BBL went great...almost 2weeks post op Michigan

I have been considering getting a brazilian butt...

I have been considering getting a brazilian butt lift for almost a year. I have a butt but would like it a lil bigger & get rid of some of this fat around my waist. I would love to go to Dr Mendieta or Dr Jimmerson but being away from home that amount of time isn't realistic right now. I have 2 jobs so I'd have to be able to get the time off from work. I wouldve gone to Dr Michelle Hardaway but none of her work looks good as far as BBLs go. So I'm starting with a consult with Dr John Sampson since I've seen some of his work and it looks good.

Had my consult yesterday & it seems like we're...

Had my consult yesterday & it seems like we're on the same page. I'm so glad I have been saving, although I didn't know my money would go for this. I'm just glad not to have to deal with financing although I got approved.

I will post my before pics soon. I'm hoping I won't miss too much time from work.

Ok so I had my consult yesterday. I like Dr...

Ok so I had my consult yesterday. I like Dr Sampson so far. He explained everything in detail and he gave me a better quote than I thought. Well maybe because I am only getting my abdomen, flanks, and outer thigh. I'm a nurse so it was easy for me to understand his medical jargon.
His staff needs a makeover. How you gonna work for a plastic surgeon looking like cheap trash...I'm sorry but its true.
I'm scheduled for April 4th which is good, much sooner than if I went with dr jimerson mendieta or some of the others. My kids will be off that week from school and my boyfriend is here to help me.
Hey fellow Michigander and nurse..I am scheduled with Dr. J 4/15 but I seriously considered Dr. Sampson. I wish you the best..keep us posted!!
Thanks you too!!! Good luck but I don't think you'll need it with jimerson ;)))
Hi! My surgery is scheduled for June 13th with Dr. Sampson. Where did you see pictures of his work at? I didnt see any pictures on his website of BBL results

Going for all my preop work & appointment @...

Going for all my preop work & appointment @ 8am on Wednesday March 20th. I've told both jobs I need to be off until April 15th. That only gives me 11 days to recover but I am hopeful that's enough time. I am pretty sure I can manage my first job because I sit most of the day. My other gig is another story. I won't be able to lift anything for a while and staying off my feet will be hard. I only work there 2 days a week so i hope i can manage. I'm hoping my coworkers don't notice too much.
I need to work to build my nest egg back up.$$$$$
My boyfriend said I have to wear loose clothes unless I'm out with him. He's already starting but he's like that now because he thinks I have a nice butt already. I do but it could be bigger. It's not flat but this belly and flanks have to go.

Been looking up massage therapists in my area....

Been looking up massage therapists in my area. Does anyone know how long you have to wait for the massage?
Also been making my list for garments, arnica, mederma, bromelain, etc
Hi, thanks for sharing ur Michigan journey! I too am considering Dr. Sampson, I just started my journey and I'm kind of lost. There are not many ps's in our region and not many Michigan bbl stories on this site to refer too. If you could answer a few questions for me I would greatly appreciate it. I was just wondering if Dr. Sampson made u feel at ease when u had ur consult (as far as any initial safety concerns you might have had goes) ? Do u feel confident in his sculpting skills and y did he only have one photo to show u? I saw one lady on here who went to him her abs look awesome and her booty is bigger but its not shapely, kind of square in the photos posted and not much projection or curve. It may just be the photos not sure but I want more of a rounded booty w/projection. And lastly which office did u visit for ur consult? I see he has a couple under both Argyle and Trillium, I want to go to the one closest to home (Trillium site in W. Bloomfield) but not sure if he does consults there. Thanks in advance for any feedback u can give and thanks again for sharing ur journey.
Hope all goes well for you! I am considering setting up a consult with Dr. Sampsom (I live in michigan also) I have been looking but can't seem to find doctors in this area and I want a mini DONK lol... I am starting FLAT
Good luck. Let me know how your journey goes.

Driving back from my preop appointment I wasn't at...

Driving back from my preop appointment I wasn't at the office more than 30 minutes Not what I expected Today I only met with one of Dr. Sampson nurses She was very very nice She laughed when she saw my booty she said why are you getting a Brazilian butt lift? She said I would love to have your booty lol. I'm like yeah but you don't want this stomach It was very nice and they have a book made up for you with all your instructions before the procedure
They gave me prescriptions for to pain medications one of them is Vicodin They also gave me a prescription for some nausea medication. My countdown now begins two weeks to go. I am paid in full. Ready

Dr Sampson's nurse also told me I will be leaking...

