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I've made and canceled this procedure 3 different...

I've made and canceled this procedure 3 different times. My husband and my friends all feel I'm making a mistake. Even two of the women who work in the scheduling department feel I don't need to do this.They think I'm CRAZY!!! But I have so many acne scars all over my face and I would love to be rid of them forever! Dr Wallace feels that I'll be very happy. I am afraid though with all the negative opinions around me and all the bad reviews I've read on line. I pray my results are good.
How are things going today? I'm wondering, why didn't your doctor reco a laser resurfacing of some sort? Just curious. Thanks...and happy holidays!
Because he felt that one laser treatment wouldn't work that I would need several and it's more expensive. Happy Holidays to you too :)
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Healing from Dermabrasion

Days 1 thru 4

Day 8

Well it now has been 3 weeks and 2 days since my dermabrasion and I wore powdered makeup for the first time snce my procedure. It really helped to cover up the reddess and the zits. Ifelt luke my old self again :) i still have alot of redness and the zits are healing. I think once I'm healed I beleive I'm gonna be happy with my results. I'll keep you all posted.
So sorry about my spelling mistakes but I guess my vision fails me at times not to mention how tiny the letters are. LOL!
Great to hear, happy healing! :)

Full face dermabrasion

3 weeks and 5 days after dermabrasion
I'm excited to see your final results! I'm one week out from my dermabrasion and am feeling hopeful. Thanks for sharing your story!

Still not sure

I need to wait until the red is gone from my face to rate dermabrasion and for my skin to heal up from the breakouts. It has been one month and 3 days. The red and the breakouts are a draw back though. In my opinion. I'll give my final rating in another month. I need to see my face with all the acne and redness gone to be able to see the true results.
Have you experienced enlarged pores?
Roshdi hi! I can tel you that i still can see my scars. My doctor told me that my overall appearance will be better that my scars will be less noticable. Before i had my dermabrasion i thought that theywould
Sorry about that. Anyway i thought they would be gone. I guess i misunderstood what my doctor was telling me. My skin is fair too.

Nothing has changed.

It us now March 13,2014 and my complexion us worse and every scar is still there. All I did was throw my 2000.00 dollars away. It is not worth it!
Hi Kimmie, sorry to hear your dermabrasion did not meet your expectations. Has the dermabrasion at least softened some of the scarring? Or does it look like zero change?
Any more updates, Kimmie63?
Sorry about your latest update, hopefully collagen is still building and will get better. Thank you for sharing your story.
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