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Ok I'm a short and athletic chick. I work out but...

Ok I'm a short and athletic chick. I work out but I eat whatever I want I'm not going to pretend I'm some health nut but I do enough to be in a healthy range in medical standards. I live in Florida and everybody wears shorts but I don't because I hate the back of my legs and rear.

So I finally decided to do the procedure on Feburary 4th. The numbing hurt like a bad dog but it was expected but once it was numb I didnt feel a thing I fell asleep and drooled a bit to be honest. It lasted 2.5 hours, three sheets worth, one and a half on each leg but I'm short so it covered a lot of area.

Didn't have much drainage or at least I don't think I did because I the padding absorbed it all; plus the girls at all office rolled a lot of the fluids out my legs before bandaging me up. Went home napped and hung around the house I was able to walk fine. I'm just sore and sleepy. The soreness is really from all the bruising but it's barely but I'm not dropping it like its hot either.
Now I play the waiting game.....

Two week and change.... Bruising almost all gone....

Two week and change.... Bruising almost all gone. I'm required to wear the compression 24/7 for six weeks so I'm not sweating wearing shorts yet. The scabs are barely forming so I'm not doing crazy gym activities out fear that I can pull the scabs and scar horribly. But on that note I'm able to run up stairs and lightly jog with zero issues but with that two week break has me easily winded; probably also that something to do with my healing too. Around this time I'm already feeling the itchiness and the lumps but it's all normal everything will eventually stop itching and the lumps will soften. The sharp pains happen but that's all the nerves reattaching so it's something I'll never get used but has to happen. I'm still tend if I smack or roll myself against something like bumping into furniture or getting out of the car. Visually like everyone else on this board, i looked good with the swelling because it smoothed everything out but the reality was once the swelling was gone results disappeared as well, but honestly I do see some improvement on the back of my thighs already but my butt on the other hand looks the same. Fingers crossed and hope for good ju ju. : )

6wk post op I'm finally given the go to no longer...

6wk post op
I'm finally given the go to no longer wear the compression but I occasionally wear it for support and the doctor recommended it too. I wear it during the evenings because I still swell in the evening and after excessive jarring. I run on and off but its bearable most because I feel sore. It's the same sensation as if was still bruised. Then my legs have a mild case of Hemosiderin but since I have a yellowish complexion any ways it doesn't show that bad and I think a tan would easily cover it up until it goes away. I'm slightly discouraged as of right now because I don't have any results yet but I'm trying to be optimistic but I hate playing the waiting game.

3 months and waiting

Post op 3 month mark. as of this point I can say I look exactly the same, zero results. It's very discouraging; since I'm being optimistic about it I'm not changing my decision just yet. Perhaps I'm one of those late healers and I'll start seeing results at the 6 month mark like other surgeons have mentioned, shoot to be honest I would even take results at the one year mark. It would at least make me feel better at this point. I'm still blotchy on one leg from the Hemosiderin but leg make up or tan in a can are my best friends to cover it up a bit until it's reabsorbed again. It's an expensive lesson learned but all I can say is I have tried it all. :'(

6 Months Post OP

6 months post op and I can say WTF, I could have used my money on something else. With the doctor's before and after shots you can tell my cellulite has worsen; I rather have no results than a crappier outcome. :( She saw it herself and not denying it either she was a loss of words; which made me feel even crappier. She mentioned that the body is still changing and there is still a possibility that my collegen can thicken up a bit more in a years time. I'm trying to be optimistic but I'm willing to wait the full year before I make a final judgement call.

She also told me that after a years time she can go over it with the laser again for a more skin tightening effect but the pain and money is not really not adding up. On a final note which kinda irked me was that she suggested that I should do a lot of squats....really I'm an avid runner and I do a lot of leg strengthening but I'll add extra butt and leg days just to prove that I am putting the effort for excellent results. Unfortunately the results are not that great if not horrible.
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:( So sad to hear your update. Thank you for posting it though. More squats? Ugh.

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Thank you for your update. Hope all gets better soon and you start seeing the results that you want. I would definitely hate the wait to see results also.
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Hey Shorty02, Just wondering are you happy with your results so far. Thanx for any updates you can share.
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Your doctor has you wearing the garment for 6 weeks? Mine only said 2 - which ended yesterday. Now I am confused ....
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Hi Shorty! Thanks for the review! Please keep us posted!
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Hope you get some relief soon. Please keep us posted with how you feel about your results.
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How are things feeling now that you have a few more days of recovery behind you?

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I look worse than what I feel leg wise because I still have to some major bruising on one side, but that's due to me sleeping on that side. I'm really tender on some spots while other remain numb on others. I feel fine I think i can run already but I really want the incisions to properly close and the scab to fall off before I get too crazy. I been walking and doing my normal bit since day 2 just feel sore and achy when on my feet or on my bum for too long. I swell up a bit. Oh and every time I sit on the toilet seat it remains me dearly what I did, also when my purse bums on my sides and trying to get out of your car without rolling your flesh around, but other than that it's the wait game. I'm good; it will be worth when I start seeing the results.
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It sounds like you are keeping a really good attitude about the discomfort and limitations that come with healing. Hoping it is all worth it in the long run! Looking forward to hearing how things go between now and then. :)

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@HappyGrrl I got the whole back side of my thighs and a few small areas on the sides and the lower half of my butt. @Lawlady77 There is only one here in Jax and only one certified to do it; there are two more in Florida but it's down south but I'm not going to do that commute. All I'm going to say is do your homework and be reasonable with your expectations. My journey just started.
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Congrats. I want to get this done but I am hesitant. Can you please advise what office did your procedure in Jax? I've called around but have only been able to find one. Keep us updated on your progress. Thank You.
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Hi Shorty02! Congrats on getting the procedure done :) Did you have the back of legs and the butt or other areas also done?
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