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I would like smaller and tighter stomach and a...

I would like smaller and tighter stomach and a bigger butt. I'm not looking for an anaconda but a hour glass shape will do me fine. Im hoping that everything goes well and through the grace of God my healing process would go by fast. I would like to gain more confidence in my body area. i believe this will push me to my fullest potentials because i will not hide behind fear or lack of self confidence.

Went to my consultation

My husband and I drove up to Jackson for the consultation. I went in one of the receptionist handed me some forms to fill out and asked for a copy of my id. I was a little early which I thought would be good so that I can fill out the paperwork and be prepared for the doctor and the other receptionist said to me "well you are early the doctor won't be able to see you until your scheduled time which was 1pm I got there about 20 minutes early all I could say is OK because she just wanted to be seen because that wasn't even necessary to say being I had to fill out about 5 forms. Besides that the office is really clean and comfy. It smells like a doctor office meaning no foul Odors or uncleanliness. After I filled out the paperwork I was called back and I first spoke with a intake nurse who ask me what am I looking for or try to answer as many questions as she can and to prepare you before you see Dr.Sampson. I asked her a few questions but for the most part I was interested in talking to the doctor. She did say he does about 3 bbl a month however they have NO pictures in the office the only pictures they have are the ones online. I asked her why they don't have any and she stated many clients decline having there pic posted... Any ways went to another room where my blood pressure and temperature was taken and a lot of medical questions a was asked. Then Dr.Sampson came in and did the consultation and I must say he really thorough he answered my question looked at my body and really he knew exactly what I was looking for. We talk about pricing and date setup so I will be looking real good in a few months... I'm starting my payment plan in October so I'm praying I can get it done by the first part of December however if finances don't allow I will be getting it done Jan or Feb for sure.... I'm excited!!!

changing surgeons

I have change my mind from going witb Dr. Sampson even though I think he would be a good Dr. However he don't have any pictures in person thats weird. Dont rub me the right way.


I Will so be Hansfied and I'm so excited. I would have to travel from Michigan to Miami Florida so if any one can give me any cheapflights updates or sites that will be greatly appreciated!!! I haven't went yet but seeing the results and reading about his work is unquestionable. Besides the price is amazing also!!

Supplies Needed

Can anyone give me a list of things I'm going to need outside of what dr hasan is offering... ?
Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

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