7 months out and more Time for phase 2 of this transformation. Mini TT in January!

Hello ladies... I have made the choice to get the...

Hello ladies... I have made the choice to get the body that I've been wanting for 3yrs now. I've been doing a lot of research for about a year now and found a Great Docter here in Jacksonville,FL that I feel will cater to my needs. I had my consultation on Jan. 21 and I'm scheduled for surgery March 28th.

Good Morning my BBL FAMILY.. I'm getting more and...

Good Morning my BBL FAMILY.. I'm getting more and more excited about many new body. I was jumping that someone could give me a muyahhh I'd everything that I would need to by. I've also been reading some blogs and see that a lot of you mention "drains" being removed. Why are drains being put into a lipo procedure. I thought they were used for TT only. Give me insight on that please. I'm 43 days away from my surgery and I'm counting down. Any advise and suggestions are welcomed plz...

Good morning BBL family... I just wanted to let...

Good morning BBL family... I just wanted to let everyone know how helpful reading the different post have helped me out. I really like reading how everyone goes through different issues and how they handle it. I still dont exactly know what I need to be buying for post op.. I dont want to over buy things that I will never use. I'm in desperate need of a list as soon as possible. I'm sure that they will probably give me one when I go in for my pre-op. But any suggestions before than would be greatly appreciated.

Much Love....

Good morning My BBL family. I've been reading more...

Good morning My BBL family. I've been reading more and more of you ladies post and I'm writing down more and more questions that I need to ask my PS. Like I've just found out about "aggressive surgery". I have to know about this and is it something that I need to be looking into getting. Also what kind and size garment that I need to be looking into buying. It's tuns of questions that I now have. Because I want the best butt possible. I've put on a couple more lbs cause I want him to give me what I wish for. I am kind of nervous that my stomach want be as flat as I want it to be though cause of that stubborn pouch. Well I'm still counting down the days. My pre op is on the March 18. That's when I think that my nerves gonna kick in. How far out do you have to be to get lab work done, because I just had my annual physical and lab work done January 21. Wondering can they use those results? Hmmmmm..... Well let me get back to reading some more post. Be Blessed BBL Family!!

Hey family.. I just took these pictures and I just...

Hey family.. I just took these pictures and I just can't wait to get rid of this body and get the 2013 edition. I really, really can't wait to see something new and different. Although my friend doesn't complain about it cause he loves me unconditionally. I'm doing this because I want my outside to match my inside,"BEAUTIFUL"....

Ok I've officially become a stalker of this site....

Ok I've officially become a stalker of this site. I'm wondering if any of you have any idea what 750cc or 800cc look like? It seems like everybody is getting 1000cc or more. Would less than 1000cc even make a difference? Just need to know cause I'm just a little over a month out and I've not come to the conclusion of how much I need. I'm also getting hips too. All suggestions are welcome. Or is that something I should just discuss with my PS. Plz help me my BBL family..

I was at work today and I started to freak out...

I was at work today and I started to freak out because I'm a receptionist on my job,so all I do is sit from 9-5 typing on a computer... I'm nervous that in gonna lesson my chances on a nice butt. No one on my job knows the real reason why I'm having surgery. I need help with this transition if anybody can help. I really prefer someone who does a lot of sitting on their job. How did you handle the seating part of the day. I'm seriously stressing about it.

Good morning BBL family.. I getting even more...

Good morning BBL family.. I getting even more excited now that I'm 32days away from having my new bottom. I've been keeping up with everybody's updates and find each and everyone of them helpful. You guys really help me personally on what to expect after surgery. Thanks and keep posting.....

Hey Sistah's.... I talked to my Dr. today and he...

Hey Sistah's.... I talked to my Dr. today and he answered all the lingering questions that I had. The only thing I found to be weird was that instead of the full body compression he uses biker shorts on the butt and a compression vest for the upper part of your body.. Hmmmmm!!! But at least I want have to wear any drains. So 22 more days til my big change.

I'm too addicted to this site.... I go to sleep on...

I'm too addicted to this site.... I go to sleep on it, wake up on it and browse it while I'm at work.. Too much!!!! I really don't have anything else to add. I'm just counting down the days waiting. Waiting on "BrwnSuga" to post something about her procedure and pics since we have the same Dr. Hope that she is recovering well and that everything went well with her surgery......

Just got the call that my from the Doc's office...

Just got the call that my from the Doc's office that my surgery has been bumped up to the 26th.

Had my pre-op this morning and shit just got real....

