33 Years Old, 3 Beautiful Children, and Finally Getting my BA! Jacksonville, FL

I'm taking the plunge! My surgery is scheduled...

I'm taking the plunge! My surgery is scheduled for August 27th. I have been wanting to do this for my entire adult life. I've always been a small 34A at 5'6" weighing about 125. It's never been a good time. I wanted to wait until after we had children and now after breastfeeding my three girls for a year each (oldest is 5 now and our twins are 2) it's my time! I went to three consultations and settled on Dr. Ankit Desai. I'm planning on getting 350 cc silicone under the muscle. I want a really natural look and am terrified of getting them too big. I am having some serious anxiety over choosing the size. I'm looking for a full B or small C I think. EEEK!

CC Anxiety

All I keep thinking about is if 350cc is going to be too big. I really want to look natural. In fact, I would be thrilled if most people didn't even know I got this done! My ps said that you lose about 50cc going under the muscle so I keep walking around with rice sizers on equaling about 300cc. I don't want the mistake of going too big and of course don't want any regrets either about going too small. I'm wondering if 300cc would look better on me.

Back to sizers...

I've been a nervous wreck about choosing a size. I really don't want to go too big. I'm even losing sleep over this. I've become obsessed with searching for before and after picture of women with similar stats. I almost asked a random woman on the street what size bra she wore! Thank goodness my common sense intervened. I emailed the lovely coordinator at my doctor's office and she happily is fitting me for another chance to try on sizers. We're going to do this at my pre-op appointment on the 22nd. I think I just need to relax until then! I feel like this decision has taken over my life. Anyone else have this much anxiety over sizes?

Pre-op appointment

I had my pre-op appointment this afternoon and my patient coordinator took just about all of my anxiety away. She went over all of my paperwork and gave me my prescriptions. (I dropped them off at my pharmacy on my way home just so I can get everything in order) After all of the signatures and last minute questions, I tried on sizers again. I'm feeling pretty confident with my choice of 350 HP but I'm going to bring my wish pictures with me to the surgery just to review with my surgeon. My only fear is they will be a little too big but I'm going to leave the amount up to him. I made 20 freezer meals this last week and I'm going to catch up on all laundry and clean the house on Monday and Tuesday. I'm picking my mom up at the airport on Tuesday and she'll be staying with us for a little over a week. All of the details are taken care of...it's getting exciting!


My husband and I arrived at the surgery center early Wednesday morning and the nurses were extremely kind. Once I was ready, my surgeon came in and went over the surgery and what to expect. I voiced my concern about going to big and he took the time to review the look I wanted and we decided to go down to 325 (originally thought 350). He never made me feel rushed and took all the time he needed to answer any questions my husband had. I really could not say enough great things about him and his staff. The anesthesiologist came in and talked me through the process and I don't remember anything else! I don't remember the operating room or anything until the nurse woke me up in recovery. I was a little sore in the recovery room so she gave me some more meds. I was really groggy the rest of the day. I couldn't keep any food or water down the rest of the day or day 2 so my Dr. called in some anti-nausea meds. They actually worked but I can't believe how much better I felt after I stopped taking the heavy meds. On day 3 I started switching to extra-strength Tylenol and I actually haven't taken any medication (besides my anti-biotic) since 5am this morning. I thought I would be more sore but I'm really not! The digestive issues were way worse for me than the actual pain from the surgery. My best advice to anyone who hasn't had this surgery yet is to stay ahead of the constipation and work out your lower body. I have been going to the gym about 5 times a week for the past 18 months and I really think that made a difference in my recovery. It really comes in handy to be able to use your leg and ab muscles. Now I just have to wait for them to drop. I don't see a difference in day 1 and day 4 but I feel so much better so I'm very happy about that! I'm hoping to be a small C. When do I get to wear a real bra? I'm in an ace bandage and I see my Dr. on Tuesday morning.


Post Op

I had a great post-op appointment the other day. Everything is healing just like it should and I feel great. I get a little worn down easier but I'm making sure to rest when I can.

New updates:
I got to take that awful ace bandage off and switch to a sports bra. I need to wear a sports bra almost all of the time except for showers.
I can sleep on my side or back.
I still cannot exercise for at least 2 more weeks.
Use anti-biotic cream on my incisions twice a day.

Three things that I think helped my recovery go well.
I started working out a lot about 18 months ago when I discovered that an hour of working at gym meant an hour of alone time since the gym has a daycare :) I work out about 5 times a week and I think my ab and leg strength really helped my recovery. It was a lot easier to get up and move around using my lower body.
I also started "training" the twins a few weeks before the surgery. I got a little step stool for the car, kitchen, and the bedroom for them to climb into (with assistance) the car seats, booster seats, and cribs. It wasn't stressful at all 3 days after my surgery when I started getting back into our routine.
Possibly most importantly, I started using the support system on this site. You ladies made such a huge impact on this entire process for me! I barely told anyone about having this procedure done so this support system was especially important for me.

