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I am 40 years, active and thin. I have a tummy...

I am 40 years, active and thin. I have a tummy bulge or pooch and it drives me crazy because no matter how much I exercise or how I eat, its always there. I looked into liposuction but right now I just don't have the time for down time. Coolsculpting seems like a good way to target the area without the downtime or expense of lipo. The technician wasnt sure I actually had enough to treat but when I sat down and showed her the difference between standing straight up and sitting she measured and decided I was a good candidate. We did one small applicator to the lower abdomen. I admit to being somewhat nervous after reading the negative reviews but after my treatment I am hopeful. I had absolutely no pain and I wouldn't really even call the procedure uncomfortable. It is a very odd feeling when the applicator is attached but my technician did a good job of distracting me and having me breath and after a minute or two I felt fine. I was able to work on my computer and felt fine. The massage again was odd but not at all painful and now a couple hours out, most of the numbness and redness is gone, I see no bruising and overall feel fine. I will keep you updated with progress and pictures.
You look like the perfect candidate for this!
I am 24 and I am getting this done tomorrow. My body looks just like yours in the picture. I am SUPER active but I have always had the poof too. Continue with updates! Hope you heal quickly!
Thanks! Everything is going great so far. Very little swelling and soreness and no bruising at all. I did pick up some arnica gel and tablets from whole foods yesterday and start them because I was sore when I first got up and I feel great today. Good luck!

Day 4

Still doing well. A few twinges or cramps here and there but less than menstral cramps and they respond well to the arnica gel.
Hi, thanks for your review. I'm interested to hear how you get on over the next few months! Hope you get the result you desire. All the best.

2 Week update

Everything is still going really well. Bruising never happened, I only had about three days of swelling and very little pain about day 5-6. On days 10-13 there was mild itching that was relived by rubbing arnica gel on it. At this point almost all of the numbness is completely resolved and I already see some difference. There is simply not as much fat to grab :) I will update with photos when I'm home later.
Good news! Sounds like my experience.

Two weeks :)

Side view 2 weeks

Looks like it's working for you....can definitely see a difference already!! I think I am jealous :)
Thank you! I think its a great start and I am lucky enough not to have experienced many of the problems others mention. I itch and tingle from time to time but thats about it. Hopefully the results will continue to appear.
I see a difference!

3 week update

I can definitely tell a difference. Especially in the amount of fat I can pinch. I am seriously considering trying to have my flanks done but I am not sure yet if there is enough there so I will have to go in for another consult first. When I am putting lotion on my belly there are still some spots that I notice tingle a little but that is the only time I notice it at all. I am starting to notice some loose skin which is one of the main reasons for the massage.

3 week pictures

3 week

side view

looks great! I totally want to do this to my lower tummy, im hoping to not spend more than $1000 locally
Here they charge about $600 per area. I think it was worth it and have been toying with the idea of getting my flanks done.
Is that just with the smaller applicator though?

4 Week update.

It seems like it has stalled a bit but I did fall off the wagon with my diet. I started exercising again this week and being more careful about what I eat to get it started again. Overall am happy with the results especially because its only week 4 so I know that there is still more to come.

5 week update

I have started to get a bit more serious about the diet and exercise and am starting to see a bit of improvement again. Not the drastic change of the first couple weeks but at least heading in the right direction.

6 weeks

I went in and had another consultation and she told me that I don't have enough fat to do the flanks. They offer venus freeze which she said would help but she thinks I should wait for the final results at 12 weeks.
Thanks for the update. Your pictures look great!
Can you update us on your progress? What did you decide to do about your flanks? I had my lower abdomen done a month ago and am considering going in to have my flanks done this week (I definitely have enough pinchable fat-lol!).

8 Weeks?

I think I'm 8 weeks out now. Progress has slowed and is most obvious in the morning before normal daily bloating takes over. Looking back through the pictures, it was definitely worth it for me. I would have loved to get my flanks done or even more off the abdomen but since there is not enough fat left, I will wait until the 12 week mark and do venus freeze if I still feel a need to do anything at that point.
Looks great! Look to see the progress.
Be sure to look into the reviews on Venus Freeze here. My place highly recommends the ultrasound machine: Vasershape. It also tightens skin & removes cellulite, which after a dozen treatments of CS, I need!
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Technician is very nice and knowledgeable. Beautiful facility, very comfortable and clean and the staff is very attentive. The doctor I only met once but she is very nice as well and I felt that they did a good job listing pros and cons and making sure that I had reasonable expectations.

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