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Dr. Duffy and Barbara have been great so far. They...

Dr. Duffy and Barbara have been great so far. They have taken much time to explain everything to this nervous Nellie. I had my preop appointment this week, and will go shopping for my bras, panty liners for bra, and fill my prescriptions. Surgery is a week from today! Will update next week after surgery.
Wow! You scheduled immediately like I did! I knew what I wanted and booked my surgery! So close!
Good luck girl!!!!! Hope all goes well and u feelblike a new woman..... :) cant wait to see ur after pics
Thank you so much! I'm a nervous wreck, but am so excited! One week to go....

Day of Surgery: 4 hours post-op

I'm feeling a little sore, but the pain pills (hydro codone 5, acetaminophen 325) are working great. No nausea and I have phenergan supps just in case. Dulcolax for possible constipation. So far, I'm feeling great. My breasts seem rather large, but I know they will reduce down after swelling is past. I go for stitch removal on Friday ( surgery was today-Wednesday) and I will get more details about which size he went with, etcetera. I picked a range, with Dr. Duffy free to use his professional judgement once he was "in there." I trust his artististic, and surgical experience. I will update as I know more! I'm so excited and already feel sexier! Lol
Congratulations Sweetheart, I'm so happy you were able to give yourself this wonderful gift! I'm sure you feel like a new woman & you deserve it. If you don't mind what size & type of implants did you go with? I'm glad your pain meds are working for you & that your recovery is going well. I look forward to seeing how your journey progresses & I hope everything heals well.
Thanks so much! Mine were 500cc high profile mentor. I'm 5'9 14th a with a wide chest. I can't wait for the finished look! I go tomorrow to get bandages off. This is the second day, which I've heard is the worst. There's really no pain (thanks meds), just a heavy feeling.
That is 140 pounds, lol

48 hours PostOp

I had the bandages removed today. Got my first look at the new breasts, and I think I am going to love them. Dr said everything looks good. Pain is practically nonexistent, and the heavy feeling from yesterday has gone away. I'm only taking Tylenol now. If I can figure out how to post a picture with my new phone, I will. I'm swollen, and still high, so my nipples look low ( and rough with the strips and stitches.) This will resolve in time and I am sure they will look great.
I went back to work 5 days after and wore Geni bra or something similar, kind of like a sports bra. I did not tell anyone. I do not think any customers have noticed. Wish you well
Any tips on keeping the girls on the "qt" when I go back to work? I haven't told my coworkers. I've never had to buy shirts to down play my breasts before! Lol
I would maybe buy some of those eternity scads they wrap around & really hide your chest. I depends on what type of clothing u are allowed to wear. They have 2 for about 9 bucks at Walmart, that's another way to down play your breasts some. I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers, that your week will go by fast & that your body will feel better & better with each passing day. I will pray that people won't notice or ask u lots of questions. Also if u do something different with your hair that can distract people from your chest. I really like the scarfs they just completely play down my breast. Best of luck xoxoxoxo

Day 8 Post-Op

Day 8, and I'm still high and swollen. I left my Tylenol at home yesterday, and went the whole work day with no pain meds. Towards the end of the day I was feeling uncomfortable, but tolerabke. I won't forget them again!
My breasts feel tight and heavy in the morning, I'm still sleeping at a 45 degree angle.
I have a date on Saturday, so I'm a little nervous. It's only my second date with this guy, and the first date was a month ago, so I'm hoping he won't remember what I looked like before BA. Lol.
I'm debating whether to show them off in a low cut sundress or cover them up, since they're still pretty high and hard. I'm putting a picture of a sundress; opinions please?
I get my stitches out tomorrow. I'm kind of dreading seeing the scars... I'm enjoying my new look, and can't wait until they drop and fluff!
You look fabulous, I think you should show them off....who knows where they will be on the next date! You look amazing & I think the dress is classy! I hope you have a wonderful 2nd date & enjoy those girls :) Thank u for sharing!
I agree with clippinchick. Show them when you're ready. Or, wear a light cover up and smile every time you sneak a peek downward or see yourself in the restroom mirror to make yourself feel good. I can't wait to donate tops that don't fit and fill out others. It's all for ME. We just wanna feel sexy to ourselves first. Enjoy your date and your dress honey
Yes! I am ready to debut them. Lol. Before I was so flat chested a lower cut dress didn't look very sexy or draw attention. Ahem. Now, we will see. I'm 57, so I don't want to dress too young, however. Thanks for your encouragement!

Day 10 Post-Op

Today I awakened, and for the first time, didn't reach for the Tylenol bottle!
Had a follow-up appt with my Dr. yesterday, and everything's going well.
I was told my fruit of the loom sports bra was too loose (felt ok to me- I traded up a size because the smaller one was too tight...oops), and it was really important that I support the breasts while they are going though this healing/shaping phase.
So I went to Dillard's and was fitted for a Wacoal Sports bra. I immediately felt the comfort and support! I slept in it last night, and think that is why I was pain free this morning. It was expensive ($58), but worth it. Even if I can't wear it when my swelling goes away, it is still worth it for proper support for heaking.

I was also told, no exercise for at least 4-5 weeks to allow the delicate sutures around my areola to heal with minimal scarring. It was hard to hear, but I will do it for the best outcome. I will exercise in my mind, I guess. Lol
So, still haven't decided what to wear on my date tonight. Hahaha. I think I'm going to go midrange on cleavage and tightness. Moderation is key, don't you think?
No more antibiotics to take! Yay!
Hi Narcy, Congratulations! You look great for being so early in the healing process. How did the date go? What did he wear? And what size implants did you end up getting? So many questions! Be sure to respond in an "update" to your review! Hope you are doing well!
Cute bra honey. Looks comfortable! Expensive? Yes but gotta do whatcha gotta do for the boobies :-)! Enjoy your date no matter what you wear
Yes, it was expensive for me. ($58) I've never spent that much for a bra before! But after the investment I've made , I can't be penny wise and dollar foolish. I think it's kind of matronly-looking, but in a couple of months I can wear the sexier styles! Patience.....
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Duffy spent plenty of time explaining the procedure and answering my many questions. He even made me laugh in spite of myself.

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