggested a toilet seat lift to make it easier to get off the toilet. ($21 @ Walmart). Worth the money!! I can't believe even with all the seelli g how flat my tummy appears. I'll be posting pictures soon. Mommies, we work hard and treat ourselves last! This is a lifetime change that we deserve. I felt guilty before, now I'm so glad. Pain and all......

Just tackled my first shower. By far the most...

Just tackled my first shower. By far the most nerve racking thing. My husband called and got instructions. The nurse said to lie flat for 5 mins after taking off compression garment. Thus allowing blood flow to go back to the abdomen. We tied a string around my neck to hang my drains from. Either way the whole process way scary and exhausting! Nap time!

Post Op day #5. Had my second follow up. Right...

Post Op day #5. Had my second follow up. Right drain was removed today. Not a painful process, just a strange feeling. It is a very quick process. I woke up very sore today. But with some movement it gets better. Still very happy I choose Dr. Wallace and glad I did these procedures.

Day 6. Sore today. Burning sensation under my skin...

Day 6. Sore today. Burning sensation under my skin. My BA has never hurt (probably because its my second time.) Very pleased with the results. I hope I'll be better in a week to take care of my children. That's my only worry at this point. I'm pleased with Dr. Wallace, He's wonderfully detail oriented. I have follow up tomorrow and pray this last drain tube comes out, it burns. :(

I'm doing better everyday. I really hope when the...

I'm doing better everyday. I really hope when the swelling in my right breast goes down from the encapsulated repair that that nipple is even with the left. Also I am noticing a lot of swelling on sides and appears that I still have a "muffin top". I hope that area smoothes out. I see Dr. on friday and plan on addressing these areas.

Started my period today. Hurts really bad....

Started my period today. Hurts really bad. Unfortunately mine care always horribly painful so I cant tell what's what right now. My right side is horribly swollen. Worse than anytime so far. I hope its not seroma. When I went into this u didn't realize swelling was such an issue for so long. So ready to feel like the new me!

I feel so thick and fat and bloated today!! :( I'm...

I feel so thick and fat and bloated today!! :( I'm weighing in few lbs heavier too. My weight seems to differ by as much as 3-4 lbs each day. Does anyone else experience this??? Its discouraging. Maybe I'm retaining even more due to period?

Hi all :) I'm feeling pretty great today. Im...

Hi all :) I'm feeling pretty great today. Im weighing about 3 lbs less than my presurgery weight. I had my follow up. My tape was removed. Most of my scab came off. Thankfully I'm still numb. I'm so pleased with the results so far. Dr. W says I'll continue to shrink as swelling subsides. So far so good!! Flat Tummy!

Two weeks today. I'm found drastically better than...

Two weeks today. I'm found drastically better than last week. Moving around pretty good. Im still really swollen around the incision line and just above it. Dr. Said that area takes the longest. I'm do proud of my problem solving this week. I have a 16 m. old baby and have come up with ways not to pick him up. Today's my first day without help. I'm still getting shooting pains here and there. Still so worth it!!! Anyone else gave swelling around insicion that's pretty noticeable??

Day 15. I survived taking care of 4 kids by myself...

Day 15. I survived taking care of 4 kids by myself yesterday. Im definately more swollen but that's expected. Still so glad I did this. I can't imagine how great I'll look in 3 months time. I WILL be loosing the last 10 lbs now. I am beyond motivated, just need to give my body time to heal. I think i lost the motivation because no matter how much I ran it only came off my legs and butt. It took me 3 pregnancies to get a butt!! This took of weight in all the right places. I'm only about 3 lbs lighter so far but it looks like 10 (right from tummy!) All my clothes are baggy in the right places and tight at the breasts.

I had a rough week. My grandfather passed and I...

I had a rough week. My grandfather passed and I had to travel for his funeral. Besides the emotional drain, my body wasn't ready for all that lifting/moving around. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks. I'm still very happy with this whole process and really have no complaints. I'm ready to be able to start running and loose my last 10 lbs. Once and for all. (I love you Grandpa!)

I'm feeling so fat lately. I want to loose weight...

I'm feeling so fat lately. I want to loose weight but even when I can start working out I'm afraid I'll swell like crazy. Trying to be patient. But feel bloated. Ugh.

Tomorrows my 32nd birthday and I'm going bikini...

Tomorrows my 32nd birthday and I'm going bikini shopping. Still can't believe I was lucky enough to have this surgery and have such great results so fast!!! Thank You Dr. Wallace, you gave me my body back! :)

5 weeks today and doing great! Like the rest of...

5 weeks today and doing great! Like the rest of you I still experience swelling, but mostly I feel great! I don't feel limited anymore on activities. However I do not recommend bouncing on a pogo stick (owe!). Life is amazing and I feel so blessed to have found a great Dr. and got the results that I've achieved. I hated my body in the past and on a daily basis felt discusted that I let my body get so bad. Now I feel proud, alive and revamped! Go for it!

6.5 Weeks Post Op.

Monday will be 7 weeks. Can't believe how time flies! I still have areas that I hope get better with time. Mostly the love handle areas. I have a "shelf" appearance, but am sure that my Dr. will adress any concerns at the 3 month check. I still have a collection of either fat or swelling along rib cage just under my breasts. I always held fat there and I know that I pointed that out and that he did his best to liposuction that area. Hopefully its just swelling. Other than that feel good. I am trying to watch what I eat but really want to join the gym, Sadly I live in a part of town that doesn't have many gym that offer child care to kids under 2.

6.5 weeks


Revision Updated Pics

Just an update

Nothing majorly new. Still have swelling, as expected. Not bar though. All I can say is I would do this a million times over!! The scar is well worth the loss of all that fat and skin. I love getting dressed! Any ladies thinking about doing it should. I highly recommend the newer version called Lipoabdomunoplasty. Try googling it and research it.