Had my pre-op this morning and shit just got real.. I'm now terrified to go thru with it. We went over everything that he's gonna do and the things that I need to have done. I sat there and sign my life away. I told him that next Tuesday my future will be in his hands. Got blood work done today and prescriptions filled. I'm so freakin nervous. He prescribed me some Ambein to take leading up to my surgery so that my nerves wouldn't be so shot. He told me that my outcome gonna look Awesome because I already have some projection and I'm getting hips also. 8 more days til I'm a new me. I need to start focusing on something else tho because this surgery is consuming me. Everybody that has been thru this have had beautiful results and I really like all of the insights and info that you all keep posting. Everybody goes thru different situations and different recovery,so I like reading about it all.

Having all kinds off anxiety attacks about the...

Having all kinds off anxiety attacks about the anesthesia( spelling ). This is my first surgery EVER and I'm scared and nervous now that I'm so close to actually going under. I think I did to much research on anesthesia that fucked me up. May cause death is what got me. I might start taking my Ambeins tonight just to calm my down.

Hello Ladies... Just wondering does drinking...

Hello Ladies... Just wondering does drinking pineapple juice really helps with swelling? I go in for surgery on Tuesday morning and was just wondering should I start drinking it today or is it worth it. Feedback plz.

Good morning to all of my sisters, I made thru the...

Good morning to all of my sisters, I made thru the surgery with no complications. My surgery lasted a lil over 2hrs, but I'm happy with my results. I'm waiting on my Bestie to get so she can get some pics. I didn't have a chance to buy the female urenal and I've been peeing everywhere. He said that I can get in the shower and run warm water over my body.No soap yet, I have to wash these garments cause they are bloody. Can't wait to post my pics and I need to no where can I buy a board from,plz....

Good morning.. The pain today is an 8. Stomach...

Good morning.. The pain today is an 8. Stomach pains from hell. Here a a few pics but not the best. I'm so swollen.

Woke up this morning burning up with fever and...

Woke up this morning burning up with fever and still in swell hell. My butt is extremely hard but I'm walking around good and and I haven't taken any pain meds since Wednesday. I haven't had anything to eat since tuesday either. Just been thirsty. Not draining at all and I don't know I'd that's good. Day 1&2i drained all day. Now nothing. . . is that good?

Hey ladies ..day 4 and I'm feeling ok. Still no...

Hey ladies ..day 4 and I'm feeling ok. Still no meds yet but my stomach is so knotted uo. I've been massages it as much as I can but nothing. I think that I'm pushing myself to fast. Mu butt is still holding on really good. I don't sit on it all all. Not even to go to the bathroom. I wish that my tummy would start showing me some sign that it is gonna go down soon. I'm even sleeping on a book to help with the shrinking... Anymore advice please help.

For the last two days my stomach feels like its...

For the last two days my stomach feels like its full of cement. Nothing's working. Maybe I need a professional massage. I don't know what's going on. Knots all over and Dr.Hardy's out off town. Plz help me lady's . In tears over here but my butt looks good.

Hello Sista's... Quick update. Thanks to the...

Hello Sista's... Quick update. Thanks to the advice of some of you,my stomach is feeling much better and has started to soften up some. I have my 1st appt.with my Dr.tomorrow since surgery cause he been out of the country. So much has happen and it sucks cause he wasn't available to help me thru it. Like I ran a fever day 2 and he wasn't here to advice me on why could I be running a fever. I took cold showers and kept a cold rag on my neck and four head until it broke hrs later. I also ended up with a yeast infection on my tongue ( so painful). Couldn't eat anything but yogurt for days.

I go back to work tomorrow before I see him and I'm wondering if that's ok because my work got my scheduled for return tomorrow. My appt being that evening after work. I have no clue as to how I'm gonna be able to sit down cause my left bin is way softer than the right one. It's still hard and hurts to put pressure on it even when I sit on a pillow. So I don't know how I'm gonna do it for 8hrs.

I have so many questions for my dr.tomorrow that he's gonna think that this is a pre op appt. loving my results though. He gave me the conservative booty that I wanted.just gotta loose some more waistline and stomach. I think that I'm trynna rush my results,but then I look at some of yall pics at 2 or 3 weeks post op and yall waistlines and stomachs are super skinny. As soon as I get the ok,I'm in the gym working on those 2 areas.. When I can get someone to take better pics I will post them.

Today was my first day back at work and everyone...

Today was my first day back at work and everyone is soo noisy as to where I been and whats going on with me. Too funny cause I made a sign and put up on my office door that I was out tending to Barbara, which is me,myself and I. Anyway, It was ok because i sat for a little while and I walked around alot. It didnt hurt, but my left butt cheek felt a lil wierd. Other than that it was ok. I do sit on a boppy pillow which is a must have cause it does keep the pressure off of you butt.

