Medial Thigh Lift, Mons Pubis, TT -Jacksonville, FL

I haven't had the procedure done yet but on my way...

I haven't had the procedure done yet but on my way as of August 29thI'm so excited and so anxious to get this done get healed!!! There aren't enough words to express how I'm feeling right now! My inner thighs were a problem before I lost 78 pounds now it is really a problem because they rub together and I have to be careful on the shorts that I wear to cover and hide them and I have to wear boy shorts for part of my swimsuit because I hate the way that my inner thighs look!! yak so disgusting so ready for my new look and so ready to wear hey normal bathing suit again!! I'm thankful that the rest of my legs size and calves are very shapely!!!
I'm considering this surgery....How is the Dr that you picked?
Excellent! I went to 5 consults and he was Far the best. I had to have a "wow" factor by thigh results and this is why I chose him! His bedside manners are just heartwarming. He really does care about his patients!! His staff is just as amazing :) He has done alot of surgeries for patients that have had weight loss surgery and have lost weight on their own!

Good luck with your surgery. I hope it all goes well and you have a smooth recovery! Congratulations on your weight loss!

Please do keep us updated with your progress!


mons pubic

Sorry about the quality and the darkness of the very first picture but at least you have an idea of what I've had to deal with since my weight loss and the extra fatty skin down here!!

12 days and counting!!

Wow I can't believe my surgery is in 12 days I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!! I go in this coming Wednesday the 21st for my pre op pictures/markings and last visit with my PS before my surgery!
Hi, My surgery day is the 29th also. I don't really know much about this surgery. I am having both thighs lifted, butt lift. I don't know what to expect with the surgery and recovery, what I will need, what to wear etc. I was also diagnosed with Shingles today, but early staged. Dr said I should be well in 2 weeks. I am worried that this will cause me not to have my surgery. I will know Monday I go in for pre-opt. I will just try to trust in the Lord, he knows best. My email address is if you would want to email me since we are having surgery the same day. I welcome anyone that knows about this surgery's input. God Bless Evie
Evie hold on a minute. Did you say you don't know much about this surgery? Then you need to call your dr. Make an appointment and find out. Better yet if your doctor didnt give you the information then you need to find another doctor! I thought I had asked the right questions I didn't know all to ask now I am sorry about aspects of my surgeries. I didn't get what I wanted, I got what my doctor wanted.
I will know more tom. I will be going to his office for pre-opt. Just wanted to know what to expect when I get home to recover.

Tummy 8-13

I really DISLIKE all this extra skin that I have!! Look at how much I can pinch and it really grosses me out!! With all this extra skin I also have the dimpling/cottage cheese look..I am so looking forward to seeing it gone and having SMOOTH results!!!
Well Liv, I guess we will be counting our days down together for our surgery on the 29th. Keep in touch, God be with you. How do you start your own form so I can add like day 1 day 2 etc.? Thank you God Bless Evie
Yes Evie we will be counting our days down together! I will definitely keep in touch and will try my best to do it very regular ;) just go in on your profile and update your review..We're going to be beautiful when this is all said and done, even though beauty begins inside ;) God be with you as well ;))
Yes Evie we'll be counting our days down together!! Pretty neat that we share the same surgery date ;)..Just go on your profile and click on update your review and type away!@ God be with you as well! We're going to be beautiful when this is done ;)..True beauty begins from within ♥♥♥.

Woohoo..signed ALL my paperwork today

...the countdown is on...8 days till surgery!! I don't know what I was thinking but I thought I was getting my pics and markings today..haha...that's the day of ;).. I'm so excited and **greatful** my mom is flying down in 7 days to be with me and to take care of me!! Yesterday I got a steal ofa deal!!! I found a walker for $60, well she sold it to me for $40. It still has the tags & was only used abt 6 x's! They sell for about $250..this was cheaper than renting!