5 month update

My body is healing great. Still very happy with the revision. It really made all the difference! Still no weight loss to date but I'm back at the gym working on it. I feel amazing. My stomach feels so tight. I have abs. Absolutely no regrets!!

5 month pics

I'm posting my before and after's from my Dr.'s office.

I look at these pictures and I'm amazed. I didn't realize how gross my belly had become. No wonder I cried getting dressed. This surgery has restored me to my 21 yr. old body. The lack of cconfidence I had weighed on my marriage. Now, I don't constantly nag about being fat. Life is good :)



5.5 months


Love My Tummy :)

6 months

working out

I've started running again. I'm down 4 lbs. My goal is about 7-8 more lbs but mostly toning. When I run I feels electrical, almost tingling sensations, across my tummy. Doesn't hurt, just strange. Dr. says it can take up to a year for those sensations to fade. This has been such an amazing experience. Make sure if you're considering this procedure that you do your homework and have a few consults. I had the best Dr. around in my opinion.

new pic

6 month picture

Not much change last few months. Still struggling with daily headaches (non-related) and hopefully with be hitting the gym harder very soon.

Heading for a run.


uodated pics

7 months

Make sure you massage your scar, it helps :)

pic update :)

Happy 1 year anniversary!

1 year pics

I haven't pushed myself like I thought I would because of my chronic headaches but I'm getting there. My 3 Month goal is to loose 10 lbs and I'll be happy. All my pics posted are without major exercise.

Scar update

The only thing g I wish I would gave done was tell my Dr. In advance that I scar badly & I don't absorb absorbable sutures so we could have done different sutures. I have more redness & scaring than most. But still worth it 100%!

spell check

My story reads like I have no intellect, but I assure you its my stupid smart phone. Realself should allow edits.

13 Month Pics

Mommy Makeover Bliss :)

I'm doing great! Working out hard and loving getting dressed. < That's a first!

post op. pics over yr later

Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

I shopped around, did several consults. He was the most informative and thorough. Dr. Wallace is a very good listener and makes you feel safe in his hands because he cares! He did a great job and would recommend him highly to everyone.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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WOW you look SO HOT. Your stomach has some great abs! Your surgeon did an amazing job. Thank you for sharing
  • Reply
Thank you. I'm a much more confident person because of it. He was/is amazing!
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You look amazing! Thank you for posting about the sensations you feel when running. How many weeks were you when you started running? Are you doing ab workouts yet?
  • Reply
I think I was about 4 months. I still get them but not as badly as early on. I am do abdominal workouts. It took about a year before I could do them successfully. It would burn. Now it doesn't.
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Happy anniversary! Please share tips on how to avoid picking up your baby! I have help with my 1 year old until Sunday, May 11. On May 14, it will be 5 weeks past my surgery, but I am still so nervous about having to pick him up!
  • Reply
I put his high chair on the ground so he could climb in and out & taught him to climb up/down stairs and employed my older kids/neighbor to help put in/out of his crib. Good luck!
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You look great :-) thanks for sharing
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Awww, thank you. I know it helped me.
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You look amazing!! Love your boobs!
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Tee Hee....me too lol. Thank you!
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Happy anniversary you look great...:))
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Thank u. Time flies!!
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You look wonderful! Your boobs are exactly what I want mine to look like!!
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Thank you!! Picking the size can be hard.
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Beautiful results! Congrats! 
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Awww, thank you sooo much :))
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You look great! I know it's tough as healing gets easier, but thank you for the updates. It helps those of us still in early recovery have something to look forward to!!
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Thank you ;)) its all worth it in the end! Happy healing!
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OMG... I am having muscle spasms!! Is that normal?? They hurt! My chest feels weird when it has a spasm. Ugh..... I am hurting! :(
  • Reply
I'm not sure. I would say if you're really concerned to email him. He usually responds quickly. But most important take it easy!!!
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I don't want to bother him on a Sunday. I will be OK. If it gets worse I will call him.
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Your results are phenomenal ! You are the bomb.com!!!! Did he do your surgery in a surgery center or hospital? In a hospital the docs can lipo 4liters compared to 1 L in surgery center. (In Florida that is )Of course, this is with multiple procedures such as a mommy makeover. What all did he lipo? I have been researching lipoabdominalplasty and I feel the results are superior. Especially when you have pockets of fat like I have. I have an appointment on nov 4th with Dr Lentz in Daytona beach area (I'm from New Port Richey on the opposite coast) he specializes in lipoabdominalplasty without drains. He even published a research article regarding this. The only thing is he is much older. I'm not sure why this is an issues/concern with me. I should look at it as he is wiser and has a lot of experience, right? Lol. But really I can see why you are soo thrilled with your outstanding results!! I can only hope I will look as good as you do! Love all your pictures. Thanks so much for taking the time to post. Love it! Here's to you !!!:)
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Oh my goodness, thank you!!! Definitely do your research. I agree that lipoabdominoplasty is the way to go! He did it in his surgery center. They have a full hospital setting in back. I'm nervous about your drain free procedure. I'll have to look at that. It wasn't that bad having them to be honest.I feel they serve a purpose. Many Drs do. If you're willing to drive to Daytona I'd keep driving to Jax to see Dr Wallace. Second opinions are nice. Gives you a feel for who you want. Older is hit or miss I think. My thinking is the newer Drs aren't as set in the old ways and open to newer technologies. That's just my opinion....I wish you well for sure!
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Our PS rawks.... \m/
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Right! I found him by luck. I almost went with someone else, after seeing him as a second opinion, his was the only opinion. Seriously, you look h.o.t.! :)
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