Too funny.... So I'm at work now as I'm typing...

Too funny.... So I'm at work now as I'm typing this. For the first time I'm wearing some revealing pants and here comes the questions. My boss lady just came in my office and asked me did I so something with my butt because it looks bigger. I dishonestly said"NO". I told her by my waistline shrinking, it just makes my butt looks bigger. I've been wearing maxi dresses since i been back so they really couldnt tell what I was working with. Too funny though and I just thought that I would share that with you all cause when some of yall go back to work and have curious co-workers like i so, They gonna stare and look at you from head to toe trynna figure it out.

Hello Ladies. I've checked on the massages and...

Hello Ladies. I've checked on the massages and I've found out that you really do need to have professional massage sometimes during your recovery and afterwards. I've scheduled my 1st one and I'm 30 days out today. I've decided that I would do one every other week. I was told that you should see results the same day. That's what the professional told me. So I will definitely keep my peeps posted on my futhering results. Believe it or not , I'm still very swollen and knotted up.

Saw Dr. Hardy this morning and he is very excited...

Saw Dr. Hardy this morning and he is very excited about how I'm developing. He assured me that as time go along,my bootay should fluff out even more cause it still hadnt soften all the way up yet. I kind of like it where it is now. Very conservative and nice., If it do continue to fluff over time, I still hope that it is conservative enough for my frame. I told him that if I'm not happy after my 140 days( that's how long he says it takes til everything to settle in place) I'm going under again. that's if my back don't tighten up. He just told me to be patient and let my body heal. I guess he knows best.

Had my 1st professional massage today and all I...

Had my 1st professional massage today and all I can say is after 2hrs of rubbing my body down, I couldn't hardly walk. I must say that I didn't know that I was still that swollen. Ashley told me that I was still very knotted up, which I know because I can feel it and Dr. Hardy had already told me so.I feel like she took another 2inches off my waistline. At my appt with Dr. Hardy the other day, I told him that I wasn't happy with my bra roll. Although its way better than they were, I'm looking for even better results. He told me that I was rushing and that I got to realize that I'm just a little over a month and too soon. He said that it takes up to 6 months to a year, so just be patient and start doing lite workouts. I say if I'm not happy let's say August! I'm going for round 2 Lipo to my back. .. I will be getting a massage bi-weekly to help smooth me out cause it really help if you can afford them. To my girl Nessytessy, that was me at the dr office and now that you mentioned it, I looked you in the face, but wasn't sure it was you because I've only seen you from the side. Just like you've only seen me from the side.

Hello Ladies... I woke up this morning and to my...

Hello Ladies... I woke up this morning and to my surprise my stomach doesnt look good at all. It's looking like the old stomach and I'm confused and I even cried a little. What the hell happen last night. I dont know if it's because I've been going to the gym and working on abs only. Maybe by my stomach muscles already wasnt healed and I'm adding all this extra pressure to it, has made it swell even more. I am going to cut out all exercising for a minute to see what it's gonna do. I refuse to post anymore pics right now cause I'm truly embarrased to do so. Any input on what you all think could be going on with me would be greatly appriciated. I'm soo upset and sad. I will start back putting heat on my belly started today and I think I need to buy a smaller garment today also. the more I can sqeeze in the better. I'm in a med. now so I think that I'll go to a small. Just really not pleased now. :(

7 months out and getting ready for a Mini TT in January!

It's been a minute since I've been on here, but I'm back and now preparing for a mini TT in January. Got to get rid of this pocket of skin that didn't retract after lipo. .
James E. Hardy

