Burns from Laser Hair Removal

I have had my first hair removal session almost 2...

I have had my first hair removal session almost 2 weeks ago in Italy ( centro evolution roma ) using the diode lightsheer . I am skin type III with little bit tan with dark hair , I saw the doctor set the frequency to 35 for my therapy ( she didn't do the patch test before the session , nor did she told me that my tan could result in skin burnts) . Within 24 hours blisters & burns had begun to form and were very uncomfortable . I am so worried that i have ruined my skin forever :(( . do you think that I will have permanent scarring and hyper-pigmentation from the treatment? Do you have any suggestions to help prevent permanent effects? Before my session I was under antibiotics for about 10 days , could it be the reason why I've got burns & if so why the doctor didn't warn me about this !!! please advise me what should I use know to heel better & most importantly don't get discoloration in this area :(((( the funny part is that I went back to the dr that did it and they said it was fine, but i know that can't be normal...


I know this was a long time ago Belladonnaroma, but this is NOT normal, that I have ever seen! I am a clinical Esthetician & have done Laser training (although I am not offering laser currently) The doctor/tech should have asked all those questions BEFORE starting the session!! In fact they should have done a patch test & warned you about some of these things...In my Spa when we offered it, we were VERY diligent about making sure safety was #1 concern. Clients were informed when BOOKING their appointments. No tanning for at least 2 weeks, no medications( unless discussed) , especially antibiotics. I hope your skin is better. I have a suggestion for an AMAZING healing product for all skin conditions, especially pigmentation. Feel free to connect with me privately at **email removed - pls use private messaging system** if you would like to know more. Would love to know how you are doing ? take care Tazeem Jamal PMDT, LE
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Hello I just got my 1st treatment done and I have have massive hyper-pigmentation all over my chin and upper lip! i am so worried! it is very painful, and part of my skin in my chin are gone. I was treated with a lightsheer laser. I am afraid this pigments will not go away. Can you please give some advice? you mention here an amazing healing product for all skin conditions but you did not mentioned which one, please can you advise me on this. Thank you very much.
I have dark skin, olive color. I don't know if it matters.

New pic

This is how my skin looks after 5 months, for those whom are having the same problem , i did the following procedures :
First i didn't pop my burns & blisters , I just applied cream to keep them moisturise in order to help them heeling , one advise please listen to me 'Do Not Touch Your Burns ' , let them heel on their own way , if you touch them you are gonna break your skin which result into more skin hyperpigmentation , Brown spots can last a long time , so be patient , after My burns looses their crust I used Vitiskin cream which is a depigmentation hydrogel and it stimulate your skin to produce more Melanin , I used this cream just for 5 weeks , after this period I have used Glycolic acid and hydroquinone ( in general they are bleaching cream ) in order to rid of hyperpigmentation , my deramtologist suggest me to stay out of the sun at least for 7 months (so no sun exposure till your skin produce melanin and get activated again) then at the end of July I can expose my skin to the sun , becuse the sun help your skin to produce more Melanin , I hope you feel better soon , I know how you feel now ...

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These burns are most likely a result of failure to properly clean the Chilltip during treatment. The build-up on the tip will turn the laser into a branding iron and cause these type of burns. Fortunately, in Fitzpatrick 3 patients, like yourself, you will likely continue to improve. Make certain you seek treatment from experienced providers in the future. Best wishes.
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Hello. I am a Registered Nurse with more than 15 years of Lightsheer experience. These burns are a result of debris on the laser tip. These burns are not a complication related to antibiotics. If debris from burnt hair is not removed from the laser tip frequently during treatment, these type of painful complications can occur. It is important to have treatment by very experienced healthcare providers. Your hypopigmentation may continue to improve over time. Best wishes.
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Thanks so much for posting your updated photos, you can only slightly see some hypopigmentation, that should clear up in time. 
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