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Lower Face Lift and Touch Ups! Jacksonville, FL

It has been 11 months since my mommy makeover and...

It has been 11 months since my mommy makeover and lipo on my neck, This year has been crazy!! First lets start with my neck! I have had a large hard piece of skin to deal with! I had one revision in October with NO effect! This has been the hardest to deal with because it's always so noticeable. Dr. Fee decided to do a lower facelift, he said he would also remove that old scar. I can't wait to have this completed. My stomach incision was not even and looked "pulled up" right between my pubis bone, My breast implants are silicone under the muscle and when I layer down they would flop to the sides and I had no cleavage. My left breast also ached all the time.
So this is what was done on Friday 6/27. I had a mini face lift. of the lower face and neck. I still have bandages, today they come off and I will take pictures!. My ears are really sore, I didn't realize the sutures come right up in front of them.
My left breast is still sore and doesn't look as nice as my right, I hope they look better soon. I still don't have that deep cleavage I wanted.
Last but not least is my abdomen. I had what I can only describe as a sad face. If I wore bikini underwear the scar would above it, right in the center of my stomach. I also have quire a bit of fat on my abdomen the he lipo'ed. I hope he lipoed enough, I know it won't be seen until swelling goes down!!

The pictures. One day post op n 5 days post op

I sure hope the swelling goes down! Yikes. I'm not new to this so I remember you have some, but I also had seromas and hematoma last time and I know those issues delay healing. I'm wearing the jaw bra and compression as ordered.

Day 6

I'm healing slowly, still very bruised. Wearing jaw bra a lot but massaging neck with arnica. I'm going to dr today. Hope he says good things.


For the ladies that have had face lifts, did you have to wear a jaw bra and how long did you use it! My skin is still very drawn and now I am getting hard lumps. My doctor asked me to continue to wear it at my last appointment Thursday so I wore it until Sunday when I noticed that the lines and bumps were consistent with the jaw bra. It feels like it was creating the problem more then helping!!! I am going to the doctor today I am still very bruised, swollen and lumpy. I hope he can offer some help, but I feel he's going to say time is the only thing that will help!!!

2 weeks

It's been exactly two weeks and I'm really trying to focus on the positive. I see some improvement. The swelling is going down slowly, I wish the knots on my neck would go away. I'm going for another massage today. I'm updating my photos today. I went out last night and attempted make up lol. I still wear my jaw bra most of the time, I will continue sleeping elevated and taking arnica. I also use warm wraps with arnica oil.

Feeling better

I am feeling so much better! The bruises continue to go down very slowly the lumpiness is also going down along with the swelling! I am slowly becoming my old self! Makeup is helping to hide some of the bruises but not all! I just feel like it is tough being one of the only ones going thru such rough bruises and swelling! I hope my story gives someone hope! If I can get thru this anyone can!!!
My suggestions:
-start using arnica tablets one week prior to surgery 3-4 times a day, then two weeks after del. on bruising
-NO aspirin, motrin, or alcohol while healing or prior to surgery!
-Bromelian once a day, at surgery time then up to two weeks after same as arnica
-ice only on for 10 minutes, every 3 hours, 72 hours post op
4 days post op until bruises resolve - arnica oil lymph massage (youtube this), neck area then follow, up with moist heat (water, clean towel in microwave), if you are numb in any area check towel for heat to ensure not too hot, place on bruises for up to 10 minutes rotating site. then apply jaw bra
-wear jaw bra as directed. I wear mine at night and after massage and when skin feels taught, and for first week all the time!
-eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water, avoid salt
-get rest and keep head elevated as long as bruising persist
-don't exercise or any strenuous activity (vacuum, mopping floors etc) until PS ok's this!
-staying positive helps, I vent on here!!! I have also visualized how I will look after
-take lots of photos in good light
Happy healing!
These are just suggestions that have helped me thru two surgeries check with your PS

19 days post op. Pictures

I went back yesterday and the plastic surgeon drained the right side hematoma. Had lots of pain yesterday but this am the pain is better and the swelling/bruising is going down. I still have knots on my neck and I have two puckered areas on my chin scar that better go away. I'm massaging neck non-stop.

Update since surgery 6/27/14

Almost 5 weeks post op and my neck is a mess! I have lumps on the side of my long scar! I have hard knots up and down my neck! I still have bruising on my face. You can see the lines pulled tight under my skin!!! What a HUGE mistake I have made, I WAY over spent on this and I look a mess!!! I am so sad I don't even want to post anymore pictures on here!! PLUS I AM ALWAYS IN PAIN!!!!

