Best decision, ever!

So, today is exactly 2 weeks before surgery! I'm...

So, today is exactly 2 weeks before surgery! I'm so nervous, excited and anxious yet really ready! I've been reading lots of literature on post op and post op recovery time lines. My plastic surgeon and I have decided on 350cc high profiles, under the muscle. Right now I'm a 34A I'm hoping that'll bring me to a 34-36C. :) I'm going back this Thursday because I thought of a million more questions for the Dr. ?love & ( . )( . )'s!!

So my 2nd consult is tomorrow at 4:15! I have a...

So my 2nd consult is tomorrow at 4:15! I have a zillion questions all stored in my phone so I don't forget a single one. :) I'm thinking I deff want to be a full C for sure. I've saved pictures of breasts I 'like' to my iPad so I can show the PS what I'm looking for! I hope he doesn't think I'm crazy. :P

I had my 2nd consult yesterday and I asked all of...

I had my 2nd consult yesterday and I asked all of my questions. I love my Dr & his staff! They are so nice!! I'm so worried about size. I really don't want to be TOO big for my size. I'm thinking the 375cc would bring me to a full C, small D, which is exactly what I want! The Dr said he will do sizers in surgery, I trust him to get me the look I want. 11 days and counting down! So nervous!

Thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf! Have you read Walnut Creek's post about her augmentation experience yet?

Please keep us posted throughout your transformation.


10 days, ladies! I keep having nightmares that my...

10 days, ladies! I keep having nightmares that my new boobies will look crazy or that something will happen in surgery. I know neither will happen but my mind is just out there right now! I'm wondering if I could possibly have a reaction to the silicone I chose..considering I did have a reaction to silicone contacts once? Uh oh. There goes my mind again!

Nineee days! So, I've changed my mind on cc once...

Nineee days! So, I've changed my mind on cc once again. I'm going for 400cc (high profile, silicone, unders.) In hopes that will bring me to a full C/ small D look. Ive heard you lose some cc going under the muscle so I think this will work out perfectly. :) The surgeon will do sizers in surgery just to be sure they look proportionate, I trust his judgement! Anyone with my stats get the same and how do you like them? What size are you now?
Hey girl! I'm so excited for you! I had the same battle about size before my surgery... Everyone told me go big! I ended up with 375 HP ( up from 325 MP I had originally decided on) and here I am post-op 5 days wishing i would have bumped up to 400ccs! Im super excited about my results and love how I look but I think I would hve loved 400'too! I didn't want a huge boob look and when I'm dressed you can't even tell I had anything done which sorta irritates me after spending all that money but bottom line I would stick with 400!! Take a look at my pictures if you want! Good luck!
Thank you! I think I'm going to do 400cc! Ah, such a big decision!! :)))
Wooo hoooo Im sooo exited for you and at the same time jelaous of u cuz ur date is right here mines is sooooo far away yet! :( my big day is April 22 I want to cry... Lol but i had to wait till that date because is when I was able to get vacation from work! Good luck to u sweety n God bless u!!! Post before n after pocs for us please!!! Xoxo

Okay guys, 6 more days. I went to the surgeons...

Okay guys, 6 more days. I went to the surgeons office this afternoon to try on sizers. Again. I have decided on, with much help from the girls at the office & the Dr, FINALLY 375cc!!! I should post a pic of the sizer for opinions. :)

I just got home from getting most of my supplies...

I just got home from getting most of my supplies for recovery. I put up a pic of my 'recovery corner' Haha. I got:
1) A red wedge pillow thing, it actually really comfy!
2) Cotton sports bras, one zip up front and one regular. And of course a super cute pink lacy one for fun later.
3) Arnica gel
4) Tylenol
5) Palmers stretch mark lotion (just in case!)
6) Neosporin
7) Healthy pre-made meals
Anything I'm missing, ladies?
Wow I think u are set! I will look for the Arnica gel on walgreens to see if I find it...I wish u the best and im glad u made ur mind on ur size. Keep us posted to all of us that are following your journey sweetie! :)
Yay! Congrats on deciding your size! That much closer! Your surgery will be here before you know it! I'll be following your progress!!
I'm really excited MissMae. I think the 375s are perfect! I hope the sizers are true to the implants. I'll be posting updates the whole way!

2 days. And I'm starting to freak out. I'm really...

2 days. And I'm starting to freak out. I'm really worried about the surgery. :/ I don't like the thought of it. I've been keeping myself busy by cleaning my entire house, including the fans and my two dogs and cat. Haha. Washing laundry for afterwards and grocery shopping for easy/healthy meals. Btw, I've lost 6lbs since starting this! Whoop. :) I still wonder if I made the right decision about size.. I guess we'll see after surgery.
Woo hooo im so exited for you! I cant wait for those after pics!!! Good luck! :)

Today is the day! I'm at the surgery center...

Today is the day! I'm at the surgery center waiting to be called back. I think the worst part right now is my nerves and the fact that I haven't eaten or had a drink since 10:30 last night and it's going on 1:30pm. I'm thirsty! Ill update once I'm on the other side! Xoxo.
Wooo hooo Im praying for u and waiting on u to update after surgery yeiiii !!!! Amy

I'm on the other side, I have boobies! :) But let...

I'm on the other side, I have boobies! :) But let me tell you, I'm not going to sugar coat this! After surgery sucked!!! I threw up SIX times. I couldn't keep anything down for more than minutes! I havent tried to eat yet this morning, im nervous itll come right back up! :( Other than that I've been fine. Pain has been manageable. I've only taken three 160mg Tylenol since. I have barely slept though! Between this tight ace wrap and having to sleep sitting up I maybe got 2 hours. I'm not supposed to take the wrap off for a week, ugh, except for showers. More updates to come after I actually see my new boobies later today!
Congrats good luck keep us updated I have less than 24 hours before my surgery. excited

I saw my new boobies for the first time last night...

