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Hi ladies. I am so excited to announced that I am...

Hi ladies. I am so excited to announced that I am soon getting my implants!! I have wanted to have this done since my first child was born.   Well. 3 children and 8 years later, I'm finally going to do it! Now is actually more perfect than ever because I have had my tubes tied, so no worries on messing the new girls up! Lol. I hope to have them installed ;) by no later than mid March. I am very excited since I have been so embarrassed about how they look after 3 kids, and nursing 2 of them. I was a full B before having kids, and a very small, very flat/saggy B now. :( But I don't have much longer and I can barely contain my excitement as is. And I have several weeks (at most) to wait! I hate to see how I will be the last week. Haha. Probably won't be getting much sleep I'm sure. Well, any comments or questions or even advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! Here's a list of supplies you might want to consider before your big day. Please keep us posted!

Thank you Angie! I will definitely keep my story updated. :)

Hey. I'm back! :) Still waiting on my tax...

Hey. I'm back! :) Still waiting on my tax return so I can get the girls installed. Lol. I can't wait. I'm so excited! I talked sister last night and she told me she is getting a pair this month too. Eeeeeeee! I'm I the only one who wants them so bad that I dream about it every night? Haha. Well, taxes should be back soon and then I'll make my appointment. Whoo hoo!

Well. It should only be a couple more weeks till...

Well. It should only be a couple more weeks till I set my appointment. I just got over a terrible cold and have to wait until I have no more congestion before I can have surgery. I'm going to wait until then to say the appointment. I sure don't want to lose any deposit because I'm not totally well and can't get put under. So excited tho! I can't wait! Whoo hoo!
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I chose Dr. Csikai because out of the 7 consultations I went to before and after him, he was the one whom I felt most comfortable with and he we very professional. I was very pleased with the way he took his time to talk with me and explain every detail that I asked about. I am confident he will please and all of his work looked amazing. I also love that he originally quoted me at 6,200. (I have to have a unilateral lift) and when his staff found out I got a quote for the same procedure for 4,750 from a different PS They spoke to him and called me back offering to do the procedure at the same cost. And what's more, he told me if I was unhappy with the results for any reason after the surgery and my implants had settled, that he would revise them at no extra cost to me! Now that's what I call confidence and great business. I can't wait to get my boobies! EEEEEEEEEE! Procedure: HP Smooth Silicone Mentor Memory gel 500cc unders with crescent lift on one side. ( A mouthful I know. Lol. )

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