Tuesday evening...1.5 days till surgery!!!

it finally hit me today that I only have 1&a half days until my surgery!!! I'm so excited!!! I can hardly stand hubby and I are picking up my mother at the airport tonight..I cannot believe I'm posting these pictures but this is what I have to look at when I'm laying down and have to be reminded of this everyday I'm so thankful that I've lost almost 80 pounds and I've kept it off for a little over 4 years this is way overdue!
Hope your surgery goes well. I had medial thigh lift done a few years ago. Happy with the result as far as my thighs don't rub together so much any longer, but was the most difficult of all my surgeries to recover from.
you will have to keep us posted I lost 143 pounds and in the last 2 years have had invented tummy tuck breast lift implants 5 months ago finished the belt aka butt lift now Sept 27th this year having a medial and lateral thigh lift and lipo I too cant wait Good luck :)
Wow becsrs! Congrats! You should be very proud! Gosh I'm happy for you! Ill definately will let you know and txs sooo excited ;)

1:21a.m. 8-30-13

Hello all...just a quick update I am home have been home for hours and just wanted to let you know that I'm home now and considering have done feeling pretty good with the exception of one minor complications... not being able to pee ps what's called and said that this is normal time due to the anaesthesia.... Trust me I have drank plenty of water so I'm hoping that eventually I'll be able to pee! for all you prayer warriors please say a prayer for me. Txs!!

Day 3

yes I finally did it!! exorcist a3 and a4 probably going to be my worst back considering that I had done I feel fairly decent thank goodness for pain medicine haven't been able to sleep very much I figured the pain meds make me sleepy but I havent so I might have to take some benadryl. I'm having a lot of drainage from my thigh lift. I went for my follow up appointment yesterdayhe said the color of my drainage it's very good. I'm having to use a pillow again my tummy when I cough and when I get upI've been sleeping in my recliner don't think that I could manage without this. I can't stand up straight still over but I've been walking a lot in the house like I'm supposed to I go back next Thursday for my follow up.

yeah I get to shower today!!

I have a shower chair and my mother is going to help me. This should be interesting ;) I'm so thankful that my mother is able to be here and help me and help me! Couldn't have done this without her!!
Hi all Just wanted to let you all know I am Home. Had surgery 8-29-13, Thursday and came home Thursday 8-113, About 3 days in hospital. I am surprised. I think I am doing so well because of all your prayers.. I will write more later because I keep falling asleep. I am alive and doing well. TY you for all your prayers and thoughts. Will write more when I can stay awake. Thank you my sisters. God Bless Evie
Take care. Don't push anything and be very very careful putting tension on your suture line. Thighs have a tendency to open. Good luck and yes mums are great aren't they!

Day 6

Well, ended up making a trip to ps office. One of my sutures in the groin area (medial thigh lift) ripped. He took me in first thing this a.m. I was so nervous and afraid, but he assured me that this does hppen sometimes. I'll be completly honest, this is one of the most painful experiences I've had to go through, but if I had to do it all over again I would! I know that I've made the right decision!! My mother keeps telling me that he sure did a beautiful job!! Yes, I'm am very bruised and swollen. I was taking Arnica Montana, but I stopped taking it yesterday since I've been getting some jhives and thinking it might be from this. I haven't taken very many pictures, but will soon. I'm having my mother look for my regualr digital cameera as well. I haven't slept very much at all. I thought I would with the pain medication, but thinking that I might take some benadryl to help. I've been drinking tons of water and drinking egg white protein shakes to help with healing. Not much of eating since I don't have much of an appetitie. I go on 9-5 Thurday for my 1 week post surgery appt and I think i'm getting at least one of my drains (have 2) taken out. I'm wearing a binder and a bodysuit that goes to my knees. Oh yes......the day after I got to shower!!!!! WOW, THAT NEVER FELT BETTER...LOL
Day 9 well I can honestly say today is the first day that I actually felt decent and not in as much pain at all now for those of you who are having a medial thigh lift if your surgeon goes back around your buttocks to do the suturesI would definitely recommend for the extra comfort put a maxi pad in your body suit to give support underneath your futures this is all by trial and error today was the first day that I thought about doing that and it makes all the difference in the world also when you have to sit down on your toilet seat put one on the back of your toilet seat to give yourself more comfort and 2 relieve with the pressure underneath there and of course with the end he is Yves side down on your toilet seat or the extended toilet seat riser they will stay in!!! you cannot imagine the difference this makes!!!!!!!my appointment is tomorrow so I'm excited have a great Sunday everyone
Hi Liv, Good to hear from u. I have been thinking about u. I had to back last Friday to get re stitches. I wasn't hurting to bad until this and I hurt Friday and yesterday pretty bad, today I am better. I have not gotten my drains out yet, we thought maybe this Tuesday but one is still draining way to much. So I say Friday I hope. Do u look wider since u got your thigh lift, Man, I look very wide I never looked this wide before. I hope and pray this will go down. I know I am still swollen, It has when down a lot. I am scared that I will stay this way. Glad to hear you are doing better. Keep us posted. God Bless!! Evie
Hi Evie. I think it was my left eye drainage ball that drained more than my right side that I'm surprised that I got mine out 8 days after surgery because I think the normal is about 2 weeks but that's good because you wanted to drain that means faster healing unless chance for complications as far as infections etc cetera sorry that you had to get re stitched I know exactly the pain that you're in during because I definitely enjoyed that as well wanted to let you know that I attached a maxi pad on the inside of my body suit to support and I need my back for the sutures which anyone that gets the scar down your thigh can also do this to help with the pressure it has relieved it tremendously and yes I'm still very swollen I'm setting realistic goals for me to be swollen at 24 to 6 months but yes that is all normal and it will go away eventually I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and have a great Sunday!

