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Great result. I like Botox lighter than most for...

Great result. I like Botox lighter than most for my 11 lines & brow area. My Dr. Listened & the results were awesome.......................................................................................................................................................................................??.
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Hi Jeaneen, sorry to hear about the one bad experience you had with the female Dr. I am glad to see you continued with someone better! Lots of ladies won't try it again after a bad experience. I've been doing it 15 years, and I stay free of wrinkles. A couple of times I allowed the botox to completely wear off (takes about 8 months for me), and my wrinkle look the same as they did 15 years ago, which isn't bad at all considering I am now 55. You may check out my botox review. Keep it up!!
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Thanks for sharing.  How many units do you have injected?  Was this your first time trying botox, it sounds like you've been doing it for a while.  Just curious how long it typically lasts for you.
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I did 3-4 times now. First time was light. Loved it.. Went to a few Drs. I'm picky;) that was terrible, a woman Dr. Of Derm. Won't mention names but she tried to shape brown using it. It looked bad for a few months.. Third time A different Dr. Was running a special & I think it was 22-30 units total. It was way too much. It was so much my eyes started to droop. Luckily to did wear off.. I think just 21-22 units on brow, forehead & 11 lines as well as two around the corners of my eyes. Doing all that with just using 22 units is perfect. It's really weird, I do not know if anyone is lucky as I am to have my muscles in my face actually forget or not to remember to contract, because it's been 4-5 months now & it's still working OR my face remembers;) ha ha.. Juvederm light as well. Around my eyes then a crease in my chin. Love the results. I'll post before & after pics if I can find them.
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My face did the same thing the first time I tried botox- it seemed like the results lasted for a year but I think my muscles just forgot they could make the angry face, ha ha.  Sounds like you've found the perfect botox routine as far as number of units and location.

When you had your brows shaped how did they look- what did you not like?  I've been thinking about doing that but I'm scared I will look like a crazed clown so I'm really curious.
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Jill, I've done botox 15 years, and I stay free of wrinkles. Mine can last up to 8 months. As I told Jeaneen, if I let it wear off completely, I look the same as I did 15 years ago. Love it!
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Jill, if the brows are done right, it seems they're perfect.. One peak in the brow, off centered on the outside. If they're done wrong, it is arched all over. Like a moon I guess. Just to be sure, I'd take a picture to your Dr. And show him or her what you do want & do NOT want. They can shape the brows based on which muscles inject the Botox & which ones not to inject. I think it's like a fine art. Some have that artsy talent & some do not.
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I might try it next time I go- my injector said 2-4 units on each brow so I'm hoping it will be subtle and not the frozen surprised face, ha ha.  Thanks for the info :)
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8 months is awesome.  I'm all for spacing out appointments for as long as I can to save some money :)
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