I saw my new boobies for the first time last night before my shower! They look great, I have a teeny tiny bruise in between my breasts but nothing other than that. I'm deff riding high right now, haha. Lefty is more sore and tight than righty for sure. I have to wear this stupid tight annoyingly hot ace wrap for a week. Argh! I've been doing well with pain management, yesterday afternoon the pain did get a little intense so I took 4ml of my prescribed Roxicet and it knocked me out for a good 3 hours. :) Sleeping sitting up is a bit of a challenge. I have my wedge and like 18 pillows all around me. Was it hard for anyone else to sit up alone & reach for things? I'm finding it rough on my chest muscles to sit up and reach out my arms! Ouchie! Pics soon, ladies!
I had trouble sitting up from a reclined position for a few days. It was easier if I could either pull myself up to my husband's hand or if I could get ahold of the sheet or something to pull up. I had a lightweight water bottle with a long bendy straw on a TV tray right next to me, so luckily I didn't have to reach far! My right one in particular would sometimes feel weird, almost like a "popping" or shifting sensation, when I would move my arm just right. If you've got someone there to help you, don't hesitate to ask 'em for help with whatever you need!
Yes it was a bit uncomfortable trying to sleep sitting up
Goodluck! You'll do great!

Post op day 3 and a half. Today was pretty good! I...

Post op day 3 and a half. Today was pretty good! I have a lot more range of motion and much less pain. Morning&after nap boob sucksss, I'm always so stiff and sore. I can't wait to take this ace wrap off! I feel some interesting things going on in there. Little gurgles and pops here and there. Weird! I have my post op this Tuesday! Fingers crossed everything's healing well! :)

Hey guys! I'm 12 days post op now and feel...

Hey guys! I'm 12 days post op now and feel amazing! I have no pain, full range of motion and love love my boobies!! They are still sitting high but I kind of like it. ;) I had my first post op appointment a few days ago and had my stitches removed (which I actually enjoyed? Weird?) and got the okay to burn, I mean take off, my ace wrap. Hehe. :) I was told to massage as well. My fiancee thouroghly enjoys doing that for me!! I've been sleeping on my side for a few days now but still wake up pretty stiff and sore. How long does morning boob last?

Omg! I forgot to mention I was goofing around at...

Omg! I forgot to mention I was goofing around at Victorias Secret and I asked to be measured, justttt to see what size I was at a week PO! The associate said I was a 32DD, mine and my friends jaw dropped! Needless to say, I walked out of the store smiling ear to ear.

I haven't updated this in a while! Sorry ladies!...

I haven't updated this in a while! Sorry ladies! Let me start off by saying, getting a BA was the best decision I've ever made! I'm now over 2 and a half months post op and completely back to normal. I've been working out regularly at the gym, jogging, whatever I want. The Dr gave me the go ahead to get some underwire bras at a month out. Whoop! I guess I progressed & healed quickly! Im officially a 32DD!!! I do have an appointment tomorrow to address some pain in my right boobie. The outer side seems to be sore these past two weeks. I'm wondering if I'm sleeping on it weird? Maybe it's more nerves waking up, I don't know, that's why I'm going to the PS! I'll keep you all updated. Xo.

Best decision I've ever made. <3

Well ladies. I feel amazing! I feel and look great. My confidence & self esteem are through the roof! I've lost 20lbs and my new boobies helped! They gave me the motivation to stick to it and loose the weigh. :) Oh. Addressing the pain in the side of my right boobie. It's gone! PS said to massage more to desensitize, it worked. If anyone has any questions, let me know, I'm open and available! Xx.
Hi. You look amazing. How tall are you? My 325 cc feel huge on me, think I should have gone smaller - don't want to be a DD ;) Also I see so many complaints of not being able to really run, etc at same speed as before BA. Are you able to? Thanks for any feedback!
Thank you. :) I'm 5 foot and three quarters, lol. No! I'm sure 325cc is great! Give yourself some time to heal & get used to them, you'll love them! I able to do everything I did before BA except push ups, haha.
congrats!, I cant wait till I can start working out and stop the antibiotics so I wont be so bloated...

7 mos and 2 days post op.

Still currently the best decision I've ever made. :) The girls look great in everything. I can play them up or down too. ;) I'm using Mederma to help with my scars, it's slowly working. Good luck to anyone with upcoming BA surgery! X
I just came across your review, and I'm so glad you shared your experience. I'm sorry it's been a struggle but I hope things are well now and your BF liked them! I plan to lean towards smaller rather than bigger, I would be upset if they turned out too big because that's not my goal, but you are right everyone here ends up with boob greed so it is confusing. Thanks for your thoughts on that. :)
I was worried my 400cc would be too big but they are literally perfect. Trust your doctor and get opinions. :) You'll look great!
Just wanted to let you know that I met Dr Desai today. And I loved him!! He was great. Made me feel very comfortable. He was my third and final Dr I consulted with. I have to make my decision by next week. I'll be meditating and making a pros and cons list to decide which Dr I will be choosing. We'll see. Im do excited I get to start my own review next week!!! :-)

10 months later.

The boobies are amazing, still. I can't believe I've had them for 10 months! I feel like I was just at the surgery center yesterday. I haven't had one problem and have been happy the whole time. :) Oh! On a side note, the new girls gave me the motivation to get off my butt and make myself look better. I lost 30lbs!! Thanks for all of your nice comments ladies. Happy boobs to everyone! Xo
Thank you! And congrats on losing 30lbs, wow!
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