Three strikes, I'm out

I emailed my PS, after discussing my case with two of the PS I used to work with out of state and they both agreed that some things went grossly wrong. Although they were careful in the words they chose not to place blame on Dr. Fee. They said words like probable and likely but I could see clearly what they meant. What they both said is the the suture line was drawn too tight and this created too much tension in the jaw neck area and possibly the wrong (they didn't use that word I have), type of suture material was used. They would have to see the OR report. They both agreed I should not have had LIPO to begin with I was never a good candidate and he should have waited at least 6-8 months depending on the healing process before attempting the first revision. Long story short, a lot of things went wrong to get me into the mess I am in and I am NOT happy because it's going to be a long time before I can fix this!! I also have spent 1100 of Juvederm when I was under and look at my messed up lips!! WTH There are other things wrong too, but again I am way too overwhelmed to get into it all now!! Thanks for all your support and kind words!
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I hope that this finds you feeling better. Sending positive energy from Chicago. Your experience makes me rethink my wish to have a face and neck lift!
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I wish I could tell you what to do and what not to do!!! My biggest piece of advice would be to ask a lot of questions of your PS! Don't be impatient, that was my biggest mistake!! I also really liked the doctor! It doesn't matter how much you like the doctor!! I hope that makes sense to everyone!!!
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I hope that this finds you feeling better. Sending positive energy from Chicago. Your experience makes me rethink my wish to have a face and neck lift!
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Jo I'm sorry you are having these issues. You said you emailed your ps. What was his response? I know you must be so depressed but we are our own worse critiques. The main thing now is to heal and get well before you think about revisions. Sending you hugs.
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He wanted me to come and see him! I won't and can't, I have moved away! He really didn't say too much in the email. He did ask if I was on here. REALLY??? I do notice people staring and it's not just me, my husband is honest and he has too! I feel the two ps I contacted we're honest with their opinions. I am just really, really depressed. I have made another appt. with a great PS here, one of my PS recommended him!
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Jo please don't give up. You have been through so much this past year. See another PS and even if you have to wait know that your issues CAN be fixed and you will feel more beautiful again. Juverderm is not permanent and while you have every reason to be angry and depressed try to focus on all the positive changes you have made towards a healthier lifestyle. Vent here, get it out and then go and do something nice for yourself. Remember the wise words that what ever you say after "I am ____" will follow. We are all here for you and I just know you will get through this. Sending big (( hugs)) to you.
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Thanks so much!! I am really focusing on the positive and I do have an appointment in a couple weeks with a new plastic surgeon! I don't know what I would do without everyone's understanding on this website!! Thanks again!!
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Jo try to stay positive, I know its easier said than done and I would probably feel the same. BUT I have just re looked at all your photo's and I have to say you really look amazing. I think you are being hard on yourself, you really look good. keep us posted x
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Oh I am So sorry ! I can't imagine-
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you could also try some ultrasound treatments - they feel nice and soothing and supposed to be helpful for scar tissue and swelling. I don't think they are too expensive.
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I am following up with a PS here and I hope he will recommend non-invasive tx until I can be fixed. TY
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How disappointing. I really feel for you JoSchultz. Sending you virtual hugs. X
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Hello, I am sorry this has been such a disappointing experience. I hope in the end you do have a good result and that all the issues resolve themselves. Your friends here on RS are pulling for you. Mary
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don't go back to this same surgeon if you want any more revisions. Even though your scars will improve over time, I think you are going to have "dog ears" that means protruding skin bulges on either end of that long incision under your chin. Have never seen such a long scar there! Imagine trying to wrap a flat piece of paper around a round ball (like our skin around our heads) and you have to make pleats to do it. That is what can happen in a facelift or neck lift too. Best of luck to you.
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My scar and skin under my chin looks HORRIBLE!! I feel like I am going to be scarred for life! I will never go back!
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You are Looking MUCH better, Must be feeling so much better.... Xo
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Lol, rolling skin flat, if only hey. You are looking so much better. Your chin scar looks better than the knot you had so that's promising. :)
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You are making progress. Day by day it gets better. You look much better, and you sound like you are feeling better.
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Your looking so much better and sound happier. Its just time! and that takes time x
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Glad you are feeling better - all a journey of time I am finding :-)
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I'm so glad you are feeling better. What did your dr say about the puckering? Hopefully, just swelling?
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He feels with massage it will go away, so I am hopeful too!! Yes, I am still swollen so with that it should help too!! He said "massage, massage, massage"!!! He also said that the neck is the worst place for this type of tightening, for some people. Geez, lucky me!!! errr
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There is also a chinese procedure that I have heard about that you can roll your skin (almost with a rolling pin) LOL, I have seriously been considering this, desperate measures call for desperate things!!!
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Just be sure to consult with your PS k - hate for you to do more damage then good :-(
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Same here, happy to hear, you are feeling better....
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