Day 11

Well doc says I'm doing fantastic. I still have lots of swelling, but its normal and will take some time. My body went through major trauma. Got more sutures out today.I get to go back in a week instead of 3 days yippee!! Just have a few more sutures above my mons area but I'm sure those will get taken out next week! I'm so glad I had this done and if I had to do it all over again I would definitely do it it is the most complex painful plastic surgery there is. I'll be anxious to see what it really looks like after my swelling goes down but as of right now I'm still very very happy!!
Glad you are doing so well and you are happy:)
Hi Liv, I am glad to read your up date. I just keep up with your days you count and that is how many days for me. 11 days while sometimes it feels like a lifetime and some days it feels like yesterday, but anyway we are on our way to recovery, Thank God. Glad to hear about your good news. I am bound to be losing some swelling been running to the bathroom so much. Have a wonderful day. God Bless Evie


I've learned by trial and error, but for those of you who are having a tt or thigh lift you'll need waterproof underpads and sterile gauze pads. I was given some from my surgeon's office, but after buying and spending tons on small boxes at the pharmacy's I got smart and ordered them on E-BAY. I bought 320 sterile gauze pads for only $61.00...was paying 8.99 for 8! and the underpads I paid 17.99 for 100! I wish I would have thought about this in the very beginning, but better late than never and wanted to pass this along to you all to help out with the costs! The ABD sterile gauze pads are individual wrapped. I'd rather have too many and know that I can change them out more often for better healing! Hope this helps :)

Inner thigh looking down :)))

Wow, I still can't believe this is MY leg :)))

day 18

Well, I had my follow up visit today with my PS it went fairly good that I do have some extra swelling lymphatic ademia and had to had to have aspiration of the fluid from my abdomen area I go back on Wednesday of next week other than that first time in my life I actually have definition I have a waste it is amazing I still have numbness in my thighs and bruising on my thighs for the most part the bruising is gone on top of my Mons and almost gone on my side to have some bruising on my thighs and still have something in my abdomen an offer part of my abdomen which will have to wait and see but he said that's normal he said that I can start massaging gently to help with that as well so that's about it what dates might have something new Thanks!
Hey, I am in the dark here. What did the Dr do to you today? Sorry don't understand. God Bless Evie
I had lymphatic ademia--swelling..had to have some of it drained outforeseen numbed it with the shot wish I didn't even fill it and then he stack a huge syringe and pulled out lots of fluid. I did running a small fever last night at 3 this morning but it's gone back down to normal but he did tell me that if I run anymore favors at all to call him let him know immediately. he wants me to start massaging gently on my tummy area 1 to 3 times a day. he said everything else looks really really good.

