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Devastated After Radiesse Filer - Jacksonville, FL

Had Radiesse filler about a week & a half ago...

Had Radiesse filler about a week & a half ago & still their is excessive swelling above my check bone. However, I can feel the calcified product .It seems that their was way to much product injected in that area I'm scheduled for another re-check in another week .Very very disappointed & wishing I wound have never had this procedure.

It has now been a little over 3 weeks & finally a...

It has now been a little over 3 weeks & finally a lot of the swelling has gone away. I almost look normal again. So, I'm very relieved that I will not look horrible for the length of time that this product lasts.In the future I will do all my research before doing something to my appearance that is semi permanent or permanent. I have learned a very valuable lesson.

After my last post, what I thought was swelling...

After my last post, what I thought was swelling was indeed to much product that was visible under my skin.. I had a large hard like tubes under each eye because a excessive amount of product was used. Initially their was a tremendous amount of swelling which 3 weeks following some did subside however,after 12 weeks I was still left with an undesirably large amount of product under my eyes.....This medical spa was telling me that it was just swelling.
Nevertheless, I had several consultations with board certified plastic surgeons whom have excellent credentials & have never had any negative complaints about them as long as they have been in practice. A very key component when selecting a qualified doctor& professional establishment to spend your money & make improvements to your face!! They all told me the same thing that their was way to much visible hard Radiesse under my eyes...
I have had great results with several kenlog injections. However, several more will be needed to reduce the tremendous amount of product that was left in my face by the unqualified & obviously inexperienced injector.
PLEASE Be Aware & take the time to research your doctors & where you choose to go so that you do not have to go the the horrible experience that I have gone through..

Thankfully, this product will dissipate in time.
Youthful Medical Spa

Was charged 700.00$ more than I was originally quoted. Paid 1,100.00 for Radiesse & was left with a tremendous amount of hard product under my eyes!!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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Hey! Could you explain where exactly you got it done and why?? Who did you use??? I am looking to get restalyne or juvederm, but I would assume the skill of the doctor is the most important when getting something like this done and I wouldnt want to choose badly...
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You are very right that the skill level of the injector is a key factor. Here is a blog we posted about that very thing that might be helpful to you:

Staggering Differences in Satisfaction Between Board vs. Non-Board Certified Doctors

Keep us posted if you decide to do it - would love to hear how it goes for you! :)

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Thank you for posting an update. I'm glad to hear more of the swelling went down.

Please continue to keep us posted on how you are doing and what changes you see. It would be great information for other community members considering trying Radiesse.

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Sundog...how are you doing? I did the radiesse and now I'm regretting it. I'm scared.
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Oh my...I'm so sorry this happened to you. .Where did you go? I have an appt tomorrow to do this. Please advise....

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I was told it was just swelling & it would go down & I'd love the results.. After all that I have read on this site I now realize & have realized for almost a week now that the swelling has not & will not go away because I've been injected with way to much product. I have a consultation with aboard certified plastic sergon in my area tomorrow for a second oppion & to see what my options are for correcting my issue. Then have a apt on Wednesday with the medical spa for a 2 week re check. so, that's where I'm at so far. Still very upset & devastated that my appearance is temporarily ruined by someone one who was obviously not properly trained in administering this procedure!!
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Please give us an update on what the plastic surgeon says - really want to know how you are doing!!

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I'm so sorry to hear this. Have they told you to massage the area, or to leave it alone for now?

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