So worth it almost 2 months postop

I have always been well endowed since I was about...

I have always been well endowed since I was about 15, its like I woke up with these pun intended....I am 5'2 and out of curiosity I went to a lingerie store one day and wanted sized I am a 38F....I was about 32 at the time..Walking out I am thinking...HELL NO..!! The older I get the more my back and neck start to hurt..I want to be able to go do Zumba class without wearing 3 sports bras and actually be able to participate in all the know the jumping up and down part, not cool...I am so excited my preop appointment is this week the 13th, I am sure my doctor will be discussing more in detail what is going to happen, He told me during my first consultation but I was so excited that I actually took the first step that it kind of did not sink in...The great husband is 100% behind this procedure. I was surprised the insurance approved me so quickly...what a good sign that this is exactly what I should be doing.

Two more days til my preop I am so excited to talk...

Two more days til my preop I am so excited to talk to my doctor....I have decided to have a ceremony I am going to burn my should be a big fire...

YIPPEEE....I had my preop appointment today and it...

YIPPEEE....I had my preop appointment today and it went fabulous. Because of this site I was able to discuss with the doctor more clear on what size I want to be...I told him that the smaller the better..He said, so I can take as much as I can as long as its at the safe point I said heck yea get rid of em...whooo hoooooo 14 more lonnnnnggg days..
Hi, We have surgery on the same day. Let's keep in touch. Have a great weekend Diane in CA

I am hoping this time goes by quickly seems like...

I am hoping this time goes by quickly seems like 12 days is taking forever to pass...ugh.....Glad I work during the week to pass the time away.

Welcome to the community!   Time will fly by quickly now with the holidays ahead.


Some today I am realizing that, well no more...

Some today I am realizing that, well no more counting down the days of double digits, I am done to nine days left well now almost eight, since we are heading into the late of the evening..I am so grateful that I have such a supportive husband and great co-workers, they really have been fun to joke with about this whole process...My nurse called me today and asked if I wanted my surgery bumped up to an earlier time. I told her whatever the doctor wanted..and she says the earlier the better for him...I just did not want him half sleepy doing the procedure and come out gotta go in at 6:15 in the a.m. and they will start me at 7:30 a.m.., I get to stay overnight but I am planning to pack my moose pillow pet...Will update more later..

Its down to the wire only six sleeps, I am...

Its down to the wire only six sleeps, I am counting them six sleeps until the big day. One of the outpatient nurses called today to reveiw my medical history with me, doing this has made it more real knowing that this is actually going to happen has become more of a relief..Had our work Christmas party today, made me realize that this will be the last Thursday of my life carrying around this lunkers...My neck hurts terribly bad today which leads to a massive headache...Makes me realize any hesitation I have is a moot right now. Which I really dont have any 'yet" and might not thanks to everyone sharing their experiences..What a blessing this site is, for me and everyone....Best Christmas ever new tata's!!!!!! Decided rather than Christmas cards everyone is getting a New Years Card with the New Family Pic :)..

Five more days!!!


I cant believe that my surgery is only FOUR days...

I cant believe that my surgery is only FOUR days away I have been cleaning around the house and doing projects for Christmas gifts...I bought some zip up hoodies thinking that would be way more comfy than anything else....Its really happening ladies cant wait to be on the postop side.... MERRY CHRISTMAS...


I am30 heading to the surgery center in a half...

I am30 heading to the surgery center in a half hour I have been up since 5:30 we came the night before as we had a drive and the snow, we did a little after Christmas shopping my hubby was so sweet to take me and the "girls" out for dinner said it was the last time to carry them around..Yea I am a little nervous in my tummy..I did take before pics I will post them later...Love this place I am so glad I found it.......Talk to everyone soon.....

I am thinking about you this morning and sending hugs your way.


One day after PostOp and everything is going...

One day after PostOp and everything is going great, got to stay the night we just got home a few minutes ago...I cant believe the girls are gone.....They took out 800 grams from each boob that makes it over three pounds total.Will write more later these pain meds are kicking in talk to you all soon

Well now that I am least more so I...