Day 28

wow I cannot believe this Thursday will be exactly a month but I've had my surgery it has gone so fast and my swelling is friendly going down and I'm starting to feel like a normal person again. yesterday was the first day that I was actually able to stand up in the shower without sitting down in my chair.mmy thighs still feel a little tight but way better than what they were before I know it's just going to take some time that I'm loving the result that I'm seeing!!!!! I'm so glad that I did this and if I had to do it all over again I would now I'm excited later on down the road hopefully in the near future I would love to get an arm lift!!!!! Dr fee is truly the best and so is all of his staff!!!!!!
Hi liv... can you update us? I hope you're still as ecstatic with your results now, with another month passing. Any more tips you can pass on to those of us yet to take the plunge? I had a mommy makeover three years ago and love, love, love the results - but now I'm going to have the lower half done - flankplasty/posterior body lift and medial thigh lift. I liked your advice about using maxi pads if the incision extends around the back under the butt cheeks! lol... How are your scars looking? Any issues with anything since your last update? Thanks!
Hi Red! Sorry I've been slacking here on my updates lol ;) My swelling on my lower abdomen (where I had lymphatic edema)...yeah!!! In the earlier stages I did have to have some of the fluid removed with a needle in the office (over a month ago and couldn't watch, but didn't feel a thing since I was still numb) and where I had to have some skin debreeded (when I had my sutures and clamps taken out my skin was fighting for itself) and it's so much smaller, but in all I WOULD DEFINATELY DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN IF I HAD TO!! It is so life changing for me...not to have like a hand and a half of "extra inner thigh skin" to grab onto, my stomach is waaaaaaaay better than it use to be...not sure if you saw my pics from the side when i laid down, but ick....For the first time in my life I have an hourglass figure. I actually have hips. My ps is definately artistic!!! As far as my scars I just started using a scar recovery gel (with Centelline) that they have in their office called SkinMedica. They had some phamphlets in the office that had before and after pics and inof on it. I will say I was impressed by the pics...visible imporvemnt in 80% of patients in the size, shape, texture and color of their scars. Recommended twice daily I think I'll need several tubes of this. Think I will look and see if I can find it cheaper somewhere else since it's expen$ive, but only if it's the "original" recovery gel. I'd rather pay more for something that works and hopefully this works for me and only time will tell, I've heard that silicone strps works good too, but I'm going to try this first. Lots of his employees have had several surgries in his office and recently on of his staff members had sugery a day after and she's been using the gel as well and I was VERY impressed with how it's helping her scar. I'll give it some time and keep everyone updated on how it's working. I've used Bio Oil over the counter before for some older scars and it worked really good for "over the counter". I go back for my follow up Nov 6th...(3 weeks since last visit :) guess I'm doing something I will say that with my swelling and my lymphatic edema I used a frozen water bottle daily after my showers and gentle massages in circular motions. My ps approved of it in the beginning. He told me what ever I 'm doing to continue doing and I DID start walking as soon as I could and built up my distance eventually. I was approved for regular "light" excercises so I started using my elliptical. Yes, been doing it for 2 weeks and still at 20-25 mins and it REALLY kicked my butt and still kinda does, but I'm not discouraged at all! I know I'll get back where I use to be and since my sugery it has been a MOTIVATION..I've lost weight since surgery! I'm thinking my stomach muscles were really tightened good since I really don't have much of an appetite :) When I look at myself I don't even want to eat anything bad..I have good eating habits for the most part...only drink wine once ina while, no soda's, only water, crystal lights, coffee, etc. Don't really eat anything "deep fried" anymore..haven't for 4.5 years, lots of greens, fresh veggies, green smoothies and lots of protein and trying to watch my "carb" intake... Didn't mean to type so much...guess this means I better get back on her more often :))) Oh yeah, I did by one extra binder and 2 bodysuits (first one was given to me) I know this sounds gross, but in the beginning It was too much trouble to take it off to pee so after we'd cleanse and change it out. It did take awhile for the garment to stretch out and get less tight. It was over my binder...binder was white and went around abdomen and the garment started right above the knee up the middle of my abdomen. It zips up and has hook & eyes to hook. Yes it was a pain, but I wanted to have the best results ever and did exactly wha tthe doctor said to do. When I quit wearing them 2.5 weeks ago it did feel "strange" since I as use to being conformed and now that I have feeling back in my thighs, etc it does feel a bit strange, but getting use to it. My mons pubis is half the size it was and getting much feeling back. I hope this helps you and anyone else!! Good luck when is your surgries? I REALLY want to have my arms done done (bat wings) and some lipo in my back. I use to want to have my arms done, but my inner thighs "out weighed" my arms...Now I want them done. I will say that the Medial Inner Thigh is one of the MOST COMPLEX surgeries and one of the most painful & this is why I chose my PS very carefully! Keep me posted!!! Hugs!
Hi there! I'm so sorry - somehow I'm not getting any notifications or updates to let me know if someone responds. Thanks so much for all the great information and so happy to have read your reply here. You really should copy most of that and put it as and update on your story so others will also read it. My surgery is in less than ten weeks now. omg. Can't believe it's coming so soon - think I made the date in Sept. How are you doing now? Any issues or any more advice you can offer? And I hope I've chosen wisely for this surgery as I agree, the thigh lift is probably one of the most complex surgeries to perform. Can you remind me (too tired to re-read everything at the moment) - was your thigh lift a groin incision or did yours extend down the inner thigh? Mine will be just the groin incision. Please keep me posted, too! As I said, for some reason (settings??) I'm not being notified when anyone responds to anything I've written. Thanks and I hope you're doing GREAT!

