finally did it!

I researched the lift and augmentation for TEN...

I researched the lift and augmentation for TEN years!!! I felt like I "knew too much" and could almost go in and perform one myself, Lol.

I am 5'4" and VERY athletic. I participate intriathlons and short distant running events. I weighed 150 in college and when I lost the weight over 20 years ago, my stomach bounced back but my breasts did not. But they weren't very saggy, just not perky.

I had my one son in 2003 and again, my stomach bounced back (not ONE stretch mark) but my breasts were another story.

I became extremely conscious when bending over. I knew if someone got a glimpse down my shirt, they'd be horrified. I cried in dressing rooms when trying on bras because I felt like they have all been made for girls that had their boobs done. UUUGGGHHH!!!!! When I worked out, I looked like I was flat chested because I was able to roll everything up into a SMALL sports bra. For me, the more I could squish it in, the better I was in competing without them bouncing around.

But I was scared. Scared of going under and leaving my family, scared of the unknown, scared of complications, scared of opening up a 'can of worms'.

My husband and son would tell me I am beautiful but my husband would also tell me he would support me in any journey I felt I needed to take.

Another obstacle I had for years was picking up and carrying my son. I would NOT get this elective surgery while I was still able to pick him up and carry him and love on him! I would not sacrifice six (or more weeks) of losing that. So when my son turned 8, and weighed over 55 lbs, I decided it was time to go on some consults.

I had my full anchor lift and augmentation on June 30th, 2011. I am less than 3 weeks post op but feel very good. I have been in the gym since PO day 8 riding the stationary bike (with PS approval). I will see my PS tomorrow for my 2nd follow up and hope to get the paper tape off and some external stitches removed.

Will update later. Will try to post pics as well.

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how is the scarring coming along? im considering breast lift but not sure if its worth the scars ughh :(
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I turn 50 in Feb and I've decided it's going to be 'fab 50'. I just had a browlift and I'm working my way down. I've been a D cup my whole adult life but I could totally relate to your story. In a good bra I look amazing but alone ....gravity found me too, though I have had 5 kids my breast are really good but the bending over part...ya....they look like those pull string purses Victorian women carried. It's time but my is hard isn't it??? However your attitude and pics have started me on my education about the procedure on a very positive note. My daughter had hers done because she didn't get the 'boob' gene and got them for size, hers are great so I have found the doctor...I'm military and very active, still jumping out of planes, deploying etc.. so I was especially interested in how you felt in relation to your activities. How is your sensitivity? Is it coming back? PS You look amazing!! You need a sidebar blog on your ab workout!!!:)
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Glad to hear you're happy with your results. What size are you measuring now? I am 5'4. 34C going with 250 ccs.
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I am measuring a 32D/DD and I only wanted to be a C. But it's 'different'- I do NOT look a D with clothes on. In fact, my folks are not aware I had this done and they STILL do not know. If they saw me in a bathing suit, yes, they would know.
Instead of squishing and rolling my old boobs into bras, I am now fitting the bra around the boob. So you buy the bra that 'fits' your boob. Hope that makes sense.
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Yes. So far I would say it has been worth it. It has only been 3 months. I am nervous/anxious how I will feel in 5 years....
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Thank you for all the info I am interested in doing under the muscle and also need a lift too...I am a little scared because I don't want to compromise my working out but would you say it is worth it in the end?
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Honestly, punching the bag will take time. I am 12 weeks and there are STILL times I go to push myself up out of bed or dig into the dog food bin and I feel like "OK, don't do THAT!" I can do plank holds but I don't compromise the pecs. Are you looking at getting overs or unders? Overs a different story.

Driving- it took me almost 2 weeks to feel comfortable behind the wheel of a car. And I am not one to sit back and relax! ie- I broke my ankle in the gym last winter and I was still working out hard cardio!!! I find a DR to work with me ;) Back to driving- I got the OK to drive within the week- mainly it has to do with prescription meds- BUT it was difficult to turn the wheel and I did NOT want to compromise my lift and all of my PS's work. At about 2 weeks, I was fine. Looking back, for me and my family, it was best I had it done in the summer- we did not have to drive anywhere (school, sports, etc) and my son was around to help me- open lids, let the dogs out to potty through the sliding glass doors that I could not push open, etc. I was swimming 2 weeks later- not healed but my incisions were closed so no chance of infection.

And the abs: thanks for the compliment! I am in my 40s and have been a hardcore athlete for decades so I have had my abs a while :)
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Thanks....I do kickboxing and love it but do you think that punching the bag will be bad? I def would not mind doing push ups either lol. Do you think a week off work would be a good recovery time when were you able to drive again? O by the way off topic but how long did it take you to get those abs? I know that is lots of work and dedication you look great!!!
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you look great....have you had any trouble/pain when you workout and lift weights?
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I have never had pain through this whole process- discomfort but not pain. Let's see working out...NO problem with ANY cardio!!!
Weights and pushups are a different story. Let me start by saying my PS has cleared me for EVERYTHING (at 5 weeks) Pushups: even though it is fine per my PS, I do not do pushups anymore. Honestly, I will not miss them. Other trainers and myself have decided ON OUR OWN not to do them. We are skeptical whether or not in the long run, the pec muscles could push the implant out from under it over time. That is not a gamble I am willing to take.
WEIGHTS: I am doing ALL of my weight routine except with chest I have gone lighter for the reason mentioned above. But with my boobs and how they are now, I don't think anyone will be looking at my chest for muscle definition, LOL. :)
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Wow you look amazing you must be SO happy~
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Hi. I have very similar stats and lifestyle as you. You look great and your pics make me a little more optimistic. Like you, I have been researching this for years. Do you have any updated pics?
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Thank you! I worked HARD for those abs! Even after surgery, I wasn't allowed to work upper core so I worked lower core. I have about 3 more weeks untli I can abs like I want to!

275 cc's have taken me a long way but PS says I am still swollen and they will settle more. I am 4 weeks PO tomorrow.
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Wow 275 cc took u a long way! Ur boobs look great and will look even better once the settle ,, so now that u have great boobs can I have your stomach it's not fair u get both lol jk :) I will have that tummy soon doc just did 5 layers of muscle repair so I can now have abs ! Well once I am allow to work out wich feels like forever away , so for now I am just a swollen sloth :) happy healing!
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Girl you look so awesome! Congratulations. I am getting mine done on Aug. 5th. You are making me so excited!
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Thank You! Good luck with yours and Happy Healing!
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You look great!! What size implant did you get? I have mine next week and love your size!
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Believe it or not, I got 275 cc's with a Mod + Profile. They are silicone. I am only 5'4" so they may appear larger bec I am petite.
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Wow your breasts look great!  By the looks of your results I guess it was worth the long wait:)

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Thank you. So far, so good!
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