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I am having ultrasonic lipo done on my upper and...

I am having ultrasonic lipo done on my upper and lower abdomen (my whole stomach), flanks/back area, inner & outer thighs. Haven't scheduled a surgery date yet. I just had my consultation on February 2nd. I was wondering, what are some tips to prepare for the surgery to help lesson swelling, bruising, pain, etc.??

2nd Consult

I have a few friends who are nurses in the surrounding hospitals & I got them to find out the inside scoop on which plastic surgeon was good. After finding out, I scheduled a consult with him. I met with him this morning. This consult went about the same as the other. Except this Dr. didn't tell me to try & lose weight on my own before surgery. He did state that I might have to have a tummy tuck in the future if my skin did not shrink after the lipo. I do NOT want a scar from 1 hip to the other from that surgery so I'm really hoping that I won't have to have that procedure. Turns out that this Dr. is a little cheaper too. He gave me a price of $4350. He requires this payment to be paid in full before surgery so I'm not sure when I will schedule the surgery but I will keep this post updated.

surgery scheduled

I have scheduled my surgery for April 10th, 2014. I have to be there @ 6am & surgery is @ 7am. I have made a list of stuff I believe I will be needing just from all the research and reading I have been doing: sponge, antibacterial soap, scrubs, water, pineapple juice, arnica cream, bromelain, omega 3, theralac probiotic, pycnogenol, bilberry extract, stool softner, alcohol swabs, Neosporin, extra compression garment(from Taylor & Taylor), lipo foam, gauze, tape, scar cream, maxi pads. All the meds/vitamins/ herbs are to control/lesson the bruising & swelling. Hopefully this is everything that I will be needing. Now to impatiently wait for the next 2 months to creep by.

2 more days!

Less than 48 more hours till surgery! I'm so excited!!!! My mom is flying in tomorrow to help out with the kids. I am taking pre-surgery pics tonight. I doubt I will have them up by surgery but I will post them at some time along with weekly post-surgery pics.

Day after surgery

I had my surgery yesterday morning. Got there at 6am, they took me back around 7:30, they woke me up at 9:30, I was home by 10am. I took a pain pill & went to sleep. Woke up at 2pm feeling FINE!! I went to Walmart to get a few things. Then by my mother in laws to get my kids, 1yr old & 4yr old. Back home & I haven't taken another pain pill nor have I stopped from doing my normal daily activities. I'm am not bruised that bad except on my keg by my knee. I only have 4 incision sites which have not drained any. To accurately explain my 'pain', it feels like I did an extreme workout. I'm a little worried that the PS didn't take out as much as I wanted. I see absolutely no difference even though they stated he took out 2 liters. I'm going to get my husband to take some pics tonight. I'll post pre & post pics tonight or tomorrow

7 days post

I'm now a full week post & mad as hell! I went back for my checkup yesterday & confronted him with not doing my outer thighs & will not taking out hardly any from my inner thighs. I honestly can't tell ANY difference at all!!! GRRR!!! I told him I wanted him to redo it & he told me I needed to wait till my 2 month checkup. Basically I understood it as he would not redo it. This surgery totally would have been worth it if he would have done his job correctly the 1st time but I'm feeling as though I have just thrown away $4400 due to picking a bad Dr.


1 month post

Here are my 1 month post pics. NO difference in thighs!! I'm going to tear my PS a new one come June 13th. I'm pleased with the results in my stomach.

one month post

having difficulties

trying again

2 month checkup

Went Friday for my 2 month checkup. Me and the Dr. argued for about 10 minutes about him not doing my thighs. Of course he stated he did even though there is clearly no difference in the before & after pics. He said he would not redo that area nor would he refund my money for that area. So my advice to others is to make sure you 'like' the Dr. that you choose and discuss with the Dr., before surgery, what happens if you are not satisfied with the results. This Dr. came highly recommended which is the reason I chose him even though I did not get a good vibe from him during our consultation. Leason learned...trust you 'gut'
Dr. Davidson

He is located in Flowood, MS at the Face and Body Center. If it would not have been for this website, I would have been totally in the dark as to how to prepare and what to expect for liposuction. He never explained anything. Was quickly in and out during consult and check-up. He and his nurses were very nice but non-informative. If he had not came recommended by some nurses that I know then I would not have used him. He did not do all the areas that I paid to have done. I'm hoping that when I go back in a month for my checkup that he will agree to do surgery again for free or give me my money back.

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Glad I read our post. I just had a tummy tuck in Hattiesburg and I want to go to a Dr in Jackson in November to have lipo done on my stomach and upper flanks. I was considering this Dr but not anymore as I have had a similar experience with lipo where a dr did not do what he was supposed to (this is the reason that I need to go get lipo again now).
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NO!!!! Don't go to him! During our consult, he was a magician & could do it all buy after surgery is when he told me that I had unrealistic expectations. I was like "look at these pics & measurements!" "There is no difference!" Check out the other Drs in that clinic. I'll have to look him up but there is another Dr there that's supposed to be good
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Dr. Brantley has some good reviews on this website & is in the same clinic as Dr. Davidson
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I have to say that 2 liters can't be much fat considering I've read people get that removed from just their thighs, or just their abdomen. I am 134 pounds and got 1.5 liters removed from my stomach, inner/front thighs and arms, and I wish he took out more. The fact that you weigh 25 pounds more than me, he should have removed significantly more fat. I think your anger is justified. I would have waited at least 2 months to discuss a touch up tho, one week out is way too soon to tell.
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Good luck with getting the results u wanted. I had lipo 4 months ago and still has some swelling so it does take time.
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How are things going?
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The only difference I can tell is my stomach area. Ithink he could have taken out more in this area but at least I do see a difference. There is absolutely no difference in my thighs. But then again, the ONLY area he lipoed on my legs were right above my knee on the inside although he claimed he did my thighs. There is a complete different sensation in the areas that the canula 'touched'. I go back for my 2 month check up on June 13th. I hate to be 'one of those patients' that has to act like a fool but he either needs to give me my money back that he charged me for the thigh region or schedule another surgery for free. Saturday will be a month post-op & I will post more pics then. The surgery would have been totally worth it if he had done all the areas that I asked him to do.
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Its a lot of money and our bodies...I'd "act a fool" too! Im letting my docs know before hand im crazy and that they better not sell me bs bc I will act a fool...dont tell me you can do something you cant or tell me I need something I dont! I actually love my body naked, lol, its just the muffin top when im dressed! Maybe I should just deal with it. ..im.so worried i wont be happy
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From everything I have read & seen, everybody has pretty much been satisfied with their muffin top lipo. I believe I would had been satisfied with my legs if he would have actually done all of my thighs. Overall, I'm satisfied with the results from my stomach. I think he could have taken out more but I'm really not complaining about that area
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Good luck tomorrow!!!
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Congrats and good luck
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How was the consultation?
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A little embarrassing. He poked & grabbed all my fat. LOL. They took pics. He said he would like for me to take the month of February & attempt to cut out a lot of my sugar intake & to start exercising to naturally lose weight before surgery. But to me, if I'm going to go through the pain of lipo, then why would I start a diet & exercise program to lose weight. I might as well stick to the exercise & lose it all on my own. He was honest. I am seeing another Dr. In the morning to get his opinion
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Let us know how your second consultation goes.  You are smart to consult with several doctors before choosing.  It will be interesting to see if they say anything different.
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