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It's not easy for me to write about my experience....

It's not easy for me to write about my experience. Ordinarily I'm a very shy, private person. Back in 1980, I had just weaned my first baby. I wasn't happy with how my breasts looked, wasn't happy with my job, wasn't getting along with my husband. My solution..get breast implants. A decision I have regretted everyday since. I've thought about getting them removed on and off for years. A couple of months ago, mammogram showed the right implant was leaking. It was the push I needed to start the process. I started doing research, found this site and can honestly say reading everyone's journey is what has given me the courage to see a PS and schedule surgery. My explant is planned for 10/3. The doctor recommended explant, removal of capsules and lift. I'm looking forward to it being over with and getting on with life. The implants are Dow Corning silicone, over the muscle. The PS said he can almost guarantee they are both leaking and that it will be a mess to fix. Yikes..glad I'll be asleep. Anyway, thanks to all who have shared. I'll update as the surgery date gets closer.


Good luck with your upcoming surgery! I had my saline under the muscle implants removed and full capsulectomy with no lift 9 weeks ago, and it was the best thing I ever did!
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Thanks for your good wishes. I only hope my results are as good as yours. But, at this point, I just want it over with and to be able to look forward to the holidays with it behind me.
Thanks for sharing your story! Best of luck to you, please keep us posted.
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Waiting is over.

I had the explantation yesterday morning. Went into the surgeon's office at 6:45 and left at 11:45. Everyone in the office I came in contact with was super nice and caring. I don't remember too much as I had general anesthesia. The doctor told my husband it was a real mess, thick calcifications that would have prevented a mammo or MRI from being able to spot cancer. I've got drains that are supposed to be removed on Monday. I was in a lot of pain yesterday and pretty much slept all day and night. This morning I feel much better, more sore than pain. Never did have any nausea, thank God. My husband is the best, waits on me, worries about me and loves me unconditionally. The worst is over, now I can concentrate on healing. A big thank you to all you ladies who have so honestly shared you're experiences. You're the reason I got up the courage to do this.


Congrats! Glad the surgery is done. Rest well and let your body heal.
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Congratulations on your surgery. Mine is next week. I also have silicone over the muscle. Had your implants ruptured? I am starting to get cold feet. Hope you are feeling well considering the ordeal.
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Honestly, I don't remember what the surgeon said after the procedure. I'll have some questions for him when I go in on Monday morning. I am feeling remarkably well all things considered. As far as cold feet go, I was having doubts driving to the office yesterday morning. But now there's nothing but a great feeling of relief. I can't see what I look like yet due to the bandages and drains. Guess that'll have to wait until Monday too. I will say a prayer that things go well for you. All the best.

One week post-op

I saw my PS yesterday and had the drains removed which was a relief. I tried to keep my expectations realistic for how I'd look but, after the bandages came off, I was shocked. My breasts are sunken in above the nipples significantly. The doctor said to try not to be depressed about how I look now that in 4-6 months there would be a lot of improvement. Physically, I feel fine and don't regret having the surgery. Both implants were ruptured and apparently had been for many years. There was silicone all the way under my armpits and a lot of cleaning out to do. Trying to focus on being healthy and staying positive and not looking under my compression bra every 5 minutes.


So glad you got your drains out. I also just mine out. So much easier to wear something without drains.
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you will see improvements weekly! Stay positive; you are only 1 week post-op. I'm 8 weeks out and still seeing changes! Hang in there!
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Excuse me while I briefly vent. 33 years ago, my PS told me that my Dow-Corning implants would last my lifetime. Since then, I've seen my OB-Gyn yearly. I've had a yearly mammograms from age 40 til present. Not once has anyone suggested I have an MRI of the breasts to check for rupture or that implants don't last a lifetime. Wouldn't you think that when you go somewhere that's focused strictly on breast health, where you're asked how long you've had implants, it would be mentioned? I blame myself also, I should have been more pro-active. I figured they looked and felt the same/normal and no one said anything different. So now I've had the implants removed. My PS says they had been ruptured for at least 25 years. There was so much calcification, no mammogram could have ever picked up cancer. Luckily he did many biopsies which were all negative. But, what if they weren't?


I totally agree! Over 27 years no one mentioned I should have a MRI. When I told my lady that has done my mammogram for years that PS thought they were ruptured and for a long time, she just says I am sure they are. Well, no one told me! They just kept creeping up my chest and hard that I decided on my own to go to PS and check it out. Good thing I did.
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