Some pics from my inner thigh surgery

1st & 2nd pics are of my scars from the inner groin area, 3rd pic is up close thighs, 4th is far away thighs and the LAST pic is a sife view of full abdomen...You can see my scar and ALSO my mons pubis is still swollen, but SO MUCH BETTER!! I've been using Medica Scar Gel that was purchased at my ps office.I haven't used any on my inner groin yet, want to focus on my tt scar...I'm going to take new pics in another month and will try to get them posted! I LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS EVERYDAY TO see where I came from and I'll NEVER go back!! It's been so motivating and i've even lost 20 pds since surgery and would like to see a few more come off! HOPE this is an INSPIRATION to some of you as well!
Your thighs look fantastic, I would love to see a updated picture of your final outcome...thanks
OMG!!! you look amazing

New pictures from Inner Thigh Surgery taken 02-04-14

Just a few pics I'd thought I'd share. YES, I'm still so happy with my results!!
Your thighs look soo good!! My inner thighs r horrible, one day :)
Wow….you look great :)
Txs Sheeney7! I found something I think you'll be interested in! You can email me at ;)

Update 062814

Sorry I haven't been on much at all! Thanks to all the nice comments on my surgery! I'm still extremely happy with my decision and most of all the Plastic Surgeon Dr. Timothy Fee in Jacksonville, FL. I've discovered an amazing product line for scars, stretchmarks, cellulite, skin slackening! Inbox for details! Thanks again. I'll be posting pics soon!

I've discovered an amazing product line for Cellulite, Scars, Stretchmarks and Skin Slackening-

My results

Well it's been just a little over a year since my surgery and yes I am still happy and if I had to do it all over again I definitely would!!! Some of my skins elasticity has loosened up a bit which I was told from the very beginning by my ps that everybody's body is completely different and does different things. I have found an amazing alternative and the best scar treatment available that is affordable! I would love to tell you about them so if you are interested please let me know thanks!
Dr. Timothy Fee

I knew the day that I had my consultation it was going to be Dr fees I felt so comfortable during my consultation wasn't even embarrassed when my clothes were off he was very patient and kind and I have lots of questions and he told me to ask away that that was what he was there for to get all my questions answered. all of the staff in the front office back office surgical team nurses everyone was so pleasant professional and most of all the integrity. when a call is placed to his office he returned the phone call very promptly and said that all of his patients are his number one priority that is what he gets paid to do. the day of my consultation while I was waiting another lady was sitting next to me and asked me if this was my first surgery with him or if this was my second or third surgery I told her it was my consultation visit she said that she had heard Tumi t-tech from him and was so pleased by the care that was provided in the great work that he does that she was coming back for more work. maybe within the next two years I might have an arm left which is greatly needed and possibly back liposuction but glad to get I had done first it really bothered me the most! all of my follow up appointment I get in and get out very quick do not have to wait very long at all everything is very organized at this practice.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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