Well now that I am least more so I keep looking down at the new girls and cant believe its really me...When the doc checked me this morning he said I am healing good and not alot of drainage....I am looking forward to the everyday changes...I cant wait...
I'm glad everything went great and you are feeling good. Take care and speedy recovery Girlfriend Diane

I got to shower today...That felt so good although...

I got to shower today...That felt so good although I also felt like passing out....Good thing my hubby was there every step of the way...I finally am getting up the nerve to post a before pic and after...the after is with a tank top on....A tank top that never quite fit right before.:)

Girls its day three!!!! I took a shower again this...

Girls its day three!!!! I took a shower again this morning I was actually able to look at myself in the mirror without feeling like I was going to pass out....Not so bad at all nipples look good not too much draining everything seems to be healing nicely when I get the nerve i will take another pic....trying to relax more than yesterday I tend to wanna do stuff around the house...I am very picky about it being a certain way...and plus my dad is coming to visit.....My hubby gave me a compliment he said nice skeeter bites...I was so happy he said that..I think they will be a C cup....that seems to be what they look like anyhow.I am pleased with that...My PS definately did not hesitate on taking alot off but thats what I told him to do...One more day until New Years..
Happy New Year Boobie partner. I had my first Post op all is going great. Hope everything is going great for you.
So happy for you! You were one day before me. I didn't get to post until today. Stayed in bed mostly. Us oldies take a little longer to heal probably. I can't wait to put on real clothes. I still need a good shower and hair wash.
yea my bottoms have been jammies and my top have been zip up hoodies which is fine by me....might as well be comfy right...

Well girls today is my sixth day it has gone by so...

Well girls today is my sixth day it has gone by so fast...My left side seems to be more bruising up where there incision is..I feel pretty good..Yesterday was a fun day, there were two bull moose sparring across the street from my house, and I got a little to excited going out to take pics....Probably should have not done that but it was too cool to miss..So today with everyone back at work I am being lazy and doing absolutely nothing but take my dog outside when she needs to go potty....Oh and decided to do an It Works Tummy wrap while I sit here in the recliner figured might as well...Well I posted some more pics to show my progress and I will be going to the doctor Friday for my first other than the one the day after surgery follow up...Have a good day ladies.
Looks great! I told my surgeon I want them gone too! I am a 36J right now, which is absolutely ridiculous. Hoping for a C! I'm so excited to be able to exercise without the literal weight on my chest! He said he's expecting to remove SEVEN POUNDS!! insane. I can't wait! Keep us updated!
Good Luck when is your surgery?
Monday! 5 sleeps! :D

I had my follow up with doc on Thursday turns out...

I had my follow up with doc on Thursday turns out my left so is rejecting some of the skin, and so its irritated, the doc gave me some special cream that I put on twice a day...the stitches were taken out from around my nipples so that is good...also i got the go ahead to wear a genie bra alternating with the surgical bra...Good news I bought a sweater; size SMALL I literally cried I have never got to wear a small not that I remember..I also have to take another week off so I can heal properly....Doctors orders he even wrote me a note....Hope all you ladies had a nice weekend..I am so greatful for this place....Heres to a good week..
Great news. Keep up the good work.

So lefty was not healing right turned out my body...

So lefty was not healing right turned out my body rejected parts of my own skin by the incision sites..After failed attempts of silvadene and gauze my PS and I decided a skin graft would be best....Its been a week since this has been done and I feel so much better..Lefty is finally doing better...My right side is almost healed completely...I am so happppppyyyyy I did this now regrets at all...I just cant wait til I am cleared to excercise...Bring on summer
Great!!!!! You look fab

What an amazing journey this has been.....after my...

What an amazing journey this has been.....after my skin graft on lefty everything is healing quite nicely....I am so happy and excited summer cant get here soon enough!! I have been wearing tops that are strapless or criss cross straps that I can wear with NO BRA!!!!! Love it...I have no regrets and would do it again in a heartbeat.....will post updated pics soon...
looks amazing. When you said skin graft it tapped my worst fears but I can't see it in your pics and your PS sounds like he did everything to make you heal. Puts me at ease a bit. Did you share your age? I'm 40 and have surgery in 5 1/2 weeks.
Dr. John Payne

did some research online and knew someone who had other plastic surgery procedure done with him.

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