I didn't want to travel away from the city,so I just googled doctors in the city that did fat transfer. Only 3 plastic surgeons did it in Jacksonville,Fl. After consulting with all 3, I felt like Dr.Hardy would be the one that could give me the best results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Heyyyyyychile!!!! I'm thinking bout a mini TT too!!yesss I have pocket fat also :( well its almost feb now..so hopefully uve had ur wrk done..I randomly came on here&i saw ur post.well good luck Hun!
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That all white outfit though....BAD love it and your review. Now can I come relax in your tub lol. You really look amazing! I have a similar build as your pre op. So hoping for great results. Still looking for a doctor. And again if I can ever use your tub.... Holla :)
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Hello Laina757.. That white fit is the bomb. I hope that you find you a doctor soon if you haven't already found one cause it is a beautiful thing to have a butt. and look like mines have gotten bigger, Lol.... come get in the tub whenever you like cause I never use it, I'm a shower girl....
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It's good to hear u t happy with ur results tht can b so scary. U look good especially I loved the all white outfit I was wanting it myself. :-/ lol. So how long was it until u went back to work. How many days did u take off?
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Hey Gurl,,, So sorry I havent been on here in forever. I will post some pics this wknd I promise. My stomach is still doing its on thing as you will see. Some days it's flat as hell and other days it looks huge. But I will definitely be going to get a mini tummy tuck. He told me that I may have some loose skin and I do have a little, but I'm gonna keep working on that. I exercise everyday and I feel Great!!! How are you doing friend? I hope you are feeling well about you results. My Butt is Gorgeous and its fluffing out more and more each day.
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this process is a rollercoaster ride. Your results will be up & down until the 6-12mo mark. The gym is your friend. Don't quit the gym. You need to do cardio n strength training. We can't spot reduce. I wish you luck with your progress.
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Thanks for the advice and the encouragement..
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Don't worry you will be fine. It can be several things: increase in salt, less intake in water, monthly bloating, fluid retention, etc. best thing to do is tighten up and get moving be it with cardio or massages. It will go back down
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Ok and thanks for the advice. I will start doing that today because this is sad. Didnt know about the salt intake. Do you think that taking water pills will help?
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Girl yes for me try did. Make sure you are NOT eating a lot of processed foods and meals like frozen and cans. Eat a lot of fresh pineapple and watermelon. Fresh fruits and vegetables and increase your protein. Cleaning eating. I never realized bloating until after my surgery. My stomach is so small so I can tell more now.
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Very good advice BB2!
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Your booty is popping! Very nice projection
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Thank You for the compliment... I'm trying to keep that projection!!!
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im glad u had ur massage and I cant to see new pics of u and the smaller waistline. Did it hurt much while getting ur message with Ashley?
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Hello friend... It's almost time. My lst massage went great and I'm scheduled for another one on the 14th. I'm super depressed about my stomach this morning though. Soo big and swollen, I think that the exercising that I've been doing has back fired on me. I wish you luck with your sx tomorrow and I'll be praying for you. Hope that you had a Great Vacation!!!!
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Hello, your results are amazing. Question, how did you deal with the “questions” or “looks” given you so small then so big from co-workers after you went back to work?
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Hello inhiswill.. First of all, thanks for the compliments! As far as my work, the looks are what I'm experiencing at work. Everytime I move, they're staring at me. Trying to figure out what I had done, cause they think that I was having surgery on my female parts, Lol cause that's what I told the boss and a couple of my close co workers. My boss lady did work up the nerves to ask me had I had any work done. I strictly told her that that was a personal question and she respectfully agreed. They want to ask, but I come across like don't ask don't tell. Especially with an office full of women. Your business is just that, "YOUR BUSINESS"!
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Hey ladies here's the run down on the massage. They have 2 lymphatic massage techs now at the Massage Envy on 17(Ortega Area). Ashley and Sam). The thing is this. They only do 2hr lymphatic massages at the cost of $78. I think that that is still a good price for 2hrs. They work the procedure are for an hr 1/2 and the rest of the body for the remanding 30min. You do have to bring in a note from the Dr. stating that its okay for you to have this done or they want do it. I've scheduled my first one for May 4th. I like that they stay open til 10pm. In order to go in as a group you would have to sign up with a credit/debit card. So I opted out for that and just went with the $78. Ashley said that after each massage you should see less inches each time. If this is true I will definitely let you guys know and I will be getting one every other week. They are running a special in may for Mothers day rather you're a mom or not.
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Hi ms flbbl. Thank u for the update. I just had my labs done for dr hardy n hopefully all will b well. Preop still set for 4/29 will make sure i address the scriot w dr, then off to Vegas. Thank u for the update I will gv them a call not sure what day ill go since I ain't had sx yet. Hope all is well w u.
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Missingout0124 your're welcome and Have enough fun for me in Vegas baby. You got to be excited! Be safe out there girl.
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So to all of Dr. Hardy's beautys.. I just got off the phone with TY at Massage Envy who told me to call her back after 3pm because they are talking to a lymphatic drainage tech and hopes of hiring him. If so, if we all go in together on this, its a huge group discount from month to month. I'll post again after I speak with her again and let everyone know what's what.....
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PLEASE SAY it aint SO. Somebody pull my pants down and ram it from behind, lol. You are awesome. I pray this works out I hate the hunt. Please keep me in the loop.
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Good work hun! I'm definitely interested!
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Love your new pics! That story about your boss is funny! I already am getting emails from my close coworkers saying others are speculating what I had done! Oh well :)
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