love my tummy tuck nov 17,2010 - Jackson, MS

Im 43 black female 4 kids by c-section didnt like...

Im 43 black female 4 kids by c-section didnt like the scar from c-section and for years wanted a tummy tuck.finally got it 100% happy still have swelling but loving the new look. hope in time the swelling go away :)....i do have pic but i dnt knw how to post them just yet...

Jackson Plastic Surgeon

Dr. R & the staff were very friendly & extra nice. My doctor understood me and example everything to me. He and his staff are very amazing, the nurse also gave me a follow up call the next day after surgrey.Dr.R and staff cares about their patients.. He were my first and only chose after talking with him he made me feel confident.

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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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hello mz. curious

yes the swelling has went down,my computer has messed up but as soon as i get it fix or another one i will post some loving my new scar on each side isnt low enough for a two piece bikini swimsuit but thats ok
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Did you have any Lipo?
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Luvme, yes i also had lipo with my TT.. i love my my new look it just the swelling has start to bother me some. it get a little depressing some days...i had a ugly c-section scar from navel down & happy its gone...i go back to see my doctor march 28...will up date
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its now august, has the swelling gone away... and how flat is your stomach now?...
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PS i am just 50.
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Congratulations and welcome to RealSelf! 

We would love to see the before and after pics and also hear more about your entire process.  How you found your doctor, your recovery process, any advice you have for others considering the process etc.

If you need help posting pictures please let me know and I would be happy to help.

Happy New Year.
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Where do i start. I am new to the site, and am so inspired by all your honest comments and advice. I have my TT booked for the 22nd Jan, 2010, and am really excited about it. I am struggling however, coz of people's shock and horror at my decision to do it!. I am begginning to feel totally selfish and guilty, although i have no children at home, and have carefully considered this decision for 15 years!!. I am also worried because i seem to be older than most of you out there. Am i being silly?.....
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You are not being selfish or silly and no need to feel guilty.  And you are certainly not too old.  I am 46 and just behind you and did just fine. 

As women and mothers we always feel the guilt for everything.  It is not normal for us to do something for yourself so when we do everyone goes into total shock.You totally deserve this and should do it if you are mentally and physically ready.

Investing money in yourself is never a bad thing.  You are going to feel so amazing and happy when you are all healed.  I feel like a completely different woman after doing this for myself.  I am so glad I did it but also had all of the fears and concerns that you are feeling.  It is called being human :)   But it is okay..

I think buying a car that costs over $50,000 is a waste of money.  In 6-10 years that thing will be in the junk yard.  Now we will last much longer than that so you go for it.

Do not pay attention to others negative remarks because most likely it is all jealousy.  You do not owe anyone an explanation, apology or anything else. 

Just stick with the women here on the site and we will get you through this.  We are always here and ready to help.
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I found my doctor from the internet. I found a list of plastic surgeon in my area.I check for american board cerification,looked at before & after pictures of tummy tuck that were perform by my doctor and called for an appt. for a consulation. My surgery was out patient i came home after recovery from surgrey. My first 4 days was the worst pain ever but i was so happy still am with the result. Its been 2months since tt i still have some pain not real bad but yes i do have some pain. Also my stomach is still swollen.Ive read that it could take up to 4 to 6 months for the swelling to finally go away.Also im still kind of numb right below the belly button..
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corrections it will be 2months on jan 17th....and so far i been using skin oil vitamin E moisturizer.
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