Lipo/breast Lift Revision 3 Years After TT and Breast Lift - Jacksonville, FL

I am scheduled to have lipo on back, flanks, upper...

I am scheduled to have lipo on back, flanks, upper stomach, and inner/outer thighs on 9/4. 3 years ago I had a TT, breast lift/aug, and some minor lipo on thighs after losing 75 pounds. At the time Dr CK told me I would need some lip on my upper stomach. He does not do lip on the stomach area when doing a TT in order to avoid complications during healing.
Since the first surgery, my sister was in need of a kidney. I donated in October of 2012. They had to cut through my stomach muscles, but I seem to have snapped back. What I have not really snapped back from is a 20 pound weight gain. I also had my Lap band removed due to erosion and slipping in November of 2013. I am on my own now with maintaining my weight. I seem to be hovering at 190 now. I am hoping that with this lipo and continued clean eating, I can be sculpted and maintain my weight.
I will post before pictures the day of surgery and update after.

Good luck to others who are going on the journey as well!


Good luck.
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Wow I think it is so amazing that you donated a kidney to your sister.  That is truly noble.  I can't wait to hear all about your lipo journey.  Here is a great resource to check out while you are waiting for your big day:

Please keep us posted!!!
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5 days until the big day!

So I have done my prep shopping and decided to buy a measuring tape. I did not measure last time. My husband did the measurements and went ahead and took the before photos.
Waist - 38 3/4 in
Hips - 44 in
Bra line - 37 3/4 in
Right upper thigh - 27 in
Right lower thigh - 21 1/2 in
Left upper thigh - 24 3/4 in
Left lower thigh - 20 in

And here are the pics.

Can't wait for Thursday.


Hope all went well and you are recovering.
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You donated your are truly my hero. If you never had another procedure you are perfect and beautiful. Good luck with your upcoming surgery.
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Best of luck! I had abdominal liposuction with a c section scar revision 5 days ago, no regrets!
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1 day post op

No pics yet since I am still garmented up but I will need to shower and wash on Saturday.
Procedure went well. Extremely sore yesterday. I would say a 9 on 1-10 and that was with lorotabs. This morning is around a 6. I may switch to Tylenol on my next pain med time. I try to get up every hour or 2 to keep circulation. I can't wait to see me! I feel swollen but I look smaller in the garment they provided. I even notched it down to the smallest size. Dr CK said he took out 4 liters!
Post op is 9/10 which works well sine I fly to New Jersey on the 13th. I hope I am not quite as sore.
So far, overall I am happy with my decision. A concern I have is my breast size. I was a DDD before getting my revision yesterday. I just want to stay with at least a D. I have been D my whole life.....after puberty that is:)
Thank all of you for your support. It helped the time pass and surgery day to finally get here!
I will post pics tomorrow and another update.


Thanks for update,get your rest and don't forget to stay hydrated. TGIF!
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Welcome to the flat side!  Can't wait to hear how everything goes with your healing.  Rest up and fill us in some more when you are ready :)
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Hoping all is well this morning. I flew home from Phoenix on day 10 with no problem. I carried one small carry on and my sister mailed everything else to my home. Plz do not over do. Four liters is what the Dr removed from me. Did the Dr say how much he removed? I am now down by about 15#
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2 days post op pics

I feel much better today. Switched to Tylenol for pain. Even with the swelling I see a difference. I can't wait to see final results! Just wish they had a more trusted procedure for cellulite:) guess we can't have it all!


Your abs are very flat. Impressive in 2 days. Stay positive and have a good day.
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He said 4 1/2 liters but I assume some of that was fluid. I would think about 4 liters. I haven't gotten on the scale yet. I am afraid the swelling will discourage me.
I was down 3# at the one week check. I did my pineapple and banana smoothies, in fact I went and bought a small blender to use at the motel. I continued the arnica, and other vitamins, and hers suggested. I felt pretty much back to normal by the time I flew home. Good luck and know there will be days that things are not moving as fast as we would like. Some days I was very discouraged, and note that we can not compare our results with someone of different body type, age, or physical fitness. I swim but do not go to the gym and put in hours. Bottom line, heal at ur own pace and know that the final results will be great.