Dr Sampson's nurse also told me I will be leaking everywhere since he doesn't use drains. She said dont wear any clothes or shoes that i want to I don't want drains anyway. One of the notes in my personalized packet says start taking vitamin c twice a day & a multivitamin, which I already do. They told me to wash with dial soap the night before and the morning of since its antibacterial.
Have you found a place to do your massages?
Yeah I found 2 online that do lymphatic massages. I guess it helps drain, helps with lumps and the swelling. I have to call them to see what kind of package I can get.
Please post pics when u can I'm thinking about switching but I'm not sure Dr.Sampson have in house financing program like Dr. J.

Got all my prescriptions except my Vicodin,...

Got all my prescriptions except my Vicodin, Walgreens is out of the strength the doctor ordered. They should have it in this week. The nurse said I have to bring all of them with me on April 4th. I ordered my hand massager off ebay for $29 which came Friday. I'm waiting to set up my massages until after the procedure to see how I feel. I've done so much reading about the bbl my boyfriend says I should go to school to be a surgeon and open my own
Nervous but all that will be over in 9 days. I'm worried about the nausea and being comfortable. I know the pain meds will help me from being in pain and with the soreness.

Got the Vicodin today 100 bucks @ Walgreens even...

Got the Vicodin today 100 bucks @ Walgreens even with my insurance. Now I'm at urgent care doing my pregnancy test. I should've just made an appointment with my ob/gyn. Ordered my post op garments. I think I am all ready to go now except for the arnica.
And Walmart has the arnica by Boiron.
Thanks lady!
Hey Sis did u go to an urgent care for your medical clearance..I need one that does blood work and an EKG. The EKG isn't necessary for my age but it gives me a piece if mind.

3days to go. I can hardly wait. I asked my...

3days to go. I can hardly wait. I asked my boyfriend how soon can I get my boobs done since its his money too and he said let's get through this one first. Thinking I shouldn't have shown him the YouTube video of the procedure it must've scared him. The only thing I'm nervous about is being asleep 3-4 hours. That's a long time to be down but trusting Dr Sampson since he's been a ps almost as long as I been alive. I have all my meds, vitamins, lipo foam, 2 extra compression garments, bromelain, scar gel,.... Ugh still haven't found the arnica gel. I've heard others say they got it at vitamin shoppe so I will try there. Hoping they schedule me for early in the day because you can't eat after 1030pm. The pain doesn't scare me. I have meds for that and I had a baby au naturale so it can't be worse than that. Seems like everyone says you're mostly sore and your butt hurts. Hoping I can still fit some of my jeans and pants. If he's taking fat from my outer thighs I should be able to. I have at least 100 pairs of pants. If I have to replace them all....omg
I do have 2 pics of the shape I want that I'm gonna show Dr Sampson but mostly I just need him to enhance what I have and get rid of this blubber. I'm a realistic person, some wish pics are a bit of a stretch. I don't expect to come out of this surgery looking like Beyonce (she works for that body) has money personal trainers chefs, etc. I'm overweight and I know I will have to work and eat better to keep my results.
Got my call to be at the office at 1030am! Praying all goes as planned... I dont mind waiting because i know dr sampson will take his time. Shout out to my girl new booty to new boobies who got her big boobs done by Dr Sampson this morning. She is doing great & at home resting. I think my boyfriend doesn't like the attention that comes with a bigger rear end...the other day he said,"can't we just throw your fat he takes out in the garbage"? Lol he is a trip.
Awe thanks Girl! U will be on your fabulous journey tomorrow. He will take his time and get it right!
Good luck on your surgery!

My bbl went great. Thank you to all the ladies...

My bbl went great. Thank you to all the ladies praying and wishing me luck. I'm sore right now and leaking everywhere but well worth it. Dr Sampson did a great job. My butt is big and stomach is flat!!!! Will update with pics soon.
Wow! I like to hear about new doctors on board. Can't wait to see ur body!! Pics
Glad everything went well. Is the pain unbearable?
It's tolerable just have to take your pain meds on time.

Okay I'm going to try to give an update I'm very...