2 Week Update

Feeling great. My breasts, especially my nipples, are sore but its not too bad. The discomfort is just enough to remind me I just had a boob job! I'm looking forward to a time when they feel like mine and look more natural. I'm trying to be patient...I know it's so early and I just feel really grateful I finally did this.
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Desai and his staff. Every step of the procedure (consultation, anxiety over choosing a size, a plethora of questions emailed to his patient coordinator, the surgery and staff at the surgical center, and the recovery) my expectations for Dr. Desai have been exceeded. I have been impressed with every step! I went to two other consultations and even though I am sure they are wonderful doctors also, I feel so confident I chose the right Dr. for me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I feel like we are the same person....I am 32, same measurements and have a 5 years old and twin 22 month olds! Getting my BA on Jan 6th! Can't wait! You look great!
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I'm glad you found my review! Its always nice when you make a connection. I found girls with my same stats but not all the similarities we have! I didn't tell very many people at all about my surgery so I was really reliant on this site so feel free to ask me anything. My results will be a lot better by the time your surgery comes around. I'm only about two and a half weeks out and still tight. I think ill be a small 34c but I should be wearing a 32 band. That's the size I wanted but I'm a pretty conservative person. FYI, my first twin was an easy delivery and my second "got stuck" so we had an emergency C-section with her almost 2 hours later. That recovery was WAY worse than this recovery. This recovery was nothing compared to that.
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Great! I'll have to continue watching your updates on recovery. Both of my pregnancies were c-sections so I feel like this recovery won't be as bad....and I won't have two little gremlins to feed every hour :)
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You're right...physically it was a lot easier but the best part was, I could be completely selfish and just focus on recovering! Don't tell my husband, but I thoroughly enjoyed laying around the first 2 days :) Start practicing two weeks before your surgery with your twins. I got a little step stool for the car and for the booster seats at our kitchen table and we practiced me holding their hands and helping them get into the seats. That was a huge help after the surgery! They're 30 pounds now and I can't lift them for a few more weeks. Of course it does happen, but not often and I try to prevent it. They're good at climbing into my lab and snuggling instead. I did happen to have a flailing toddler in the middle of a parking lot and had no choice but to pick her up but that's not our norm...thank goodness!
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Good ideas.....I have a boy and a girl, then my oldest is a girl and very helpful. My boy is a huge climber so he is pretty self sufficient, but my youngest daughter will need some training :)
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I think you looking quite gorgeous they have a beautiful shape :) I made it one month post op :) I am loving mine ! Glad to hear you got to switch to a sports bra they are so much more comfortable and cute! Happy healing :)
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Thanks Nyki! You are so sweet and positive! Congrats on 1 month! Big difference? Mine are still tight. I know it's been less than 2 weeks so I'm not expecting any different but can't wait!
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You are welcome !!! It is hard to wait for that final result though I understand! Take care :)
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I'm glad everything went so well! I'm so glad u are free from the ace bandage! You're looking wonderful :) it will be really nice to see how you drop & fluff! It only gets better from here..... thank u for taking the time to share!
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Thanks for your encouragement...I can't wait to drop and fluff! They look like such porn star boobs now. I'm really looking forward to a natural look.
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Glad the post-op went well- you look fantastic! I get to go visit our doctor today, lol...one day we might run into each other!
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Is it bad that I'm hoping we do?! There is something nice and even easy about connecting with a stranger about something so personal! I'm so glad my surgery was so close to yours since we shared the same Dr. I've been so happy with Dr. Desai and his staff. Read your latest review...I'm counting down the days til the gym too! It's hard when it's part of your daily routine!!! Here's to happy healing. I'm happy everything is going well on your end.
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That's great to hear your appointment went well! And I love that blue bralette you look awesome in it!
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Thanks! I've never filled anything like that out before!!! They look a little like porn star boobs now but I know that's only temporary.
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Looking good! I would say you'd be okay with a sports bra for a little while. That's what was suggested to me to wear for the first week. I think you got just the size you wanted!!! Happy healing!
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I think you're right...I did! I can't wait until they look more natural. They are very tight still. I never realized how many stages there were to this procedure! I always assumed someone wanted a boob job and they just went it and got one :) So much more complicated!
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You look great!! You should be able to wear a sports bra now if you want to. I wasn't a fan of the ace bandage and switched to a cotton sports bra (with snap things up the front) after the first day. Just wait until you get to go bra shopping! Yesterday, I tried on some bathing suit tops and sports bras, and it was possibly the most fun I've ever had in that part of the store, lol. Hope your recovery continues to go well- good luck with the doc on Tuesday! :)
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Oh I'm so sick of that ace bandage!!! He said to keep it on until my appointment on Tuesday except for short showers. Do you think it would be ok to switch to a sports bra, front closure, just for a bit? SO sick of it!
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Ok Sweetheart I'm sorry sorry.... I honestly would follow his directions. If he told you to wear it I would keep it on. Maybe you can have someone help make it not as tight? I know it feels miserable. I'm surrounding you with positive healing thoughts & prayers for comfort! Hang in there love...Tuesday is almost here!
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Thanks, and I know you're right. I've saved all the money and done everything possible to prepare for this...shouldn't mess it up now especially since it's going so well! Thanks...I needed to hear it!
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I hesitate to say to lose the ace bandage if he told you otherwise, although I don't remember anyone telling me anything about the ace bandage. I think though the whole point is to kind of keep them in place and help push them down so they settle faster, so an hour or so of a nice comfy sports bra doesn't seem like it would hurt at all. After all, that's roughly the same time as 4 short showers in a day and he said that was allowed, right? Haha. :)
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Hey lady! Looking good so far!
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Thinking of you! How did surgery go yesterday? How you feeling? I had mine yesterday as well. Let us know how you are once you are up to it!!! Healing thought coming your way!!
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Thanks! I'm feeling so much better today...just discomfort really. How are you doing?
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I'm so glad you're feeling better! I'm so sick, I have this lovely head cold. I've been flushing my sinuses & taking vitamins. Hopefully this cold will pass soon. I'm so glad you aren't getting sick with the half a painpill anymore. I'm glad your healing well. It only gets better from here....
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