Day 3-Good advice

Day 2 was great. I was sore but only needed Tylenol. I went to lunch with my mom and spent the day at her house playing games at her high top table. The problem was, I did too much. I got home around 5 and was miserable. I took my meds and slept on and off all evening. Around 2 I made it into bed for the first time. Funny thing is, I pulled my neck trying to sit up. It hurts worse than the surgery!

So my advice to you-don't overdo it. I should have set in her recliner and still used ice packs. I am back on schedule today with the addition of my sore neck. So far I still think this has been worth it!


Thank you! I am staying positive. Just wish I had been more careful. My neck hurts worse than the rest!
Glad to hear you are staying positive. I can empathize,my neck hurts so bad today I feel like i go tin the back of the neck with a bat. :/ I hope you feel better. I am gonna take more ibuprofen.
I am trying to drink a gallon of water a day. So far so good. My surgeon believes in fully securing the sutures so you don't leak too much. This means I need to drink twice as much to flush out the fluid.

6 day post op pics

So today makes 6 days. I do not see much change since my last pics, but I will post them anyway. I had my post op appt today and Dr CK says this is as big as I will get and will get smaller as the swelling goes down. He removed most of my stitches (the lipo ones) today. Just left the one in that was still leaking. My breasts have started to soften a little. He said that they would round out nicely when they are healed. It just all takes time. I have not weighed myself or measured as my clothes fit pretty much the same. I want to give myself time to heal and the swelling to go down before measuring.
Thank you all for your kind words and support. This process is slow going and takes a lot out of me. It is nice to hear comments from others!

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10 days out

Hi. I am out of town so I can't do any pics. I am not sure if there is much difference anyway. I did start back exercising today. I did 20 min on the elliptical this morning. I hope it helps with swelling. At least I hope it's swelling. My clothes fit me tighter than before the surgery. On the bottom that is. The scale is only down a pound. At 10 days I thought I would see some dramatic results. I am eating healthy. Maybe the exercise will help. I will take pics when I get home and see if there are any noticeable changes. I know that's what I was looking for on here before I had my surgery. Hope everyone has a good week!


How did the exercising go?  Did you feel okay?
Swelling is super normal 10 days out- you won't see major changes yet.  Hang in there!  Are you drinking lots of water?  That should help your body get the swelling more under control.  
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Exercising went well. I took it slowly. Sunday I did 20 min on level 1 on elliptical and Monday I did 15 min on treadmill at incline of 5 speed of 3. Last 2 days I have been on my feet all day so I have skipped exercising as I do not have any ankles at the moment. I fly back home today and can get back on schedule. I do drink a ton of water but have always done so. Maybe I need to drink extra. I will try to get that extra glass in!
Hope the flight went well- that will probably screw with your swelling a bit.  I always get swollen after flying for whatever reason.  Let us know!

18 day update

Aside from my breasts, I am satisfied with my progress. I am having issues with the stitches. I am packing the wound and hopefully Dr. CK will put the stitches back in this week. I overdid it today and it looks like I popped a few more stitches. Lipo wise I am seeing progress. I am attaching pics but they nude so beware! I can't get the dot thing to work and still leave the pic the same size.

I am still about the same weight as last week so I am assuming swelling. I will weigh again Friday.


You are coming along nicely,YAY! Gotta love the Swelling,NOT! It became so irritating to me and the waiting was the Worst! Hang in there but honestly i don't see any swelling in those abs :)
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Thanks! I think the swelling is in my thighs. I am down an inch under breasts and 2 inches in waist and hips. Thighs are the same though. I hope it's swelling.....
WOoooHoooo! Losing inches is a great thing. I say it's definitely lingers forever but end result will be Worth it.
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Dr CK did my first procedure. He did a wonderful job. He does not take risks and does not sugar coat anything. I am looking forward to working with him again.

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