Okay I'm going to try to give an update I'm very tired so I may not finish my update I arrived about 15 minutes late to my appointment I had to wait about 20 minutes before they took me back. Checked my vitals got undressed and dr Sampson came to mark me up. My boyfriend and I had pics ready. The nurse anesthetist came in & explained her part. Dr Sampsons nurses are very nice by the way. I Kissed my boyfriend and say goodbye went to the operating room next and hopped on the table laid down said a prayer and then the crna started the IV. She pushed the anesthesia through & the next thing I remember I was in recovery asking for my pain meds. It felt like I was asleep for five minutes but I was actually asleep for probably four hours. Dr Sampson came in to check on me. My blood pressure was high has never been high in my life but they wouldn't let me go until it came down. After a few minutes I was able to go. My throat was sore from the tube they put down your throat. Of course my butt and my sides hurt. My boyfriend has been so helpful he picked me up and put me in the car. Thank goodness he is strong. I have no bruises ladies I repeat I have no bruises Dr. Sampson has a process that he uses where you hardly have any bruises. I don't have one. Dr sampson called last night to check on me. Had my post op appt today & I have no draining anymore. Getting sleepy so I will update again later. Thank you all.
Thank you for your updates! I have a consult set up with Dr. Sampson on April 24th. I'm trying to decode between him and Hardaway. Glad everything went good for you! Speedy recovery wishes your way
I didn't see any good work from Dr Hardaway. Now after seeing my results I'm glad I took the drive to Dr Sampson.
What's the price for hardaway? Her results aren't all that good to me but that was years ago maybe she have gotten better.

So I'm 4 days post op. I haven't had a bowel...

So I'm 4 days post op. I haven't had a bowel movement yet, scary but this morning I took a laxative. I've been only eating salads and fruit.
Every day the pain & stiffness gets a little better. I have my iPhone set to go off every 5 -6 hours so I take my pain meds on time. I started with 2 Vicodin at a time now I'm down to one. I think I will wait for the massages because its hard for me to go anywhere right now. My boyfriends car is a 2 seater so we took my car and i was most confortable with laying face down in the passengers seat all the way back laying on a pillow. Most of the pain comes with getting up & down. I'm still very swollen but I started massaging the areas he lipo-ed today with my 29.00 hand held massager. I had to send both my stage 2 garments back, one too big the other too small. Hopefully my new one will arrive in the next few days. The garment Dr Sampson gave me was too big the day after my sx.
Very pleased with my results. He made it look just like what I had just bigger, nicely shaped. I saved a lot of money by not going to Miami or Atl. Going out of the country wasn't even an option for me.
I have a free epifoam (lipo foam) pad that I'm not using if anyone wants it. I also didn't use the Dramamine or Zofran (both for nausea) I also have lovenox (injections) if anyone wants any of this stuff you can pm me. You can have it for free, just pay me for the shipping.
Just checking on you to see if you are still doing okay.. Started any massages yet?
Yeah im doing better everyday. i am still having some pain. Mostly when i lay down or stretch. I haven't had any massages except when my boyfriend massages my stomach and back. I have been looking to see where I should go.
How you feeling today? I agree that you look very natural and that's what I'm looking for!

I ordered an extra garment a size large, the...

I ordered an extra garment a size large, the vedette 302 butt out garment from if you order you get 10% off by using code OCVIP10. The only thing i will need is a squeem in a few weeks.

Had my 2nd post op appt yesterday. Dr Sampsons nurse Kim is sooo sweet, everything she told me about the procedure has been true. My stomach has these weird feelings, sometimes it gets tight in knots, sometimes it feels numb, my sides are still swollen and hurt. The arnica gel has really helped with the swelling. Over the weekend I asked my bf to take me to GNC which had the arnica gel and the pellets. They help so much with the swelling. I have only been taking my pain meds at night for stiffness and discomfort while sleeping. Thank goodness, those things make you so constipated.
Dr Sampson took my sutures out. I finally says he took out just a little over 2000cc from my stomach, flanks & outer I guess I didn't have as much fat as I thought I did. He put in 900cc in each cheek. I am very pleased with his work and experience. I am soo glad i went to his office. trusting your life and body to another person is no joke. Still considering getting implants with him later this year.

He told me to come for another follow up in a month.

I took some more pics but they look the same so I'm not posting them. My stomach and waist is still very flat thanks to Dr Sampson and his excellent team and my butt is shaped very nicely. I will post some pics 3-5 weeks post op.

I'm scheduled for next week thurs and had a few questions but I can't msg you.
Hey how are your results holding up. I'm finally looking to move forward within the next 2 months and trying to see if Sampsons results are long term before making my final decision.
Sorry for the late response. My results still look great, no regrets.
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